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DSoH #14 guestmix by Bjoern & Sascha Polanski

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #14

first hour
artist title label
Mettle Music – El Mar (Moodswings album) – Bar De Lune
The Soul Movement – Dreaming – Imani Records
Antonio Occasio – Organic Energy (Rhumba at Central Park’s fountain mix) – Kenlou Records
Jania – Deconstructed House – Ibadan
Classics of the week:
The Funky Worm – Hustle! (to the music) – Atlantic 1988
Soul II Soul – People (Timmy Regisford Rmx.) – Virgin 1990
TALK – Touching you (T-Kolai Rmx.) – Perfect Toy
N.O.H,A. – Peking Express – Unique
Stateless – Leave me now (Brooks Fair & Light Mix) - Freerange
Rima – Let it go (Titonton & Tejada Mix) – JCR
Andres – People – white

second hour
Guestmix by Bjoern & Sascha Polanski aka SOUNDSELECTION

artist title label
sorry, no tracklist
--- Guestmix End

Reel People – The Light (Second guess album) – Papa Records
MAW presents B.O.P. – Zabalaza (MAW Rmx.) – MAW Records

DSoH #15 guestmix by Glyne Braithwaite

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #15

first hour
artist title label
Donnie - Cloud 9 (Quentin Harris Shelter Mix) - Giant Step
Siji - Feels like (Osunlade Rmx.) - BBE
TALK - Touching you (Lars Behrenroth Subtle Koffee Dub) - Perfect Toy
Classics of the week:
Cloud 9 - Do you want me - SubUrban 1992
Tyrell Corp. - Going home (Saxy Mix) - CoolTempo 1992
Louie Vega - Africa / Brasil - Vega Records
Jazzinho - Yambou (Jazzinho album) - Ecco Chamber
Phuturistix - Beautiful (Bugz in the attic Rmx.) - Hospital
Stateless - Leave me now (Swell Session Rmx.) - Freerange
Cirque du soleil tapis rouge - Emballa (Llorca Rmx.) - Cirque du Soleil Musique

second hour
Guestmix by Glyne Brathwaite (Rude Awakening)

artist - titel - label
Reel people feat. Jag - Second Guess(Blaze Vox) - Papa Records
Jay-J feat. Latrice Barnett - Summertime - Loveslap! Recordings
Jon Cutler feat. Luna - Alone - Distant Music
Miguel Migs - Music 4 Your Mind - Large Music
Panyard - Baby 3 Times (Sweet Abrahams Deep Tissue Rub) - Diaspora
Alexi Delano feat. Robert Manos - Round And Round (Metro Area Mix) - Distance
Ms Alto - Taste The Wine - Slang Recordings
Alison David - unknown - CDR

end guestmix
Soul Central - Song for sharma - Kenlou Records
Mama Razzi - Show me love (Richard Earnshaw Rmx.) - SuSu Records

DSoH #16 guestmix by Oli Lazarus

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #16

first hour

artist title label
Joel Harrison – Spacewayz (Orig. Mix) – Foundation Music
Flowriders – Different Spaces (Alex Phountzi Rmx.) – 4Lux
Andrew Edward Brown – Growin’ Stronger (Jaymz Nylon Afrotech Rmx.) – People
The Holder Brothers – U be U – DNH Records
Classics of the week:
Basshook & Friends – Hear my call – Emotive 1995
Ashley Beedle – Deep Dish jumpin’ at the bar (Revolutions in Dub EP) – Narcotic 1995
Mettle Music - Sleepyhead (Moodswings album) – Bar De Lune
Soul Central feat. Christopher Hall – My Vow – Kenlou Records
Siji – Feels like (Sunshine Rmx.) – BBE
Louie Vega – Nico’s Song – Vega Records

second hour
Guestmix by Oli Lazarus (Reel People / Papa Records) - http://www.paparecords.co.uk

artist - titel - label
Reel People fr. Angela Johnson - Can't Stop (RP Club Mix) - Papa Records
Reel People feat. Jag - Second Guess (RP Club Mix) - Papa Records
Carolyn Harding - Strength - Yellow
DJ Spinna ft. Shaun Escoffrey - Music in me - BBE
Da Lata - Golden (Bugz Rmx.) - Palm Pictures
Vikter Duplaix - Looking for love (Bugz Rmx.) - K7!
Pitch Black City ft. Roberta Sweed - Runaway - Mahogani Music
Amp Dog Knight - I'm doin fine - Mahogani Music
Kenny Lattimore - Days like this (MAW Mix) - Columbia
end guestmix
Betty Carter – Naima’s Love Song (DJ Spinna Rmx.) – Verve
N.O.H.A. – Peking Express - Unique

DSoH #17 guestmix by Chesney

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #17

first hour

artist title label
Reel People feat. Dyanna Fearon – Butterflies (Restless Soul Soul Heaven Mix) – Papa Records
Spiritual South – Green Gold – Afro Art
Da Lata – Serious – Palm Pictures
Classics of the week:
Lisa Lisa – Skip to my lu (Skip to my dub Remix) – Pendulum 1994
St. Etienne – Only love can break your heart (MAW Rmx.) – Heavenly Trax 1991
Only Freak – Planet Deep – Freerange
Re:Jazz – Release your mind (Swell Session Rmx.) – INFRAcom!
Espion – Anything is possible (Chateau Flight Rmx.) – Ed Banger Records
Alton Miller – Shine on me (Dub) – KDJ
Nubian Mindz feat. KJ – Need to know – Unlimited
Mettle Music – Better days – Deep Mix (Moodswings album) – Bar De Lune

second hour
Guestmix by Chesney (Club Harmony / Deep Groove)

artist - titel - label
dozia blakey - soul eroctica - nou lion recordings
brett dancer - on the roads - track mode recordings
rick wade - your love (original mix) - funky chocolate
scott grooves feat. chris codish - organ nights (part 2) - spiritual life music
dj kemit - i need you (main mix) - divine recordings
tortured soul feat. christian urich - i might do something wrong (lonely instrumental) - central park recordings
needs - flying - clairaudience recordings
carol williams - can't get away (from your love) - vanguard recordings
end guestmix
DJ Oji feat. Stay-J – Wedding in Paradise – Poji Records

DSoH #18 guestmix by Gerry O’Rourke

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #18

first hour

artist title label
Passion Dance Orchestra  -  Worlds (Laurentius Dub)  -  Needs
Alton Miller  -  Take some time (Stories from Bohemia album)  -  Peacefrog
Ennio Morricone  -  Il mio nome e nessuno (Daniel Klein Wilde Horden Duell Mix)  -  Compost
Reel People  -  Butterflies (Restless Soul Instrumental Mix)  -  Papa Records
Classics of the week:
Raven Maize  -  Forever Together  -  1989 Quark Rec.
Ralphi Rosario  -  You used to hold me (Kenny 'Jammin' Jason Mix)  -  1987 Hot Mix 5
Georg Levin  -  I’ve got somebody new (MAW Rmx.)  -  MAW
DaLata  -  Nuts (Serious Album)  -  Palm Beats
Streetman  -  World shut your mouth  -  Freestyles
Roy Ayers  -  Searching (The Africa 70 version)  -  BBE / Rapster

second hour
Guestmix by Gerry O’Rourke (Loose Ensemble / Foundation Music)

artist - titel - label
Volcov & Paradox - Soul Breeze (Isoul 8 Edit) - Rush Hour
Mike 'Agent X' Clark - Motown - Third Ear
John Arnold - Rough - Ubiquity
Ohm Guru - I wonder (Fauna Flash Remix) - Irma on Canvas
Stockholm Cyclo - Music is all this (Electro Boogie Mix) - Head to Toe
John Tejada - Music for Doubles (John Tejada VIP Mix) - Palette
Joakim - Dub Da Kitchen (Chateau Flight Mix) - Versatile
Joel Harrison - Spacewayz (Loose Ensemble Rmx.) - Foundation Music
Bahura - Reach the sky (Down Rmx.) - Especial
end guestmix
Joel Harrison  -  El sonido loco (Loose Ensemble Rmx.)  -  Foundation Music
Spiritual South  -  24 Karat Jazz Rub  -  Afro Art

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