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StumbleUpon Logo I wanted to let you know about the perfect tool against the occasional moments of boredom in life. Sign up for StumbleUpon , I guess you can call it another community based link service. But in reality it is much more than just that. It's free of charge and you come across the coolest sites online for which you otherwise would have to wait until one of your 'cool' online friends sends you a link.

From the Firefox Extensions page:
StumbleUpon lets you "channelsurf" the best-reviewed sites on the web. It is a collaborative surfing tool for finding and sharing great sites. This helps you find interesting webpages you wouldn't think to search for.

StumbleUpon is pretty much based on the principle that people share their favorite discovered sites / pages / videos / images online, only that it's right now 2,5million stumblers who suggest, review and tag websites in any range of date / topic or whatnot. Once you sign up you will be asked for your topics of interest. That's the minimum you should spend a few minutes on when you join.
Done that?

Cool, you can now hit the Stumble button (if you decided to install the firefox extension or IE plugin) and it'll bring you to a website suggested, reviewed and tagged by someone else within your previously interest fields. Each time you stumble upon a website / webpage / video / image or whatnot, you can give it a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down which will narrow your interests down to what you are really into.

StumbleUpon Toolbar

Also good to find specific topics since you can narrow down to single words what you are looking for. And the next great tool I use is to share any link immediately with any of friends via StumbleUpon. Next time they'll hit the Stumble button, they'll end up at a link, I've sent them just by selecting their names from a pulldown menu in my StumbleUpon toolbar. You can add comments and also send it to as many people as you like. They don't even have to be signed up members. You can just add their email address and your stumble will be delivered via eMail.

Of course you can get lost in the whole community thing as well, design your own profile page, make 'friends' etc. but since I'm already waisting so much time on MySpace , I'm not gonna get into that as well .. one profile that needs to be updated is enough. On my Stumble profile you just find the bare essential information about me and of course each page that I review is featured on there by default.

that's enough for now..
one last thing though - STUMBLE UPON IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

peace, lb.

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