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Watch KiNK Turning Out A Track On The Fly

Wow, wow, wow. I just came across this highly inspiring live video by Bulgarian producer KiNK, creating a track pretty much on the fly with a simple but super effective set up.
Deeper Shades of House fans know how I feel about KiNK's music and watching this makes my hands sweaty and my heart beat faster. It is another example that as a producer you "just" need to know what tools you're working with, study them inside and out, and you can create amazing tunes.

Check out the video right below.

From the YouTube description:

When I was a kid, I used to create loops on records by sticking tape on the grooves. Recently I found this one and one of the loops inspired me for a live jam. I plugged the turntable into MFB Synth II (the blue box) so I can filter the vinyl. I made a beat with MFB 522 (the red box) and I beatmatched the record to the beats by hand, as the pitch control of this turntable is very limited. In order to get richer sound, I plugged the instruments through a portable Mackie mixer with FMR - RNLA compressor on the inserts and Electro-Harmonix Memory Man with Hazari on the Aux.

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South African Deep House Scene Featured In Resident Advisor's 'Real Scenes' series

The dance music portal Resident Advisor's "Real Scenes" feature series potraits the dance music scene in different cities worldwide. After Bristol, Detroit, Berlin and Paris, RA just released "Real Scenes: Johannesburg".

Interviews with Black Motion, Kid Fonque, Jullian Gomes (of Deeper Shades Recordings' "G.Family"), Oskido, Shimza, Black Coffee, Culoe De Song and more describe the status of House Music in SA as well as their appreciation for the city and its scene.

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Steffi feature in Slices DVD Magazine

Panorama Bar resident DJ and music producer Steffi is probably known to most of you Deeper Shades of House listeners for her song "Yours". German DVD magazine "Slices" has produced a nice collection of her views about her own integrity, production, the "rockstar DJ" phenomenon and more.
Check out the video right below.

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Christo 'Ritmo' Official Music Video

Deeper Shades Recordings fans know Christo from his deep remixes for Soulscience feat. Dennis Baker "Hypnotize You pt2" while others might know him from his collaboration with Atjazz on "3Fall", the the super debut release on his label Superficially Deep.

Superficially Deep will also be home to "Patterns", Christo's first full length album, scheduled for release on November 2nd.
We heard it, we love it, and we highly recommend it.

The video below features the album track "Ritmo".

Original music composed, produced and mixed by Christo
Mastered by Christopher Edge
Artwork: The Media Kiosk
Video: The Media Kiosk
(p) & (c) 2012 Superficially Deep Recordings

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Mark Kinchen talking about how he creates his famous MK remixes - Video

I've been a big fan of Mark "MK" Kinchen since the mid 90's and am super happy to see that he's come back to house music after spending the recent years successfully producing Hip-Hop, Rap and R'n'B. Fact TV just had DJ Haus interview MK in the studio and we are all lucky to get a glimpse on MK's approach when he creates his famous and timeless sounding house music dubs and remixes.

Filmed by Anoushka Siegler & Kamil Dymek

By the way, the instrument you can see MK use in his lap is Native Instruments' Machine.

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