Nathan X & Cuebur - So Far Away - DSOH018

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Nathan X and Cuebur - So Far Away

Nathan X & Cuebur

So Far Away
with remixes by Lars Behrenroth & Nomumbah

Deeper Shades Recordings
Catalog Number: DSOH018
Format: mp3 & wav

Release date: December 3rd 2010

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Fresh talent flying under the radar, that's what Deeper Shades Recordings is currently standing for. This time around we found a singer / songwriter from South Africa who will make it far with his unique approach and voice.

Nathan X is a young South African producer/dj/remixer/vocalist, who has been in the music industry for 4 years. He fell in love with the craft while still in high school and started teaching himself how to produce.
His sound has been influenced by the likes of Lars Behrenroth, Louie Vega, Boddhi Satva, Manoo, Kerri Chandler, Abicah Soul, Osunlade, Black Coffee and his life long friend Deejay Cuebur. The latter was also his production partner for this release 'So Far Away' which is essentially a ballad combined with a driving, shuffled afro inspired deep house beat and a killer bassline.

Label owner Lars Behrenroth is back on remix duties to prepare the vocal for the rhythmically straighter dancefloors while Brazilian producers & remixers Nomumbah deliver a vocally stripped version which reminds us  of early 90's tunes you just can't pass up.

What Others Have To Say:

    "Great package! Fellin both Lars Behrenroth Remix and the original mix. Deep quality as always from one of my fave house labels :)"
    Mad Mats (Raw Fusion)

    "Sounds great. feeling the Nomumbah mix."
    Yannick (Needs)

    "A nice beautiful & soothing release! The deep floor is calling!!! Bless... Thank You"
    Culoe De Song (Innervisions)

    "Great package Lars ! Loving all the mixes gonna hit this hard on rotation ... quality stuff yet again !!"
    Groove Assassin

    "very nice! Lars´s mix is my fav. Will play for sure."
    Henri Kohn (Conya)

    "Amazing. The original b-line has that right-but-wrong timing, like all kinds of people from IG Culture to Sa-Ra do, but no one really does in house music. It's Legba's limp. It's Dilla's swing. It's Nathan X. Heavy.... The remixes are wicked too, Lars and Nomumbah both, but yeah I can hear why you signed this. Dude's dope."
    Bobstar (Restless Soul, Soulheaven)

    "Nice Release!!!!All the mixes sounds amazing!My fav So Far Away (Nomumbah
    Jesus Gonsev (Troubled Kids Rec)

    "Thanks a lot Lars ! Love this one !"
    Nacho Marco

    "thanks for this...digging your mix man!"
    Soy Mustafa (Cinematic)

    "Nomumbah mix is working for me.. deeeeeep.."
    Charles Spencer (Loveslap)

    "Nomumbah is the mix full support"
    DJ Pope

    "A good mix between Afro, Deep & Jazz-House. The original for me!"
    Marco Ferrini (Ferrini Records)

    "Hope all is well in your world sir. Thanks for the new vibes...really strong release here, I've bagged all the mixes, Nomumbah just shades it for me, but all in all quality throughout."
    Leigh Morgan (UrbanTorque Rec)

    Oscar P (MediaServicesNYC)

    "Thank you very very much for this huge deepest sound !!!!
    My heart swinging between the lars's mix & the original mix ! Congrats for this lovely single"
    Patrick Balzat

    "Dopeness, fully diggin the Lars remix of the track. but have to say i like the way the vocal floats over the Music on the original. All Quality house."
    Ralph Session (Seshified, Liberate, Kapa)

    "Thanks very much for sending me this.. its a great package all round. i like all the mixes.. but the nomumbah mixes are right up my street. id say the nomumbah instrumental is my fave, looking forward to playing it"
    Matt Pond (Deeprhythms)

    "Very nice ep,  Lars Behrenroth and Nomumbah bringing the deepness the way I like it."
    Halo (CityDeep Music)

    "Amazing release!  Love the vocals, the vibe...Fantastic piece"
    Brothers' Vibe

    "Amazing Ep  ! The voice is Sublime and "Lars Behrenroth " is super Dope Deep mix ! Full support here and everywhere !"
    Rocco (Realtone / Buzzin' Fly)

    "I like all of the mixes but the one that does it for me is the Lars Behrenroth mix. In the words of Don Cornelius, "It's gotta groove that will make you move. Beautiful tune and I will be playing this one for a long time to come."
    Alton Miller (Yore, Mahogani, R2)

    "Lars killed it"
    Marques Wyatt (Deep)

    "A great package you put together.  The instrumental versions work well also full support on this one."
    Tony Lionni (Freerange)

    "All the mixes here work for me, strong DeeperShades cut! Cuts like this shouldn't be So Far between!!!"
    Kai Alce (ND-ATL, KDJ)

    "Love the new release!! All mixes dope, but the originals the one for my set."
    Andy Compton (The Rurals)

    "'So Far Away' is a great deep sentimental song and I love the vocal delivery & melody.  Lars Behrenroth Remix and the Original are perfect for me.  Best of luck with it."
    Hector Romero (Def Mix)

    "Love the whole package, each mix gets deeper and sexier than the original!"
    Kristi Lomax (One Track Mind, KPFK)

    "A dubby afro joint that offer good and varied takes on the theme. I like the original best but the other mixes are quite tasty as well."
    Ian Friday (Tea Party Music/Libation Party NYC)

    Damn your new single is dope, ima put it on heavy rotation.
    Nick Holder (DNH)

    "Nomumbah mix is killin it for me ! Thanks for the Promo Lars."
    Stephen Rigmaiden (Soso Deep)

    "Feelin the Nomumbah Remix.. lovely old skool u.s vibes. will defo play that!"
    Scope (NRK, Large)

    "This one is hot"
    Andy Ward (Soul Central / Vocal Booth)

    "Smooth & Deep! Great Song with the perfect variety of mixes."
    MKL (Lion1music)

    "Another strong package from Deepershades - Original is great and Nomumbah's got that classic feel about it, while Lars brings the atmosphere it to the dancefloor!"
    Simon Finnegan (Tone Control)

    "Nice and beautiful. Full support."
    Abicah Soul

Nathan X & Cuebur – So Far Away

Remixes by Lars Behrenroth & Nomumbah

1. So Far Away (Lars Behrenroth Remix) *
2. So Far Away (Nomumbah Remix) +

3. So Far Away (Original)
4. So Far Away (Lars Behrenroth Instrumental) *

5. So Far Away (Nomumbah Instrumental) +
6. So Far Away (Original Instrumental)

Written & Produced by Nathan Xulu & Nicholas Mboweni
Drums & Percussions by Nicholas Mboweni (Cuebur)
Strings, Keys & Synths by Nathan Xulu (Nathan X)
Additional keys by Nicholas Mboweni (Cuebur)
Bass & Song arrangement by Nicholas Mboweni (Cuebur)
Lyrics written & Performed by Nathan Xulu
remix and additional production by Lars Behrenroth for
+ remix and additional production by Nomumbah (Brazil)
Mastered by Gil Tamazyan

(p) & © 2010 Deeper Shades Recordings -


Posted: 3 years, 8 months ago by DJ Diktator #11095
Another great example of pure South African Deep House Music. Big ups to Lars B for always scouting the right kinda talent & bringin' it to the global masses. DSoH is now a force to be reckoned with. One Luv!

DJ Diktator

South Africa & Beyond.
Posted: 3 years, 8 months ago by Sbu1 #11114
so true Dikator... Nice one Lars.
Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago by T.D Zakes #11212
Shout-out to ma nigga Lars B for comin through to my hood Tsakane, Chillas. Hala back! Last Town Stand Up!

Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago by mistryn #11243
This track is so deep, so sexy, I almost had a coronary when I first heard it. Massive respect to the producers, showing off SA talent like never before. It's time the rest of the world got a taste of the amazing tunes coming out of this region of the world, and Thank You Lars for giving us the medium to do that.

-Nikhil from Botswana
Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago by Tunz #11372
To one of the youngest global producers.boys from my home town,boys from Mtoni Soul.nathan X and Cueber.These boys continue to grow with every this one is just too hot.and Lars my man thanks a mill for such an offering.the original the remixes it all just makes me deep house and fresh talent.its said that young people are gone chane this world.big up to Nathat X and Cueber .Much love brother Lars
Posted: 3 years, 6 months ago by mafa #11514
This is the way for us in this deep house keep it coming i love this guys you are the best
Posted: 3 years, 6 months ago by ConstructiveNoize #11636
Posted: 3 years, 4 months ago by kiddc #12138
I love ta sing dis song, "Why did u have to be so far away? Why did u have to be soooo out of reach? Why did u have to be so far away from me? Why did u have to be sooooooo out of reach?!?!!!??
Dope shiz
Posted: 3 years, 4 months ago by dj--frankenstien #12196
love is all i have for house music, yet it maybe so far away from but i hold the love and enjoy house music bring.....
Posted: 3 years, 3 months ago by sibusiso #12286
can deep& deeper u r digging it man!!!!!!!!!!!

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