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Fabio Genito - Papawenda The Remixes - DSOH017

Fabio Genito - Papawenda - The Remixes

Fabio Genito

Papawenda - The Remixes
by Anthony Nicholson, Djinji Brown
+ a re-edit by Jay Tripwire

Deeper Shades Recordings
Catalog Number: DSOH017
Format: mp3 & wav

Release date: September 17th 2010

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Timeless remixes by Anthony Nicholson (Circular Motion Recordings), Djinji Brown (Yoruba Records) plus a Jay Tripwire (Tonality) edit of Fabio Genito's timeless spiritual work.

This music truly speaks for itself, so please do us a favor and listen!

Fabio Genito - Papawenda - The Remixes

1. Papawenda (Anthony Nicholson Jazz Fusion Rewerk) * .
2. Papawenda (Anthony Nicholson Drummers Dub) * .
3. Papawenda (FG Organic Dub - Jay Tripwire Edit) +
4. Papawenda (Djinji Brown's Afro Bionic Remix) # .

Original Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Fabio Genito at Nightaffair Studios, ITALY
* Remixed by Anthony Nicholson & Will Kurk for Miquifaye Music.
 Keys, Solo & Vocal chorus by Will Kurk
 Keys, Drums, Perc and Vocal Sound efx by Anthony Nicholson
 Recorded & Mixed by A. Nicholson @ Miquifaye Studio Chgo.
+ Re-Edit of Fabio Genito's 'Organic Dub' by Jay Tripwire (courtesy of Tonality)
# Remix & additional production by Djinji Brown for Mojuba Music BMI
 Mixed at The Mobile Mind Room, Miami, Florida

. mastered by Gil Tamazyan

(p) & © 2010 Deeper Shades Recordings -


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