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  • Chris Bird created a new topic LDN 09.11.12 – Oonst presents Adam Port in the forum.

    Oonst presents Adam Port
    10:00pm – 4.00am


    Adam Port
    Oli D.A.B
    Ollie Rigg & Robin

    FB Event:
    RA Tickets:

    Basing House
    25 Kingsland Road
    E2 8AA
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    We are very proud to be able to bring ADAM PORT to Basing House this month. A diverse DJ who will prove to provide an eclectic mixture of house, techno and deeper sounds if his string of recent releases, for labels such as Play It Down and Keinemusic, radio shows, podcasts and a delve into the back catalogue are anything to go by - no doubt bringing that Berlin edge to the party, this is going to be a big one.

    Building things up tonight will be left to the OONST resident crew. Consisting of ATTS, Oli D.A.B, Ollie Rigg & Robin, this lot have everything to get you in the mood and have the floor ready for the main event.

    Thanks for your continued support, these events are getting better and better! See you down the front!



    Adam Port Keinemusic Radio Show:

    Adam Port Electronic Groove Podcast:

    Oli DAB and Robin Mix:


    Adam Port Biography:

    Techno’s biggest flaw is its self-referencial tendency. You know the deal, the common contemporary DJ/Producer steals an Underground Resistance-Record from his older brother at the age of 16 (biographical details may vary, not to impair the facts, though), thus presuming to have found the holy grail (what, of course, nobody is claiming to deny).

    His world is shrinking down to Detroit, Chicago, New York and Berlin within the following years, he’ll equip himself with records and turntables and not look over the rim of his MKII ever again. Adam Ports biography is different. Adam was Hardcore, when he was 16. No, not Rotterdam-Hardcore. We’re talking New York-, Boston- and Washington D.C.-Hardcore here. It’s a past that he still lives up to, cultivating it in his vegetarian-straight-edge-lifestyle.

    After that there was HipHop. He got in touch with turntablism, discovered his love for vinyl and evolved to be a skilled DJ for the first time. Then, finally came Techno. This way of tracing down spaces, giving one the best possible chance of self-development, is the essential reason for Ports presence being so unique. There’s no scene-dictated tunnel view in his activities, there is only a pointed emphasis on style, on groove and sophistication. An emphasis, that, because it’s informed by Dub, Danchall, Rap, Soul or even Psychedelic Rock, is advanced enough to always shine through the inflationary characteristic of the genre as notably original. That applies to both, his productions and his DJ-sets.

    What Adam Port is laying his hands on might have its place within the parameters of House and Techno, but it’s always more than that. It’s his style.
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  • Congoloid
    9:00pm – 2.00am
    Free Entry


    Stefano Ritteri
    Jesse Perez b2b Sishi Rosch
    Franky Redente

    FB Event:
    RA Tickets:

    Basing House
    25 Kingsland Road
    E2 8AA
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Now host to the Congaloid parties in London, Basing House will captivate the sound and style of London's hottest midweek party. This established venue in the heart of Shoreditch sets the tone for the concept and imagery behind Dj and producer Stefano Ritteri and his Congaloid family. On the first Thursday of every month the intimate three hundred capacity venue will play host to an uprising of worldwide talent, supplying a more than personal connection to every house music lover, Stefano Ritteri will deliver the sound made famous by his Congaloid label imprint and celebrate his continuing adventure with fans and friends alike.

    Joining him will be one of Slowpoke London's artist roster which over the past year has emerged from one of London's coolest underground monthly warehouse parties in to a hothouse for the freshest in young talent including Louie Fresco, Jesse Perez, Sishi Rosch and Death on the Balcony. Expect one of them to make a surprise, guest appearance in the coming months..

    Opening up the dances will be long time friend and Italian producer Franky Redente, who has been playing at many parties around the East London scene, and is releasing records on deep house labels Kote and Glasgow
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  • Zombie Soundsystem presents Just Be
    10:00pm – 4.00am


    Just Be
    Shane Watcha
    Clint Lee

    RA Tickets:

    Basing House
    25 Kingsland Road
    E2 8AA
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Zombie Soundsystem returns to Basing house with special guest Just Be.

    JUST BE has held many guises in his journey through electronic music.
    Launching his career as Matthew B in the midst of the UK acid house
    explosion, his identity and sound has undertaken many a metamorphosis,
    through Bushwacka!, The End Soundsystem, Layo and Bushwacka! to
    settle for the meantime on JUST BE. His continual evolution, thirst for new
    sounds and epic touring schedule has ingrained his many identities across the
    international club scene.

    JUST BE’s roots grew out of the underground warehouse parties and illegal
    outdoor raves that shook the foundations of the establishment, quite literally,
    and gave inspiration to a new generation of ravers. This anarchic environment
    gave JUST BE total creative freedom, an ethos that continues to this day in
    his music, always pushing the boundaries of House, Breakbeat, Techno,
    Downtempo and Ambient.

    JUST BE emerged from the melting pot of the UK electronic music scene of
    the late 80s early 90s and was soon hosting up to four residencies in London
    every weekend at some of the best parties around, from the Rat Pack to the
    Clink Street warehouse parties. The End - London’s legendary club, situated
    in an abandoned train tunnel became his home for 14 years, this residency
    acted as a springboard into the international circuit. From here JUST BE, in
    his many guises toured the worlds biggest clubs and festivals.

    Ever since playing under the stars at Amnesia in 1989 Ibiza has become a
    special place for JUST BE. He has continued to play at Cocoon, DC10, and
    Carl Cox’s revolution parties at Space, his sound becoming synonymous with
    the White Isles summer hedonism. Ibiza aside, he still retains his roots in the
    London scene. The London based Shake It! warehouse parties which he
    curates and promotes with Layo are some of the biggest in the UK. 2011 saw
    them taking Shake It! to Ibiza for ten dates alongside MTV in the main room at
    Amnesia, as well as hosting an arena at the SW4 festival in London.

    Music was always going to be the only career for JUST BE, from playing
    percussion in the London School Symphony Orchestra, performing at the
    Royal Festival Hall and Barbican centre amongst others. He was
    subsequently swept up by the electronic revolution, an environment in which
    he really thrived. His output has been phenomenal with six artist albums and a
    seventh due this year, he has produced over 120 remixes, and 160 tracks for
    labels such as XL Recordings, End Recordings and his own labels Olmeto,
    Plank and Oblong.

    JUST BE has an exciting 2012 lined up, with releases signed, sealed and
    delivered on Get Pysical, Maison D'etre, Plus 8, and Intec Digital, gigs at
    some of the best clubs and festivals on the circuit, and a new collaboration
    with Safehouse Management - the team behind some of the largest DJs and
    events in the world!
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  • Chris Bird created a new topic LDN 04.11.12 – Kubicle W/ Richy Ahmed in the forum.

    Kubicle House Party
    10:00pm – 4.00am


    Richy Ahmed
    Luca C
    Klose One
    + Secret Special Guests

    FB Event:

    Basing House
    25 Kingsland Road
    E2 8AA
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Kubicle presents a new weekly Sunday party at BASING HOUSE

    "KUBICLE HOUSE PARTY" goes weekly....

    Every Sunday froM 5pm till 12.30AM
    The KUBICLE KREW are one of the originators of the Sunday clubbing scene and we continue to bring you the very best in underground house music all night long.....

    £10 on concession guestlist thereafter

    To get on the KUBIKID LOYALTY concession guest list send your names to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it we run a strict door policy all those with the right Kubi Vibe are welcome.

    Kubicle is the "Music Lovers" choice for those that want to party on a Sunday away from the masses....
    We encourage fun & self expression, good vibes all round.

    Kubicle Residents - Lee Foss, Richy Ahmed, Clive Henry, Antonio De Angelis and Fb Julian.....

    Read More... Oct 30


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