Marco Fracasso - Xiba Chant - Deeper Shades Recordings 012Marco Fracasso

Xiba Chant
Incl. remixes by Lars Behrenroth and Mindtech

Deeper Shades Recordings
Catalog Number: DSOH012

Release date:
November 20th 2009

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Marco Fracasso, one half of Italian production crew MindTech (featured on the Salvatore Agrosi “Spirit EP“ available on Deeper Shades Recordings), delivers his first solo project.
His afro tech production "Xiba Chant" is entwined with deepness and edge built around a catchy African chant, hypnotic percussive beats and signature MindTech stabs.

The “Main Mix” brings all the elements together in a hedonistic entrancing dancer’s workout that builds and then explodes in the second half while the “Deeper Rub” strips it all down and is essential as a DJ tool with a dramatic break.

Much like on Salvatore's solo release, MindTech join forces to create an ancestral, deeper tech, stab laden version with their MindTech Solar Remix.

Lars Behrenroth, with his 11 minute re-interpretation, creates tension in the dub mix with a swirling, filtering pad line and driving, percussive groove which builds and layers throughout, and deceptively locks you in, taking you on a journey through his mind.

Concluding this release, Jojoflores has taken his favorite parts of Lars Behrenroth's Dub Mix and molded a re-edit aimed solely for the dancefloor.

Selected early feedback:

The Mindtech Solar Rmx and Deeperub are my choices for this one.. Good Stuff.
Osunlade (Yoruba)

Lars and his Deeper Shades deliver another good release full of afro grooves. All versions are worth a play and my fav is the Deeper Rub, as it does not use too much of the vocal.
Ralf Gum (GoGo Music)

This package definitely brings the Deeper Shades vibe that will be rocking the clubs. The main treatment mix is the one for for me.
Carlos Mena (Ocha / Yoruba / Bembe)

Must say this one is great for the floors!!! Sweet project!
Culoe De Song (Innervisions / Mule)

I like the Lars Behrenroth remix the best. Super groove!
Markus Homm (DIYnamic)

Really felling the Lars Behrenroth Dub, the Main Treatment and the Deeper Rub
Can't wait to hit this week at my gigs.
MKL (Lion1music)

Great Ep As always Deeper Shades Kicks ass.Favourite mixes are Main
treatment and Lars Behrenroth Dub- this is on my playlist this weekend.
Christos Katsaitis (Katsaitis Music)

Really feeling this one. Luvin both Main treatment and Lars Behrenroth mixes "Very Nice Afro Teky for the Deeply Minded"
Halo (Citydeep Music)

I was wondering when the next Deeper Shades would arrive. And as always you don't let me down.
Really feeling the techy deep tribal groove on the Main Treatment Mix.
Great groove overall that does the job. Full support on this one.  Keep up the great work.
Hector Romero (Def Mix / SAW Recordings)

Feelin the Mindtech Remix. Gonna rock it this weekend
Boddhi Satva (Offering Rec / Vega Rec)

Written and produced by Marco Fracasso
MindTech remix by Marco Fracasso & Salvatore Agrosi

Mastered by Gil Tamazyan at Threshold Mastering, Santa Monica
Artwork by Kathy Behrenroth

(P) & © 2009 Deeper Shades Recordings
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Posted: 4 years, 9 months ago by SIBUSISO DLADLA #7424
Posted: 4 years, 8 months ago by Badger #7460
Awesome Awesome Awesome - Lars - that dub thing u got going with Jojo is just...well, awesome^^
Posted: 4 years, 8 months ago by Tiego #7691
I've fallen for Marco Fracasso - Xiba Chant(Deeper Rub), it just got me wondering... House music is just amazing man!

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