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Spotlight On Lars Behrenroth by BPM LIfe

BPM Life

During my first trip to South Africa in July 2010 Halo, Ralf Gum, Martin East and I gave plenty of interviews. One of these can now be found on the South African electronic music / nightlife blog BPM Life

Some DJ’s and Producers seem to appear from nowhere, exploding onto their respective scenes like white hot shooting stars. That’s cool; a shock of a new thing has always been an alluring and evocative sentiment in music and music business in general. However, this isn’t the only method to adopt when wanting to get noticed by the record-buying public. There’s also something to be about developing your craft, biding your time, authenticity in what you do and accumulating enough knowledge needed to be a true sonic excavator.

Check out the entire interview right here.

Back In South Africa

Back in SAGuess what?
I'm back in South Africa. Last week I got a call for a last minute gig inquiry and today I'm already here. In Vaal to be exact.

Confirmed gig for this coming Sunday, December 5th in Mafikeng.

DJs Lars Behrenroth, Harrison Crump, King Deetoy and many more.
Venue: Kedirile in Mafikeng
Party starts at 1600 and goes till very late (after all this is all part or Deetoy's birthday celebrations.

And the best thing is, the party is FREE..

Now, I know there are def. some other gigs coming up for me (hopefully I can confirm something for Friday night in Johannesburg, cross your fingers) and to stay updated on other gigs while I'm here, please follow me on Twitter or add me on Facebook!

I'll try my best to get some blog posts going to keep you updated on this trip as well with pictures etc.

Lars Behrenroth Live DJ Set at Bar 9 in Johannesburg

This live recording from Bar 9 in Midrand, Johannesburg is the only recording that exists of any DJ gigs I played during my last trip to South Africa. streamed the entire night and I found this archived stream.
I've posted the link on my Twitter and Facebook fan page before but why keep it from you, my Deeper Shades family.
The night was truly magic, the music was amazing and I will never forget the smiles on peoples faces.
Other DJs that night were Ralf Gum, Halo, Christos, Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Maestro, Martin East etc.

There's no tracklist for this mix, however, it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out :)
I'll give you the first one for starters. TALK - Touching You (Lars Behrenroth Subtle Koffee Rmx)

Enjoy the video and a big thanks to everyone who came out. I will hopefully soon getting around to editing the videos I filmed with my little Flip Mino so you can see (and hear) how things looked from my perspective.

Days 6, 7, 8 and 9

Who gave me this flu?

It's been a few days since I posted the last update and the reason is a nasty flu I've been fighting. So let's see where I left off.

Wednesday was another great day at the conference. Ralf, Halo, Martin and I did 3 or 4 more interviews and got to talk to a few of the attendants face to face and answer their questions.
5fm.jpgWe were able to sell some T-shirts during the lunch break and then joined the stage for the final session of the day, speaking about how we're running our labels and what to look out for if you're planning to start your own. Another session worth mentioning was the remix session done by Black Coffee and Culoe De Song. At the end of the day I could feel my sickness creeping up on me so after we had a joined dinner, I've decided to skip the conference on Thursday to get a good rest.
However, I was planned to appear on DJ Fresh's and Euphonik's radio show on 5fm that night, so it was back to the hotel for 2 hours rest and then off to the station.
Fresh and Euphonik are great presenters and interviewers and had asked me to bring in 5 special tunes selected out of several suggested categories. This is what I chose:

My favourite choon that I made:
Talk - Touching You (Lars Behrenroth Rmx) - Perfect Toy
The house choon that made me cry:
Blaze - Lovely Ones - Lifeline
My favourite local production:
G.Family - Break The Silence - Deeper Shades Recordings
Choon that defined an era:
Inner City - Big Fun - 10th & broadway
Favourite choon of all time:
Marvin Belton - Bleed To Be Free - Ferrispark

centurion3_400.jpgAfter the show I went straight back to the hotel to sleep and be ready for an afternoon set at the FIFA Fan Fest in Tshwanwe, Pretoria. The turnout was amazing especially since it was an all ages event and cover was very low. People truly appreciated all the DJ sets and live performances. It was getting cold so we would hang out in the artist tent to warm up and have some great food. It was my first time trying Chakalaka, a sort of salsa with a kick. VERY TASTY!
We went back to the hotel early and it was once again straight to bed for me where I stayed most of the day on Friday besides a quick excursion to Christo's restaurant Shaguma Cafe to enjoy another set of his lamb chops. This time I took a picture as well :)
We got picked up later than night to appear on The Urban Beat on Metro FM once again to reflect on the SAMC and for me to play a guest DJ set. Right after the show we moved on to The Lighthouse to play some dope sets and a nice venue on the 10th floor in Downtown Johannesburg with good sound and great people. First it was Martin East, then yours truly followed by Halo. I'll post some video from this event as well as others later during the week when I'll find time to edit them. ChristosChops300.jpgThe night was long and we finally made it back to the hotel by 6am. After spending the entire day in bed again it was off to the SAMC closing gig at Bar 9. We went to dinner again at Oskido's restaurant and the lack of appetite had me finish only my salad but I was smart enough to take the chicken I ordered which came in handy at the end of the night :)
Bar 9 was filling up when we got there around 9.45pm and Martin East was up at 10pm to get the people moving, followed by Maestro and then yours truly from midnight to 1am. I must say this has been my favorite gig so far and the place was jampacked by the time I was behind the decks and the floor was crazy. People were shouting 'Deeper Shades of House' and singing along to the vocal tracks I played. 'Lovely Ones' by Blaze was certainly a highlight of my set together with my opening track 'Touching You' as well as Quentin Harris' remix of Black Coffee's 'Crazy' and Osunlade's dub of Tamara Wellon's 'In My Lifetime'.
Bar9_400.jpgI must have sweat out a lot of my cold so I actually changed my shirt in the middle of the set :) talking about wardrobe change.
I stuck around a bit longer after my set to hear Ralf Gum play as well as checking out Halo on the outside floor before heading back to the hotel. I wish I could have stayed for the rest of the night but I had to get better.

All the rest has certainly helped and even though I still feel weak and am still coughing, I can tell I'm about to get rid of this flu. Tonight I'm playing what will be my last gig this time around in South Africa at another Fan Fest at the Giant Stadium in Soshanguve, Pretoria 

Day 4 and 5 SAMC 2010

This has been the trip of weird sleep schedules.

We slept and chilled all of Sunday, so I wasn't able to sleep before 3am which was way too late since we got picked up at 6.45am to make our way to day 1 of the Southern African Music Conference at the Alexandre Theater in Johannesburg. After we collected everyone, traffic was so bad that we decided to wait it out and have some breakfast. At Wimpy's :) .. It was actually quite good, eggs, sausage, coffee, you get the idea.
samcline.jpgOnce that was done the streets had pretty much cleared up and after a short drive we pulled up to the venue around 8am only to find a huge line of attendants outside of the theater.
We made our way inside and let me tell you, that place was cold :)
After setting up for Halo and my Traktor presentation, the doors were opened and people starting streaming in. All members of DJU welcomed the attendants of the SAMC2010 and we got started with the first session, called 'The Perfect DJ Set'. Christos Katsaitis talked about technical aspects of mixing, using FX during your sets while Ralf Gum talked about how to prepare your set depending on venue, timeslot etc. The panel was very informal and flowed nicely. We all added our two cents to what everyone had to say. Halo and I touched on the topic of digital DJing and shared our enthusiasm for Native Instrument's Traktor software and their Kontrol X1 controller. Like everything during the SAMC, this session was filmed and we already received an edited DVD. I'll encode most of the video  once I'll find time and you'll be able to watch some of the panel here on
Other sessions of the day involved talking about licensing your tracks to labels, making sure you read and sign the right contracts, how to get your music to labels etc. Very interesting and again Ralf, Halo and I had a lot of information to share alongside Christos and Oskido who would lightly guide and host the panels. Lunch was served on the premises and it was hearty and good. Rice, Lamb, Vegetables, Salad and juice.
In between sessions we'd roam around the theater to meet and mingle with the attendants who were very excited to exchange a few words with us while being able to take pictures and maybe ask additional questions regarding earlier topics.
Clue De Song, Sisqo, Lars Behrenroth, Halo, Black CoffeeI also met a lot of people I've been in touch with online, especially Deeper Shades Recordings artist BlackAngel, Culoe De Song, Black Coffee, Petro from and many others. The first day at SAMC wrapped up around 5pm and before we'd leave to make our way to dinner to celebrate Ralf Gum's birthday and his and his wife's 2nd wedding anniversary, Ralf, Halo and I were interviewed by House On, a south african online and hopefully soon print magazine about House Music. It was a nice dinner but rather quiet since we were all EXTREMELY tired. Around 9.45pm We arrived back at the hotel and immediately after I entered my room I passed out cold only to wake up a few times within the night. So annoying and draining :(

The second day of SAMC started when we got picked up from the hotel at 7.45am. The first session was Halo and my remix session. We took 'Machunga', a local track by the Infinite Boyz and showed the crowd how we approach a remix, how to EQ, compress, add FX to different parts, slightly touched on the topic of arrangement and answered a lot of questions. This session took a little over two hours and Halo and I will finish our remix when we get back to the US. Can't wait to see the DVD of that session.
For the rest of the day we would hang out with the people, take more pictures and answer questions while popping up on stage occasionally to add our opinions where necessary :) Martin East showed up since he's in the country as well to add his take on production on DJing using Ableton Live.
During the lunch break Halo and I sold some of our T-Shirts to the kids for a special price since we didn't wanna push it too hard. After lunch one of the sessions would introduce up and coming producers like the Mushroom Boys, Mr. O., Essential-I, Mindlo and others. They'd answer peoples question on how they got where they're at, how to present their music to labels and more.
BlackAngel & Soletek.jpgVery interesting and inspiring cause the Deep House scene here in South Africa is very young which gave us veterans a lot of hope about the future. We weren't part of any more panels so we decided to leave early to chill a bit in the hotel.
Dinner was at Oskido's restaurant where we had REALLLY GOOD STEAK with a bomb pepper sauce and an amazing bottle of red wine .. 2008 Meerlust .. South African red wine which was smooth, fruity, dry and soooooo nice to drink. The hospitality in this country is very unique and special and we had nice conversations and were joined by some other young producers who asked more questions and we dove a little deeper into the topic of mastering, samples etc. At the same time the game Netherlands - Uruguay was going on and of course the South African's were very happy when those who kicked them out of the tournament were sent home by the dutch. Can't wait for the Germany game and I'm hoping my prediction of a German - Dutch final will come true.
The wine did what it does and when I was back in the hotel around 11.30pm, I once again passed out without doing anything. Of course I couldn't sleep as much as I wanted and have now been awake since 6am, downloading some promos, arranging some meetings and of course writing this blog post.
We were supposed to hold a second remix session today but decided to postpone it until tomorrow. The only panel we'll attend today is the 'Independent Label' one which I think will be very interesting not only for aspiring label owners but artists and DJs alike. During the lunch break we'll also most likely sell more shirts to the fans. Hope to see you there if you're in Johannesburg and for the rest of you, stay tuned for the next post when I get to it.
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