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  • King Bayaa - Ekat Em Yawa (A Talk With My Ancestors) - DSOH027

King Bayaa - Ekat Em Yawa (A Talk With My Ancestors) - DSOH027

King Bayaa - Ekat Em Yawa (A Talk With My Ancestors) - DSOH027King Bayaa

Ekat Em Yawa (A Talk With My Ancestors)
Incl. Remix by Mushroom Boyz

Deeper Shades Recordings

Catalog Number: DSOH027
Format: mp3 & wav

Release date: March 30th 2012

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The first track on DJ Cndo's award winning compilation "Finest Lady Of House Vol.4" is making its single debut on Lars Behrenroth's international Deep House label Deeper Shades Recordings. King Bayaa contacted Lars in the summer of 2010 with a demo who immediately signed it. Following the license to Afrotainment EKAT EM YAWA (A Talk With My Ancestors) has gained nationwide exposure all over South Africa with airplay on all major radio stations.

The full release features an additional dance remix by King Bayaa, instrumentals as well as a brand new remix by the Mushroom Boyz.

1. Ekat Em Yawa (Mushroom Boyz Spiritual Mix)
2. Ekat Em Yawa (Mushroom Boyz Spiritual Instrumental)
3. Ekat Em Yawa (Original Mix)
4. Ekat Em Yawa (Original Instrumental)
5. Ekat Em Yawa (King Bayaa Dance Remix)
6. Ekat Em Yawa (King Bayaa Dance Remix Instrumental)

Written and produced by Bayanda Dlamini

1 & 2 Remixed by Mushroom Boyz

1 & 2Mastered by Gil Tamazyan / Capsule Labs
Artwork by Matt Pond


(p) & (c) 2012 Deeper Shades Recordings
licensing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by ozosky #15235
ozosky's Avatar
da mix by ryzor(liquideep),is ill man u were on point.
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Kaygeefive #15584
Kaygeefive's Avatar
The King Baya's original is perfect
Posted: 2 years 4 months ago by cjo #16078
cjo's Avatar
i love the mushroom boys remix
Posted: 1 year 8 months ago by Trigo #18134
Trigo's Avatar
Posted: 1 year 4 months ago by michaeltjie #19273
michaeltjie's Avatar
Kep in 0n lars

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