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Dark, unexpected sounds of Triple Sun, Jonáš Gruska (Berlin Wednesday)

Triple Sun – Sprint from Martin Blažíček on Vimeo.

From Bratislava, the duo Triple Sun are making spontaneous, ethereal music with a combination of modular and computational tools. Against a flickering black-and-white film, this video last year is one of my favorites.

We’re inviting Triple Sun this week to Berlin along with Jonáš Gruska as part of a live program, so I want to take a second chance to explore what they’re doing.

“Sprint,” the film at top, is a metaphor for “running into the future, changing view,” Triple Sun’s Adam Dekan tells us. Modular synthesis and improvisation in the opening morph into an earlier sound design landscape, Adam says, back in the days when Triple Sun was a quartet (with guitar and drums). On Wednesday in Berlin, they’ll also look to spontaneous improvisation.

Czech artist Martin Blazicek produced the visuals. The effect is entirely optical – motors rotate found photographs.

Triple Sun’s sound has apparently grown and morphed since then, so I hope we’ll get the duo to share their newer sounds with the CDM audience.



The moody, quirky and sometimes eerily-lovely record Triple Sun put out on Bandcamp-based Forum Absurdum is just the sort of obscure gorgeousness I like. The whole thing is worth a listen:

Triple Sun – Overture by Triple Sun

Meanwhile, Jonáš Gruska (whose name I will hopefully soon render properly on CDM – working on that), is working outside the box with performance. His musical practice also includes incorporating architecture and objects.

“I love finding and exploiting acoustic imperfections of objects and spaces,” Jonáš tells CDM. That has led him to a series of exhibitions/site specific performances – and we will present the latest. On Wednesday, he will amplify giant metal walls, the reused containers that form the space at Platoon Kunsthalle. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Jonáš Gruska: Rúry from Anna Gruskova on Vimeo.

RSVP on Facebook:
“Undiscovered Sounds From Slovakia”: Jonáš Gruska, Triple Sun, Nina Pixel

But of course, for the 95% of you not in Berlin, stay tuned to CDM for more on these and other artists.

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Synth meets soft: how to use hardware inside Bitwig

As more people bring home hardware, the next question is how to get that running smoothly with software – for recording and control.

We just saw a really great tutorial for doing it in Reaper, using our MeeBlip synth. Now there’s another unsolicited MeeBlip tutorial (really, I had nothing to do with this), this time with Bitwig Studio. Watch at top.

Some nice mobile hardware in general, too – the Keith McMillen K-Board is definitely the smallest effective keyboard I’ve found, plus the KORG nanoPAD2, the best little drum pads I’ve found, plus the iConnectMIDI4+, which is the most flexible solution for using iOS devices, MIDI gear, and computers together (in various combinations).

And then there’s a trick we probably haven’t publicized enough – you can plug a 9V battery into the anode with a battery adapter, so you don’t need a wall wart.



More details here – at a site that’s chock full of great Bitwig Studio tips. (I’m double interested in those, having seen how nice the touch implementation in the new version is.)

Control and Record MeeBlip anode in Bitwig Studio [factotumo]

Ben Schmaus is behind this one.

Find the MeeBlip anode (with a special sale on):

It’d be great to have a round-up of similar hardware advice for newcomers in various hosts. (And no, you don’t have to use MeeBlip!)

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DJ Gear Innovations That Should Be Industry Standard in 2016

As we head into the last month of 2015, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at a few of the best innovations on DJ gear in the last few years – and why they should become ubiquitous. From built-in USB hubs to highly playable cue buttons, we hope to see a more widespread adoption of these features on DJ equipment in 2016 and beyond.

Dual Headphone Outputs

Dual headphone outputs on the front of the DJM-S9 mixer

Dual headphone outputs on the front of the DJM-S9 mixer

What’s the most commonly lost item for DJs everywhere? It’s got to be those pesky 1/8″ to 1/4″ headphone adapters – from leaving them behind in mixers to dropping them into the depths of your gear bag, they’re incredibly easy to lose.

A lot of newer DJ gear (like the above pictured Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer – watch our review here) has finally started to reflect the hard truth that the headphone industry isn’t going back to 1/4″ jack plugs anytime soon. We’ll still need adapters for older mixers and controllers, but the pure convenience of having both ports on new gear is something that every DJ can be happy about.

Built-In USB Hubs

We constantly get emails asking us what the best USB hub for DJ gear is. The truth is that the best USB hub is one that you don’t have to remember to bring with you!

Native Instruments has lead the charge in this territory, with integrated USB hubs on the Kontrol Z2 mixer and more recently the Kontrol D2 – both of which make since as NI wants to support DJs being able to easily plug in their accessory/modular hardware. As we start to see Rekordbox DJ develop, maybe we’ll see integrated USB hubs on Pioneer gear as well?

Dual Soundcards


Dual soundcard selector on the Rane TTM-57 MKII

Rane was the first company to put two soundcards in a DJ product five years ago with the Rane Sixty Eight. While that mixer didn’t receive very widespread adoption, putting two soundcards on gear that is likely to be shared by multiple DJs either in a collaborative B2B setup or just simply when handing over control of a setup to the next DJ.

Rane has continued to put dual soundcards on most of their high-end mixers, and it seems that Pioneer standard on their high-end products, as it is present on the DDJ-SZ controller and new DJM-S9 mixer.

Built-in Mix Recorders (via USB)

The second USB slot on the XDJ-RX

The second USB slot on the XDJ-RX

Anyone who has had a chance to play around with the Pioneer all-in-one XDJ-RX rig has likely noticed one of the most convenient features is the ability to plug in a second USB stick and send the Record Out output directly into a WAV file on the drive. This is a pretty obvious move for an all-in-one unit, but what if we started seeing it on digital mixers and controllers as well?

Many DJs have a hard time remembering to bring their audio recorders and set them up properly (clear space on your SD card, the levels sound good, plenty of battery left), so why not cut out the recorder entirely and let DJs just hit a single button on the mixer?

Highly-Playable Cue Buttons

The classic DJTT VCI-100 arcade mod - still relevant today.

The classic DJTT VCI-100 arcade mod – still relevant today.

This was actually one of the needs that lead to the Special Edition modification of the Vextax VCI-100 way back in the beginning of DJ Techtools. In a nutshell, the plastic buttons on the VCI-100 were far too difficult to use with any predictable response because of their stiffness – so Ean drilled out holes and replaced the buttons with arcade buttons to make them fun and playable.

We’ve seen a widespread adoption of pads on DJ controllers – but not all of them are as playable as arcade button controllers, or Maschine and Akai pads. Wouldn’t it be great to have a cue button on every piece of DJ gear that feels great and is easy to play along with the beat to? Maybe we should start replacing the cue button on CDJs with arcade buttons!

Universal MIDI Sync

Ableton Link syncs two installs of Ableton Live

Ableton Link syncing two copies of Ableton Live

Live performers and DJs who use multiple pieces of MIDI-syned hardware or software deserve a reliable way to ensure their equipment stays synchronized. There’s a number of ways to do it now – but wouldn’t it be nice to just have a simple and reliable synchronization across devices and platforms?

Right now it looks like Ableton hopes to solve this problem for many performers with their new Link platform (now in Beta) – it would be amazing to see something like this become industry standard for synchronization.

Tell DJ Manufacturers What You Want!

Tired of seeing posts like this full of speculative “would be nice” discussion and ready to make manufacturers listen? We know that the big companies all keep close tabs on social media, so hit the share button on the post below to spread the word about common-sense improvements you want to see in DJ products.

Ableton, Akai Professional, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, Pioneer DJ, Denon, Numark, Rane Corporation, ALLEN & HEATH (official): Here are some features we'd love to see become industry standard on new DJ gear:

Posted by DJ TechTools on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Plus, leave your own thoughts in the comments below as to what features you’d like to see that aren’t mentioned here – and vote up other ideas!

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VA – I Have A Question ft Nina Kraviz, Population One, K-Hand, Fred P, Bjarki (трип)

трип’s final release of 2015 is the label’s fourth double-vinyl album, once again curated by label owner Nina Kraviz. Featuring gatefold hand drawn artwork by ...

The post VA – I Have A Question ft Nina Kraviz, Population One, K-Hand, Fred P, Bjarki (трип) appeared first on Knights Of The Turntable.

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Dolby Labs Multi-Dimensional Atmos System Is Coming To Nightclubs Soon


From the cinema to the nightclub, the way we hear music at our favourite venues may be about to change forever thanks to Dolby’s Atmos system.

Dolby Laboratoriess has been a staple of cinema’s the world over (you may have heard the system in films like ‘Gravity’ and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’), but now the company looks to bring its famed Atmos sound technology into the nightclub space.  As described by Gabe Cory, the product manager of Dolby Atmos:

A club that has been outfitted with a Dolby Atmos set-up will give audiences a unique and high-quality audio experience they’ve never had before. This sets the venue apart and also draws in forward thinking artists and DJs that want to push the boundaries by mixing their music in Dolby Atmos. When you hear the difference between a set mixed in stereo versus Dolby Atmos, there’s no comparison.

Dolby Atmos will offer listeners a totally immersive sound experience, similar to that of 4DSOUND. An Atmos-enabled room allows track parts to be heard separated (like the vocals coming in from overhead) but also moving around the sound space (for example, hi-hats could rotate around the venue). As Atmos systems are beyond “channel-based” audio, sound elements are turned into “objects” that can appear from anywhere and move around freely within a space equipped with the system.

In order to facilitate the additional hardware, a venue must be out outfitted with a surround sound system and the performers music must be prepared and delivered with Dolby Atmos software. One can simply apply the Dolby Atmos panner plugin within a DAW that will allow them to create a 3-D sound mapping. Using the Dolby Atmos DJ app, one can then perform the songs and move the sounds around the listening space in real time.

As Dolby is partnering with specific venues and artists, more interesting information is sure to come down the pipeline coming weeks.

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Dolby Atmos Enabled Studio
  • image
  • image
  • image

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Premiere: Luciano Feat. JAW – 7direction(s) (Original Mix)

Premiere_Luciano_7Directions_Original Mix)

As Luciano needs little introduction we will just say this, you can guarantee he always comes through with a signature tune once a year.

And so 2015 throws up “7 Directions” featuring JAW on the vocal, a mesmerizing and low-slung track that’s already getting pole position in Luciano’s sets, ending his momentous off-Sonar show at El Poble Espanyol with it, as well as becoming a staple at his weekly Vagabundos residency at Space in Ibiza this season.

“7 Directions” is perhaps one of Luciano’s more understated productions; it’s a sprawling and sultry journey, with deft melodic touches and intricate production techniques, taking care not to become cluttered, rather using the space is enunciate the sheer hypnotism stored within and for JAWs vocals to glide over the listener without fanfare or dramatic clichés.

Today, we are very proud to exlusvely premiere the original mix of EP’s eponymous title track. On this mix, brooding pads and spikey synths linger over a spacious drum pattern, live drum fills and claps bouncing off the bass pulses, as wandering keys usher in the unmistakable tones of JAW AKA Jonathan Illel, the musician and vocalist extraordinaire who ply’s his trade with the French electronic group DOP and as a guest on recordings from artists like Mirko Loko and Guillaume & The Coutu Dumounts amongst many others.

“7direction(s)” is available 7 December on Cadenza Records

Soundcloud Artist Page

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