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First Details Of PLAYDifferently: Allen & Heath / Richie Hawtin Project

We first broke the news of a Richie Hawtin and Allen & Heath collaboration during NAMM week, when the first details emerged. It’s pretty clear that the project is some kind of mixer – but now the first official teasers have emerged. Read on for the sparse official details about this PLAYDifferently project.

PLAYDifferently: An Andy + Richie Joint

The partnership that makes up the PLAYDifferently team is Andy Rigby-Jones, who worked at Allen & Heath in the Xone division for 25 years, and Richie Hawtin, who has been expanding his own ENTER brand to include club nights, sake, and now technology projects. Andy left Allen & Heath in 2014, and since then “the pair have been developing and testing their first prototype of an instrument that they feel is missing from the professional segment of the market.”

At NAMM, the duo announced the brand – which is a partnership with “Audiotonix group, known for their strength in audio engineering, manufacturing and international distribution with brands including Allen & Heath.”

Of course, this prototyping process has had keen fans speculating about what it could be – and they’ve already found a number of photos of what many speculate is an upcoming Xone mixer.

Read our article for a summary of what internet sleuths have found so far about this new project. 

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Sean Roman – L-Joint (Enormous Chills)


Toronto’s very own Sean Roman continues full-force into the new year with his latest release, ‘L-Joint’. This 2-track EP is brought to us by Enormous Tunes fresh new sub-label, Enormous Chills.  Although widely recognized for his popular drum ‘n’ bass productions under the alias ‘Mutt’, his latest tracks prove that he truly is a master of sound, brilliantly delivering a diverse range of genres, including those amazing deep house flavors we love so very much.

L-Joint’ is a playful and melodic, upbeat track, with infectious beats and smooth vocals from catchy pop ballad ‘Wrecking Ball’.  ‘Opulance’ continues to channel those soulful classic house and disco vibes, with thumping bass, enticing vocal chops and funky drums lingering in the background.

So turn it up, and groove into your weekend!


Artist: Sean Roman
Release Date: 2016-02-05
Label: Enormous Chills
Catalog No.: ETC009

Sean Roman (L-Joint)


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Premiere: Nick Devon – Enceladus (Original Mix) [Inside Out Records]


2015 was an amazing year for Inside Out Records. The philosophy of the label of releasing elite sounding electronic music with a storytelling value is no secret among the international scene these days. For the first release of 2016 the label is introducing one of the most significant up and coming producers in Europe, whose music has been played intensively over the last few years in the most notorious dancefloors; we are talking about Nick Devon.

The first track on the record is Enceladus. In Greek mythology Enceladus was one of the giants, the off spring of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky), and was said to be the cause for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The fact that the track is named after a giant who claimed war upon the gods is no accident. From the first second the track makes a statement of intimacy. Growling synths, psychedelic strings combined with unworldly haunting textures skillfully sculpt this techno masterpiece.

Pick up this gem February 22!

Nick Devon – Enceladus (Original Mix)

* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.

Connect with Nick Devon
SoundCloud | Facebook | Beaport

Connect with Inside Out Records
SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Beatport


The post Premiere: Nick Devon – Enceladus (Original Mix) [Inside Out Records] appeared first on Music is 4 Lovers.

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Premiere: Hiroshi Watanabe – Soul Transitions (Original Mix)

hiroshi watanabe

Derrick May’s seminal Transmat imprint is back for its 30th anniversary, releasing 3 new artists. First in line is Japanese artist Hiroshi Watanabe, aka Kaito, whose Multiverse EP is picking up the classic Motorcity sound and giving it an incredibly tasty 21st century spin. Premiering here exclusively is our favourite cut of the four-tracker: Soul Transitions. 

Hiroshi Watanabe is a producer and DJ who has spun at New York clubs Twilo and Tunnel & Speed, along with having held a residency at Save the Robots. As Kaito, Watanabe has produced tracks, which Cologne’s Kompakt label has dubbed nu-trance.

Combining early ‘90s trance elements with the sensibilities of a deep house producer, Watanabe issued a trio of Kaito 12″ singles between 2001 and 2002 before dropping the full-length Special Life, a compilation of those tracks with some added material. Watanabe has also produced material under his own name for King Street, Nite Grooves, and Oxygen Music Works.

Multiverse EP is out on the 12th of February on Transmat. Pre-order here.

Artist Page SoundCloud 

The post Premiere: Hiroshi Watanabe – Soul Transitions (Original Mix) appeared first on Deep House Amsterdam.

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Watch Una Corda, a software piano with a difference

The piano has been living with a beautiful legacy, but that legacy can double as tyranny. The Steinway Model D, favorite instrument of mine that it is, has also frozen the technological development of the keyboard instrument.

And that’s why the Una Corda is different. Built custom by David Klavins, and associated with that builder’s collaboration with pianist Nils Frahm, this lightweight piano is unlike any you’ve seen or heard before. And now, you can get a taste of playing the real thing with a software instrument.

For full background on the instrument, here’s our 2014 story, including an interview with Mr. Klavins. I have to say, as a piano nerd who came to music in general through that instrument, it’s one of the favorite things I’ve ever run on CDM. And piano tech itself to me is reasonable fodder for this site:

Acoustic Revelation: Inside the Una Corda, the 100kg, 21st Century Piano Built for Nils Frahm

I’m still hoping to save up for my own, someday.

In the meantime, though, there’s a Native Instruments software instrument. This isn’t the first or the most unique NI recreation of a Klavins instrument. That honor would fall to The Giant. Whereas you actually might seriously consider getting an Una Corda, this other instrument – not so much. The Klavins Piano Model 370i original is actually built into a wall, stands 9 meters tall (that’s 30 feet), and requires stairs to get to the keys.


But just because the Una Corda is more practical as an instrument doesn’t mean it’s less desirable for its sound. The central innovation is to transform the soundboard, with a light, delicate surface that resembles a guitar more than a big, bulky grand. That changes the strings, too.

I really like the fewer-key version, but for NI, Klavins built an 88-key instrument. That gives you fragile, gorgeous sounds across a big range.

Even the Native Instruments product site is unusually pretty. This is obviously a project for love more than commerce.

For more on the instrument, though, we can enjoy some videos. Frahm and Klavins are featured in a short conversation about the instrument:

And as for the software, here’s a walkthrough /jam by our friend Cuckoo:

Plus the official walkthrough by Uli Baronowsky, who made the software instrument for NI:

Una Chorda is a $149/149€ Kontakt instrument.

It’s thoroughly enjoyable stuff. I’m keen to spend more time with the software instrument, so expect more.

And for kicks, from Erased Tapes, an evening with Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm — which would basically be one of my top ways to spend an evening, period:

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Disco Legend Cerrone Is Working On A New Vinyl EP: “Afro”


French disco legend Marc Cerrone is readying a new vinyl EP ‘Afro’ in collaboration with Afrobeat/former Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen and Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango. The EP is a forerunner to an upcoming album that’s described as “a passionate tribute to Africa”.

Cerrone, a drummer and producer known for his development and proliferation of the European disco sound, released his first album in 1976 and scored internationally acclaimed hits like  ‘Love in C Minor’ and ‘Supernature’.


Because Music has recently given Cerrone’s classic albums deluxe reissues. Last year’s the Give Me Remixes collection featured reworks of his classic tunes by Joey Negro and Frankie Knuckles, among others.

Afro is set to be released on February 12 on Cerrone’s own Malligator Preference and Because Music. Pre-order the EP here.


The post Disco Legend Cerrone Is Working On A New Vinyl EP: “Afro” appeared first on Deep House Amsterdam.

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