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Lukeshara - Glowind - Deeper Shades Recordings 005


Incl. Remixes by Lars Behrenroth

Deeper Shades Recordings
Catalog Number: DSOH005

Release date:
September 9th 2008

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This is only the fifth release for Deeper Shades, but with each and every one of them they blessed the lovers of deep house music with something fresh and different. This latest one is no exception as Lukeshara (aka Lukas Zaragoza) goes as deep as it gets to unleash a hypnotizing deep house bomb driven by thumpin' beats, with the phat spaced-out synth chords creating an irresistible feeling. Label head Lars Behrenroth provides the remixes where he further deepens the track by strengthening the beats and drums, while the additional synth layers intensify the hypnotic vibe to the climax.
August 24th review by Michael Fossati -


Marques Wyatt (Deep - LA): Dropped Lars' remix of Glowind at Deep. Sounded Great

Master Kev (Code Red): Your Rmx is f*cking smoking.

Leigh Morgan (Urbantorque): feeling all 3 mixes on this release, quality hypnotic house music, which is what I am really playing right now, will be playing.

Trinidadian Deep (Prescription): Hot cakes with Rootbeer.

Henri Kohn (Conya Rec): very nice! lb alt mix for me. will play and support.

Murray Richardson (Rebel Waltz): well into both of lars remixes - charting and supporting!

Ingo Saenger (Farside Rec): Super Record. I like the original as well as Lars' Remixes. Really good. Thank you

Werner (Audio Culture Rec): Nice groove and deep as usual. The Lars Behrenroth Remix is my favorite.
Love the way it goes with all the paddy sounds in it.

Rafael Moraes (Nomumbah, Yoruba): Congrats, another strong release for DS recs...
Enjoying the deep eletronic vibe on the alternative mix!

Luis Baro (XM Radio): Dope release, DSOH is becoming a mainstay in all my sets.
My fave is the Alt mix....thanks bro, Luis

Volcov [isoul8]: Really enjoyed the alternative remix…will support

Nacho Marco (Freerange / Loudeast Rec.): This is a very good ep, loving your "Alternative Remix", nice progression, tough beats, thumping bass ! Will be playing it.

DJ Ala (Dive, San Diego): Thanks for this Lars. Feelin the alternative mix. Another deep hypnotic synth infused cut from the deeper shades camp. Quality addition to my rotation man!

DJ Rork (Radio FG, France): My favorite track : Lars Behrenroth Remix 8/10 Great groove & mood. I play it !! :)

Matt Pond (bittersuite/ deepsystems music): im digging it! deep & hypnotic with a wonky touch- your first remix is the pick of the bunch for me. congrats on another great release

DJ Duane (Citydeep): Lars' remix is a corker! it really got the yard stompin' @ bar dynamite! i really like his alt. mix too and will be playing both, another home run from deeper shades....

Simon Finnegan (Tonecontrol Music): Excellent work as always. Your alternative mix is my favourite here. Its jus got that snappy groove and wicked space between the drums and bass! Full support on Push / Futurebeat and out n about.

Scott Ferguson (Ferrispark Rec): Solid release. I dig the remixes.

Alton Miller: thanks once again for the promos and the label is really poppin man. good shit.

Soulcandi - South Africa: We give it full support its hot !!

Franco De Mulero / Kings Of Groove, For The Love Of House, Ibiza: Full support.

Andy Ward (Soul Central): played this at the weekend with louie vega sounded hot on his big system !!!

Carlos Mena (Ocha Rec / Yoruba): nice job on that glowind mix . was jammin to it last nite

Keith Blackstone (Pacha, NYC): The Lars Behrenroth Remix is top notch, pro work! Consistently produces great music, and this is no exception.

Halo (Citydeep Rec): Thanks for the promo, this is an amazing project and is going to work perfect in the night taking a turn into the favorite track is
Lars Behrenroth Remix

Ric McClelland (Scope): another quality release from deeper shades!
all 3 cuts are excellent and strike the right balance between electronics & organics..
the standout track for me here is the LB Alt mix, which keeps the melodic qualities of the original, but takes it in a deeper & trippy, nyc kinda direction..perfect!

Kaje (Trackheadz): Favorite is Lars Behrenroth Remix. Very inspired musical journey that leads the senses into positive vibrations. very nice tune

Mr White (Alleviated Rec): the alternate mix is my fav.

Ernest Roots (Asante Rec): GLOWIND IS DOPE BRO. good responds when i played it on saturday nite

Joe DiPadova (Deeper Shades Rec): "I will make babies to this music"

Eli (Soulclap): im all about the alternative remix. great house vibe with a splash of techno
right up my alley. thats the sound mang!

Sarah Foote (Favoritizm - UK): Lars mixes are ace! love the drums on alternative mix .. that little bongo . but the real hypnotiser is your main mix wicked release!

Q-Burns Abstract Message: Lars' remix is like an audio interpretation of a late night drive down a twisted road ... beautiful atmosphere amidst a persistent groove. Love it.

Jojoflores (Gotsoul / Therapy):
That Shit is Hot. Been killing it.

Jay Tripwire (Tonality): been playing it,it works on the dancefloor,especially in bigger parties

Mark Mendoza (Phuture Sole Rec):
very nice, solid & punchy. those r some bugged out synths. Trippy

Tony Lionni (Wave Music): What can I say about the beats Lars Stoooopid fresh as always with a preference for the 8 min remix...many thanks.

Keith Worthy (Aesthetic Audio): I am loving Lars remixes on DSOH#005 . instant rotation on this end fam thanks!

Mad Mats (Raw Fusion): Lars Behrenroth Alternative mix of Lukeshara is really hot.

1. Original Mix
2. Lars Behrenroth Remix *
3. Lars Behrenroth Alternative Remix **

Written, Arranged & Produced by Lukeshara aka Lukas Zaragoza
* Remix & Additional Production by Lars Behrenroth

Mastered by Gil Tamazyan at Threshold Mastering, Santa Monica
Artwork by Kathy Behrenroth

(P) & © 2008 Deeper Shades Recordings
licensing: [email protected]

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