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Technics turntables return, but for DJs or aging audiophiles?


Panasonic, the company that still owns the Technics name, is engineering what it says is an all-new direct drive turntable.

And it certainly looks beautiful. Looks are all we get, as a prototype shown at Berlin’s IFA electronics show is just a futuristic aluminum slab with a platter on it. But as far as aesthetics, the company isn’t messing around: this thing looks like something you’d find in the listening lounge of a flying saucer.

Also interesting: just as Pioneer has done with their (excellent, by the way) new turntables, with the Technics model there’s a whole lot of new engineering. Japan seems to prefer doing that to simply reissuing the legendary Technics 1200 – and in the case of the Pioneer model, at least, the results work.

But, while DJs ears ring the moment they hear Technics (okay, DJs’ ears are generally ringing all the time), that doesn’t mean this is really DJ news.

Remember, there are essentially two vinyl revivals happening at once: there’s the DJ enthusiasm for the format, but there’s also the consumer side. And by consumer side, it’s not so much the kids picking up reissues at Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters an electronics giant might want to target. Think, rather, high-end audiophile customers. These are the types of people who will be impressed by the repeated references to “analog” turntables in a preview by Wired, whereas the rest of us might note that a phonograph is the very definition of analog, and that’s sort of redundant. (I mean, it’s obviously not a LaserDisc player. Well… although the styling might match.)

Speaking through a translator, a Panasonic representative doesn’t say much, but he is quick to use the phrase “high-end.” And sure enough, the Technics turntable announcement accompanies Technics-branded “premium headphones,” networked amp, and Hi-Fi all in one.

We live in a world where some people increasingly have an awful lot of money, and as with the gold-plated Apple Watch, you can expect electronics makers will start to plot how to separate those Scrooge McDuck-style wads of cash from their owners. (For more evidence this might be Panasonic’s strategy, look no further than the 4G-quality security camera system they’re apparently also hawking at IFA. You know you’re rich when you start filming security on your grounds in IMAX 3D, I suspect.)

In the tried-and-true history of audiophile equipment, then, Technics is targeting that demographic – people willing to spend more for better sound (or certainly the impression of high-end, recognizing those two aren’t always one and the same). Technics’ lineup since last year’s reboot by Panasonic have been squarely in that category, with reference systems running into five-digit price points.

And the video from last year’s IFA neatly sums things up. The whole line is marketed, literally, to people getting older who remember this stuff (that’ll be my Generation X and up). In fact, the marketing, with pounding heartbeat in back and nostalgic references to dust, comes across as music as mid-life crisis, part Viagra ad, part car ad, just with warm and fuzzy record noises:

That makes me think this all has nothing to do with DJs, and probably won’t be a value-minded purchase for vinyl lovers. But it is fascinating to watch a format that nearly died continuing to blossom for different markets. And, you know, if you’re a very successful DJ, you might want this for your pad.

And yeah, while it says Pioneer, not Technics, this is clearly the successor to the 1200s to watch:

Pioneer PLX-1000

The post Technics turntables return, but for DJs or aging audiophiles? appeared first on Create Digital Music.

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Beat Repeat: Throwback Thursday DJ Technique

We’re close to the weekend which means it’s time for our second Throwback Thursday tutorial hosted by Ean Golden. Last week Ean showed you how to pitch ride on turntables to match the BPM of two records. Today Ean will show you how to create a beat repeat effect using 2 records. No software effects or mixer effects required, all you need is two copies of the same record.

Check back in next week for more Throwback Thursday Tutorials! Have something you’d like to learn that’s a DJ skill from the past? Let us know in the comments.

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Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine inc. Vince Watson and Animalz remix – Velocity EP (Wolf Trap)

Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine partner up to deliver two spacey tracks with energetic remixes in tow from Vince Watson and Animalz.  Nadja Lind has had ...

The post Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine inc. Vince Watson and Animalz remix – Velocity EP (Wolf Trap) appeared first on Knights Of The Turntable.

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Mat.Joe – Headshop Stories incl. Waif & Strays Remix (Lost Records)

Berlin-based duo Mat.Joe are next to grace Leftwing & Kody’s Lost Records imprint with three dancefloor focused house cuts, including a remix from Waifs & ...

The post Mat.Joe – Headshop Stories incl. Waif & Strays Remix (Lost Records) appeared first on Knights Of The Turntable.

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Clinic Wednesday’s Release Their Fall Line Up


Clinic Wednesday’s have easily become one of Los Angeles’ finest weeklies brining in some of the world’s best local and international talent.  Week in and week out, they have curated a quality night with incredible artists. Over the Summer we saw them bring in acts like My Favorite Robot, Louie Fresco, The Drifter, Marques Wyatt, and many more. For their Fall Season line up we see them once again continue to bring the goods and book amazing artists such as Rampue, Dance Spirit, Patrice Baumel, Miguel Puente, Nitin, Ruede Hagelstein, and many more.  With their relentless drive to create and sustain a scene, while brining in super talented acts, Clinic Wednesdays have made Wednesday our favorite night of the week.  We can’t wait to see all these acts over the next two months and hope to see you there too!


The post Clinic Wednesday’s Release Their Fall Line Up appeared first on Music is 4 Lovers.

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