Lars Behrenroth - Upcoming DJ Gigs

02/23/24 SOUND BY THE SEA - Oceanside, CA - ALL VINYL - free event
02/28/24 DANTE'S HIFI - Miami, Florida - ALL VINYL

Live Deep House broadcast from Deeper Shades HQ in California

Merry Xmas And A Happy New Year

All the best wishes for this holiday season & a safe and prosperous 2008.

Merry X-Mas

I hope you are able to celebrate christmas in the circle of your loved ones and already know where to party into the new year. Please be careful, leave your car at home and make sure you turn into the first DSoH on January 1st 2008. Thank you for your continued support and love in the past years.

Lars Behrenroth - Deeper Shades of House

Lars Behrenroth Rocking Ecuador

{xtypo_dropcap}E{/xtypo_dropcap}cuador, I'm loving it.
My wife and I already got here a few weeks ago and it's beautiful. The weather is great, the people are nice and everyday feels like a real vacation including swimming in the pool, working out, sleeping whenever necessary and eating very well.

But what would travelling be if I wouldn't DJ anywhere. I DJ'ed two gigs in Guayaquil already (you might have seen the info in the upcoming event section) and let me tell you, people here like their music underground and deep (with a techy twist). The pictures are downloading to my computer right now and I'll post 'em when I get around to it (remember.. it's a vacation :)


Tomorrow Dec 22nd we'll be driving or flying to Quito since I have a gig there and then on the 29th it's off to Montanita where I'm DJing right by the beach. More info in the 'Lars Behrenroth upcoming DJ gigs section' . I'll make sure we'll take pictures and maybe even some video footage there as well.


Alright . off to the gym ..


Could It Be Any More True?

My wife Kat just sent this to me via StumbleUpon and our reaction was exactly the same.
'This is soooo like us' :) but luckily in addition we both get out on the weekends when I DJ.

thismodernlife site as a graph

Just came across this java applet that shows websites as sitegraphs. I had checked it out a while back w/ the old website design but now the graph's so much prettier :)  .. it grows with every playlist, blogpost, comment, podcast, link etc. that I add to


first pics from the Soul Funktion party in Detroit

check these out ..
some portraits shot by Adam Gibbons from Soul Revival, Boston.

Soul Funktion during the DEMF in Detroit was the bomb .. EVERYONE WHO WAS PART OF THIS PARTY DID AN AMAZING JOB. When I arrived in Detroit on Sat. night and talked to a few people, it seemed like everyone already knew about what was gonna go down on May 27th to the Fi-Nite Gallery. The line up was mos def a big part of what drove people to this event.


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