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"Ice On The Sun" Featured On Satoshi Tomiie's New Renaissance Master Series

Satoshi TomiieRenaissance - The Master Series
Lars Behrenroth's 'Ice On The Sun', originally released on Freerange Records in May 2008, is featured on Satoshi Tomiie's lastest mix compilation for Renaissance - The Master Series due out on November 3rd 2008.

Satoshi Tomiie is an artist who needs little introduction. From his first explosion onto the scene in the late eighties with the famed Frankie Knuckles collaboration, ‘Tears’, through to more recent work on his own esteemed SAW label, he has expertly walked the line, marrying deeper, more atmospheric sounds with his soulful roots.

The Japanese-by-way-of-New-York Don takes you on a sublime, deep tech-house excursion that draws on some of the brightest luminaries at work in the scene today, from Radio Slave to Layo & Bushwacka!, Jimpster, Motorcitysoul, Marc Romboy, Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia, Jeff Bennett and many more besides..

In his own words:
"My definition of house remains the same - 'an open minded, evolving form of dance music"

Order Renaissance - the Master Series Mixed By Satoshi Tomiie

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Lars Behrenroth - Ice On The Sun EP - Freerange Records

Lars Behrenroth - Ice On The Sun EP - Freerange Rec
Ice On The Sun EP (incl. Version Rmx)
Freerange Records / FR104

Vinyl might be available on Discogs.
mp3's available @ Juno Download, Traxsource , Beatport etc.

From the label, Freerange Records :
Time to introduce Lars Behrenroth to the Freerange fold with an impressive new EP entitled Ice On The Sun. Lars has an impressive track record of productions and remixes for a variety of labels including Chez Music, Deep4Life, Compost, Sonar Kollektiv and most recently Liebe*Detail.

With his Freerange debut he’s pulled out every deep stop in the book to produce two tracks of forward thinking electronic club music which are complimented with an awesome remix by Version aka Charles Webster and Atjazz..

First up we have Ice On The Sun, a sublime slice of minimal deep house that retains an understated energy whilst filters slowly open and close to build the arrangement.  A real slow burner that’ll warm things up nicely or create a nice bit of space in your set wherever you choose to drop it.

Feel The Sunshine is up next and treads a similar path but with the addition of some nice vocal hooks and all important detroitesque synth lines layering things up.  The key to Lars sound is his stripped back approach to production where he keeps all the elements as dry as possible for maximum sonic impact.  We feel he’s got a fresh and unique touch to his tracks at a time where so much stuff is sounding a bit on the generic side of things.

The legends that are Charles Webster and Atjazz get busy with their Version remix of Ice On the Sun, turning in a supremely confident belter of a track which we know is going to prove very popular indeed.  This is a heads down groover that builds nicely and is loaded with attitude and dancefloor pleasing sensibility.

Freerange Records

some feedback:

Quentin Harris:
Very Afterhours late feel (my favorite part of the night). Chart Place: 3

Funk D;Void:
wow well done Lars, hey there's only room for one Lars in deep house!!! Nah mate, top banana, vive le deep. 10/10

Lars comes in with the goods !!! All tracks are dope but the Version Mix is on anotha level, sounds AMAZING loud !!!! Playin' all , thank u!! Chart Place: 4

Manuel Tur:
Brilliant EP!! Original and Version Remix of "Ice On The Sun" have to be two of the best house tunes I've heard so far this year! Simplistic but with a great atmosphere, this is some great work by Lars and the ever solid Version duo here.

Sebo K:
another bomb on freerange! thanks. all versions are great.

Alex Dallas (Drumpoet):
great 12" by lars, feeling all the tracks. the version rmx is also really good as usual! full support.

Pure quality throughout

Kiko Navarro - Loca FM, Danza FM (Spain): This is a really serious work, Ice On The Sun is exactly what i like to play at peak time, i cant wait to play it tonite at level, im sure it will get the crowd crazy. Feel Ths sunshine is good too maybe more groovy and deepah, Version remix is a fantastic mix from 2 masters of deepness.

again a killer ep. rx de ice on the sun is sure for me

Jamie Thinnes: what can i say....AMAZINIG! my man lars has come to play... and the masters martin and sir charles has taken this record to another place! congrats on this one guys , a huge fan here and cant wait to play this one in miami! Chart Place: 1

Johnny Fiasco: very impressed with my man Lars!! Chart Place: 3

Alex ( Jazzanova ):
Like the versions stuff. Originals are good too. Thanx

Peter Kruder:
Ice on the Sun is one killer tune. Straight into my sets. Thanks

Marc Romboy:
Very very very very good!

Rocco (Rodamaal): Great Work from Lars !! Deep and Floor production. Congrat i love that Ep !! Chart Place: 4

Olaf Boswijk: Best EP on freerange in a while if you ask me! all productions sound amazing, great for dancefloor but nice and deep too. Version rmx nice and edgy! love it. Chart Place: 3

Paddy Freeform – Life FM: absolutely gorgeous tracks, shows that 'minimal' needn't sound like a game of ping pong....this is full of soul and deepness...i like! Chart Place: 3

Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak - Guimess - Concrete Project on Mahasa Music

Concrete Project - Mahasa Music
Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak
Guimess (on Concrete Project)
Mahasa Music
release date: February 11th 2008

from the label:
Mahasa Music launches its label with an extraordinary compilation put together by label boss ‘dcee’ – 12 multi-genre, hard hittin ‘concrete’ tracks that will make your neck snap and your body bounce.

GUIMESS, a broken beat track with organic elements and drums to get the dancers going is one of these tracks and can currently only be found on this unmixed CD compilation.

The compilation credits only mention Lars Behrenroth but this track is co-produced with Lars' friend Sinan Baymak aka Phonicfood.

Check out soundsamples of the other tracks and order the CD...

hit the play button to listen to GUIMESS (lofi 64kbps / mono)

Discography - Lars Behrenroth


•    Michael Ashe - I Don’t Know (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings March 2016
•    Gabriel Magdelani - Face Down (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings Dec 2015
•    Leach & Lezizmo feat Heleen Desmet - Body Heat (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Muzik & Friendz September 2015
•    Paolo Rocco - Never Never Never Give Up (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Seaking September 2014
•    Rocco - Still Water (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - House Afrika April 2014
•    Liquid Phonk - Old Days (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings Mar 2014
•    True Rebels - Lift It Up (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings Nov 2013
•    Sroczynski Prus - Final Wielkiej Cioty (Lars Behrenroth Edit)  - Deeper Shades Recordings Sep 2013
•    Anerah Yasole - Fazar Amor (Lars Behrenroth Remix & Dub) - Offering Recordings  Sep 2013
•    Yoliswa - Nowhere (Lars Behrenroth Vocal Remix) - Soundtrack Recordings May 2013
•    Salvatore Agrosi feat. Dennis Baker - The Real Me (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings Oct 2012
•    Paolo Rocco - Never, Never, Never Give Up (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Seaking Sep 2012
•    Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Sony / Columbia, May 2012
•    Joeski & Audio KoDe - The Bounce (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Maya, Mar 2012
•    Rocco - Saharien Child (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings July 2011
•    Offie & Ky - Ad Fontes (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings June 2011
•    Robert Owens - Happy (Lars Behrenroth Work & Dance Dub) - Compost Black Label May 2011
•    Jose Burgos And The Players Feat. Farah - I Need A Beat (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deepa Grooves , Mar 2011
•    Infinite Boys Feat. - Machangu (Halo & Lars Behrenroth Deeper Mix) - CityDeep, Feb 2011
•    Nathan X & Cuebur - So Far Away (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings, Dec 2010
•    Black Coffee feat. Zakes Bantwini (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - CityDeep Nov 2010
•    Marco Fracasso - Xiba Chant (Lars Behrenroth Dub Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings, Nov 2009
•    Jay Tripwire & Boddhi Satva - Dema (Lars Behrenroth Deeper Shades Remix) - Grooveland Music, Oct 2009
•    Juan Atkins & Kimyon feat. Tricia - Work For Money (Lars Behrenroth Deeper Shades of House Dub) - All About, Aug 2009
•    Atjazz feat. Clyde - I Forgot U (Lars Behrenroth 'wtf' Remixes) - Atjazz Record Company, Jul 2009
•    Salvatore Agrosi - Spirit (Lars Behrenroth Remixes) - Deeper Shades Recordings, Mar 2009
•    Lukeshara - Glowind (Lars Behrenroth Remixes) - Deeper Shades Recordings, Nov 2008
•    Tamara Wellons - Like Rain (Lars Behrenroth Deeper Shades Dub) – Ocha Rec, Jun 2008
•    Sven Weisemann - Slices (Lars Behrenroth Remix) – Liebe Detail, Apr 2008
•    Gyasi - The Dance (Lars Behrenroth Remix) – Deeper Shades Recordings, Mar 2008
•    Nikos ft. K'Bana - Makin' Me High (Lars Behrenroth Deeper Shades Dub) – Under My Skin, Jan 2008
•    Christos Kedras - Little Dark Spot (Lars Behrenroth Deeper Shades Dub) – Kapa Music, Jan 2008
•    Jaymz Nylon - Lonely (Lars Behrenroth Deeper Shades Remix) – Nylon Rec, Dec 2007
•    Christos Kedras Ft Scott Wozniak - Fly Me Away (Lars Behrenroth Dub) – Kapa Music, Dec 2007
•    Martin East Project – Let me take you (Lars Behrenroth Rmx) – Kapa Music, May 2007
•    Madmud Music – Disgustingly Fabulous (LB walks on water Rmx) – Delicious Garden, Apr 2007
•    Diversity ft. Muema – We can do it (Mixtape sessions dirty dub) – West End Tracks, August ‘06
•    Comfort Fit – Remember … something I forgot (Lars Behrenroth Subtle Koffee Rmx.) – Tokyodawn Rec., Ger ‘06 
•    Jessica Williams – Faith, Friendship & Love (Lars Behrenroth Subtle Koffee Dub) – Paradax ‘06
•    Mauro M.B.S. - Dirty Vinylpusher (LB’s Peakpusher Mix) - Delicious Garden, Ger Jun ‘06 
•    Jessica Williams – Faith, Friendship & Love (Lars Behrenroth Botanica Mix) – Paradax Mar‘06
•    Arnold Jarvis – A beautiful love (LB’s old school Dub) – Diaspora Rec. Sept. 04
•    Slope – Keepinitup (Lars Behrenroth Subtle Koffee Remix) – Sonar Kollektiv, Ger Aug. 04
•    Lee John – The Mighty Power of Love (Lars Behrenroth Deep Subtle Koffee Mix) – Delicious Garden, Ger June 04
•    Jaymz Nylon f. Mooney "Where Heaven Meets Earth (Vocal & Dub Rmx.)" unreleased
•    Monta – On the fly (Lars Behrenroth dark rework) – Citrona, USA – Nov. 03
•    Hideo Kobayashi -- Possibility (LB's Vocal Twist) -- Foreplay, Belgium  - May 03
•    S.E.S.A. – all together (Stoned in Hamburg Mix) – Delicious Garden, Ger – Mar 03
•    Lady Alma – Lies (Summer in Hamburg Mix) – Diaspora, uk - Sept. 02 
•    Q-Burns feat. Lisa Shaw ‘This Time (LB. Vox & Dub)’ – Eighth Dimension, US – July 02
•    B-Funk new 12” ‘Lars 'LB.'s Peaktime monkey rework’ TOI, Ger – May 02
•    Dubtribe Soundsystem “Do it now (Hamburg To London Mix)” ROI, Ger –  Sept. 01
•    Deep Swing "Takin' me higher (BOC Club Mix)" ROI, Ger - 00
•    Pressure ft. Marcette "Tears for you (BOC Classic Club Mix)" 95 North Rec, US - June 00
•    The Rurals "Corker (BOC's rough'n'moody mix)" ROI, Ger - Jan. 00
•    Karen Di Ponti "Charlie's Back",  WEA, Ger - Jan. 00 
•    Rotess "Electrica Salsa", Kingsize, Ger - Aug. '99
•    Kathy Brown "Happy People", U.S.S., Ger - Juni.'99
•    Brick Nation "I like it", Velocity, USA - Jan. '99
•    MJ Cole "Sincere (BOC Mix)" Clubtools Germany - October '98
•    LSL pres. Martha Cinader "Living it", Liquid Sound Lounge Records - Jan&July 98
•    China "Mr. Flute (BOC Filter Mix)" Clubtools Germany - May '98
•    Style Unlimited - "Trust in you", Rhythm Scan, Ger. ‘97

For compilations, production credits and other roles please refer to the Lars Behrenroth Discogs Profile.

Lars Behrenroth - Organism - Liebe*Detail

Lars Behrenroth - Organism - Liebe DetailLars Behrenroth - Organism - Liebe*Detail

From the label: “Organism", Lars Behrenroth's debut for Liebe*Detail, can definitely be classified as House, but not in that jazzy, musical kind of way. It rather lingers at the crossroads of recent Ibadan releases, Âme and Carl Craig. The track grandly and slowly glides towards a synth heavy climax, which will leave many dancefloors breathless.

release date:
vinyl: February 19th 2007
mp3 available at Beatport,, etc.

split EP:
Ripperton's track '10a' can be found on the flipside of this 12"

charted, radio and club play by Atjazz, MKL, Rocco, Steve Bug Feb Chart #1, Markus Enochson Feb Chart #1, Jimpster Nov Chart #3, Joe DiPadova, DJ Djinxx, David Duriez, DJ T, Nico Moss, Master Kev, Jojo Flores etc ..

You can now find this record in your favorite recordstore. If not, please tell them to order it from Word & Sound, Syntax or another by them preferred distributor. As of March 16th 2007, you should also be able to purchase the track as a mp3 from Beatport, iTunes, playwordandsound etc..

More feedback on this record, soundsamples and order info for record stores can be found at Word & Sound.

You can hear the whole 'ORGANISM' track on Lars' MySpace profile !
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