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Michael McLardy – This Time Tomorrow EP (Tenth Circle)

Nottingham-based producer Michael McLardy is next up on Defected sub-label Tenth Circle with his ‘This Time Tomorrow’ EP. Sunderland-born McLardy has been making a prominent ...

The post Michael McLardy – This Time Tomorrow EP (Tenth Circle) appeared first on Knights Of The Turntable.

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Followgate Lets Artists Trade A Download For A SoundCloud Follow


From the same developer of DontSample.Me, the website that neatly summarized the artists who you’d rather not sample any music from in your productions, now comes another handy new app named FollowGate. What it does is let artists build their fanbase organically by trading a download of their mix or track for a follow on their SoundCloud page. 

How does it work? Just visit the FollowGate website, where you can create your download website by entering the URL of the track/mix you are offering, the download-link from any kind of download hosting website like Zippshare or Dropbox and then enter the link to your SoundCloud profile, so that once the link to your ‘download page’ is live, each download will automatically lead to a new follower. From here you can basically post the download-link on every social channel imaginable to let yourself and your music be heard.


The post Followgate Lets Artists Trade A Download For A SoundCloud Follow appeared first on Deep House Amsterdam.

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Bastl’s unique Eurorack modules are now available as DIY kits


If you love the smell of solder as much as you love patching sounds together, this may be for you.*

Bastl Instruments, the boutique Czech electronic instrument maker, tell us they’ve finished the much-requested kit versions of their modular lineup. They’re not any different from the other modules, apart from you solder them together yourself. Now, of course, that means you can make them not work. But the Bastl crew, innovative as always, have a solution there – a 25€ paid service with the cheeky name “Come to Daddy” lets you pay to have them work it out for you if you break things. Just don’t let the unfinished kit collect dust: the service works for only 30 days after purchase.

These have too many connections to really qualify as a beginner kit, from the looks of it, but if you’ve assembled some kits before, they shouldn’t pose a problem.

You’ll need your own tools. The kit itself comes with the oak wood panel (unpolished, so you can finish/paint it however you like), a printed manual, tin for soldering, screws for mounting, and a sticker.

Prices (not including VAT for Europe):

Tea Kick – more than just a drum – DIY Kit: 70 €
Noise Square – noise and square source – DIY Kit: 70 €
grandPa – granular sampler – DIY Kit: 143 €
Skis – dual decay + vca – DIY Kit: 70 €
ABC – 6 channel mixer – DIY Kit: 62 €
Come to daddy – repair service for kits – 25 €


More info:

* I feel the same, but please use a ventilated area. ;)

The post Bastl’s unique Eurorack modules are now available as DIY kits appeared first on Create Digital Music.

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We Are Your Friends Is A Historic Hollywood Flop


Over the weekend, the Zac Efron-starring EDM romp We Are Your Friends opened Internationally. Though reviews have not been crushing to the film, the box office has, with the film having garnered the worst box office opening of all time for a film opening in 2000+ (US) theaters.

With a $1.8 million weekend haul over some 2.3K US cinemas, We Are Your Friends has carved itself a place in Hollywood lore. The film, about a young DJ trying to break into the EDM scene and become a music producer, is described as a “passion project” for its star Efron with Warner Brothers executive VP for domestic distribution Jeff Goldstein saying, “Yes, the result was disappointing, but this was a small film” going on to offer Efron a word of encouragement, “we believe in him”.

By small film, for Hollywood standards, the definition usually stands at around a $10-$15 million production budget, and in the case of We Are Your Friends, a $2 million marketing and distribution plan. So, all in all, this does not put the film in such notorious flop categories as Eddie Murphy’s $100 million+ The Adventures of Pluto Nash (cum. International box office $6m), but none the less, the marketability of EDM (alongside the recent financial devaluation of major festival production company SFX) has been taking some massive hits recently, truly questioning the staying power of the highly polarizing genre. Perhaps, the film’s mantra of “All you need is a laptop, some talent and one track. That track is your ticket to everything” may not be 100% accurate after all.

On the other side of the music/film coin, however, is the truly satisfying N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton, which, in its third week of release, continues to reign over the International box office.

For a good laugh, check out Alesso “teaching” Efron the art of push button DJing below.


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Sync that 303: One little box does MIDI to DIN sync


Put some actual “computer-controlled” in the 303.

The folks at British maker Kenton have a way of churning out little boxes that do things people need. MIDI Thru, check. Connecting those USB gizmos that lack MIDI, check. Plugging MIDI to your modular, roger.

So, to that, add a single box that translates MIDI to DIN Sync (sync24) – and back again.

DIN Sync, as developed by Roland, is suddenly news again because of a rekindled interest in vintage gear. If you want to synchronize a TR-808 or a TB-303, DIN Sync is what you need.

The Kenton D-SYNC isn’t the first converter box, but I suspect that like some of the other Kenton boxes I mentioned, it’ll win points for its simplicity. If all you want to do is hook your 303 or 808 up to your rig, and get it clocking off MIDI signals – or, in the other direction, sync some MIDI device to DIN – this focuses on that task.


And as always, it’s in an aluminum box and isn’t enormously expensive. £58.20 GBP direct price from Kenton before tax and shipping – just about $90 in the US or 80€.

Also interesting: they’re evidently already beta-testing support for devices that use another sync format, 48 parts-per-quarter note (PPQN), such as Korg.

More info:

303 photo, top: (CC-BY-SA) Alexandre Dulaunoy.

The post Sync that 303: One little box does MIDI to DIN sync appeared first on Create Digital Music.

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