Lars Behrenroth - Upcoming DJ Gigs

FRIDAY - 07/26/24 SALA VILLANOS - Madrid, Spain

SATURDAY - 07/27/24 HIFI - Valencia, Spain - 6pm to 11pm

SUNDAY - 08/18/24 - SOLEIL - San Diego, CA

FRIDAY - 08/30/24 SOUND BY THE SEA - Oceanside, CA - ALL VINYL - 8pm

SUNDAY - 09/01/24 PLAYA - Marina Del Rey, California - 2pm to 10pm

SATURDAY - 09/21/24 DANTE'S HIFI - Miami, Florida

RBMA Interview With Moritz Von Oswald

RBMA interview with Moritz Von Oswald

Red Bull Music Academy interviews have been the bomb since they started and the new one with Moritz Von Oswald is highly recommended.

If you dig Basic Channel Records, Maurizio, and Rhythm & Sound, you need to watch the entire interview and learn. Moritz Von Oswald is not only half of the beforementioned phenomenons but also used to be the drummer of the german new wave and avantgarde band 'Palais Schaumburg' (check Gruenes Winkelkanu to get an idea about the level of weirdness - I love it).

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Moonshadows Madness with Lars Behrenroth & Tony Watson

ohhhh ..
what fun we had on Friday, July 18th 2008.

Tony Watson ( - Project Sandro) was the only guest I decided to have this year at my monthly party at Moonshadows in Malibu and hands down this was the best night I've had in the 4 years I've been doing it ..

click here to check out the flyer for the party.

It was a beautiful night and the full moon had just passed by one day. The setting was loungy as usual .. but then:

A lot of drinks were consumed, a lot of asses were shaking and I have no idea how I took my Traktor Scratch, computer and harddrive apart at the end of the night (and I'll spare you details about the pain I had on the drive home - luckily I was not the driver who had to pull over :)

The music (as far as I can remember) was off the hook. I started out, then let Tony play for a few hours and we went back to back for the last hour and a half, covering all grounds from midtempo deepness to disco to rock (I threw some Pink Floyd and Zappa in) to deep house and all the way back.

here are some pictures my wife Kathy and I took throughout the night
Pictures from Moonshadows 07-18-08
please click on the image to see the slideshow posted in Flickr

My next party (and possibly last for this summer) will be on September 19th .. .
I'm skipping August since I'm playing in Ecuador the weekend I would be at Moonshadows ..
Hopefully I'll see you then. As always . .all details will be posted in the event section of this site.

Lars Behrenroth

Lars' Birthday In Hamburg - No Cameras Allowed

Lars Behrenroth & Constantin Groll
April 13th 2008
. It was my birthday and long before us traveling to Germany, I found out that Quarion, Omar S., Robert Owens and Theo Parrish would be in my old hometown Hamburg, Germany for an event called Coke DJ Culture (sponsored by Coca Cola and obviously never considering what the name could imply in other countries :).

So, after a beautiful early evening on April 12th with me playing at the Beta Lounge (more about that when the archive is up) and a very yummy dinner, a bit of chilling out and having a bottle of champagne at midnight to toast my birthday at my main man Constantin's crib, it was time to get our groove on.

Many rumors were rotating about Theo going on at 1am, later on it was said he would go back to back with Omar S. around 3am. We decided to be on the safe side and got there around 1.20am to see a sign at the door of club 'Click': NO CAMERAS ALLOWED. Well.. since my beautiful wife Kathy wasn't born yesterday, the security would not find her camera and we were able to take a bunch of candid shots all night. You can see the picture gallery in the extended.

Once we entered, a dope sound system was playing whatever Quarion (Drumpoet Community - Switzerland) would feed it during his live set, using Ableton Live. He definitely had the crowd going and the whole set was very smooth and offered great transitions.

Around 2am Robert Owens took over and we didn't know if it was going to be a live PA or what. Turned out, he was mixing tunes (very well, I might add) and eventually singing on top of some classics like "Tears" and "Can You Feel It".

Roughly 45minutes later it was time to be beat DOWN. Theo Parrish took over and did what Theo Parrish does. A mix and blend of Detroit House, Disco, mad edits, some halftempo mixing into R&B joints and overall energy that went through my whole body. We didn't miss a beat and danced throughout his whole set. Many highlights but stuck in my head is Theo ravishing Peven Everett's 'I can't believe I loved her'.

My shirt was soaked, my hair felt I had just taken a shower and I needed a break. Kathy and I got a drink and chilled out in the foyer while Omar S. was continueing the Detroit Beatdown with proper Techno. Once I had dried off a bit we went back on the dancefloor just when Omar S. was reducing the speed back to House, and again dancing was the program. He killed the crowd when he dropped Theo's 'Synthetic Flemm' or a few of his own joints, like 'Just Ask The Lonely'. Time went by quickly and all three of them decided to go back to back to continue the night into the early morning. Around 7.15am my body was getting really tired and I was quite hungry so it was time to say goodbye and leave the club (anyone tell me how long it really went?)

One of the best birthdays I've had in a long time. Deep music all night long, breaking boundaries, no compromises and a crowd filled with true connaisseurs and fans. Plus I was surrounded by people I love, many of those I don't get to see as often as I would like. ... OH, What A Night.

Make sure you check the pictures in the extended. We did take some video but it was too dark and the sound is so distorted that we decided to trash them ..

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Some Studio Pictures

Hi everyone,

I had to take a few pictures to file with my taxes so I figured, I let you all see where most of the 'magic' happens. Just got the mixer couple of weeks ago. Vestax R-1 .. Oh yes, I was skeptical myself. The last Vestax mixer didn't work out too well for me but this one.. OH OH OH > masterpiece .. it sounds soooo clean and the mixing is soooo smooth  ..

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Grooverider Sentenced To Four Years

Grooverider1.jpg{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}raveling DJs, listen up.
After well known Drum & Bass DJ Grooverider had been arrested at Dubai (UAE) airport back in November 2007 for the possession of 2.16g of Cannabis (and some rumors also mentioned some porn .. big woop), he has now been sentenced to FOUR years in jail.

Dubai has been growing rapidly as a clubbing city, among other things, inviting many international DJs, from true underground to very well known.

From what I understand, four years is the mandatory sentence if you violate the United Arab Emirates zero tolerance laws. Many travelers are oblivious to these laws and get themselves into trouble, especially since some painkillers and cold medication (even if available over the counter in other countries) are also included.

How about the guy who was jailed because they found 3 poppy seeds on him? Those three seeds were left over from a roll he had eaten at Heathrow airport. Read about him and also find out more about Keith Brown, who was arrested and sentenced to 4 years in jail after 0.003g of cannabis - which weighs less than a grain of sugar - was found stuck to his shoe.

So, everyone.. please educate yourself about the reigning laws of the countries you are traveling to, no matter how ridiculous they may seem to you.
I know, I will double check my luggage and clothing even more than before.

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