DSoH #306 - guestmix by RAFAEL MORAES

Wednesday, September 2nd 2009
Deeper Shades of House show 306

1st hour
mixed by Lars Behrenroth

title - artist - label
Cavalier - The Deeper You Get - Drumpoet Community
Jay Tripwire & Boddhi Satva - Dema (Delano Smith Rmx) - Grooveland
Nitin - Silent Scales - No19
Rocco - Fuck Da Day (Bonus Mix) - Realtone
River Ocean ft. India - Love & Happiness (Michael Cleis 'Floreo' Remix) - Strictly Rhythm
Atjazz & Yannah - Info People (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Rmx) - Development
Andre Lodemann - Vehemence Of Silence - Room With A View
Cloudmaster Weed - Oh Yeah! - Soiree
The Rurals - Ratrace - Peng
Nick Holder - In Luv In A Love Song (Nick Holder Mix) - DNH

2nd hour
guestmix by RAFAEL MORAES (Nomumbah / Brasil)

title - artist
Brothers' Vibe - Nu Born Love feat. Cassio Ware - Original Mix
David Harness & Roland Clark - The Deejay's an Alien (Nomumbah   Extra Terrestrial Mix)
Karizma - The Power
Dj Aakmael feat Esquire – Ubade
Wayne Gardiner feat. Ras Anthony - In The Mood (Sunday's Gospel Mix)
Fred Everything feat. Wayne Tennant - Mercyless (Atjazz Vocal Mix)
Brotherhood - Memorial Smith - Daniels Buki Good Remix
Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia Della Notte
Lil Louis - Accept Me (Angelica)

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Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by THESCHOLAR #6757
Hi Lars, long time no write. I have been away and have been missing you show. I have been catching up with you show and noticed that the comments section have become a bitching forum ha ha ha!

I don't know if you realise what the music you play does to us. Deepershades has become an intergral part of our lives that is why some comments by others have seemed angry, we are addicted to the Deepness and an addict becomes irrational when he cannot get his fix.You Should come to South Africa next year(I am finishing varsity and will be working next year) so that we can personally thank you for the music.

Pretoria's number one representer. Keep it Deep
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by maced2 #6761
maced2's Avatar
Hi Lars;)

Great show mate...and what a great tune from : The Rurals - Ratrace :woohoo:

Keep it Deep Lars

Greetings ED ;)
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by untitledmusic #6763
untitledmusic's Avatar
Ooooooooohhhhh baby! What a first hour - magic stuff from the man!
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by number3 #6766
number3's Avatar
Great show. You may have to start selling neck braces on this site, cause the beats are killing me!

Can't stop Lil Louis - Accept Me. 1 day on loop and counting.

When are we Canadians going to hear that Lars is going to be in town (specifically Toronto)?
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by vrroomdog #6775
vrroomdog's Avatar

Lars YOU DID YOUR THING !!!... I've listened to show 306 about 10 times now and each time sounds as fresh as the first !!!.... This has to be one of my favorite shows !!... AWEWSOME JOB !!!...

As someone said earlier I cannot explain how much deep house means to me and the way you layed this down keeps me hooked to deep house forever !!!!

Thanks bro...

Vrroom Dog - Durham, North Carolina (USA)
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by Kingsolly #6778
Kingsolly's Avatar
Hi! Lars
DSOH is my life,love is the shows
I'm also expriencing the same problem, since show 303-306
all the shows plays 30min & restarted.
what r suppose to do to fix this problem.
I'm digging all the tracks on those shows they r deep.:unsure:
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by THESCHOLAR #6779
Hi again Lars. I would to agree with Vroom Dog, this is my favourite show so far and have been listening to it over and over again. I have been listening to the show with my sony ericsson earphones that go right into the ear and the sound of the music has been incredible.

Thanks for the Deep sounds.Pretoria's number one representer.
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by LarsLB #6780
LarsLB's Avatar
thank you all for the very nice comments ..
I was just feeling it more for some reason .

regarding all the problems ..
if it takes longer than one hour to download a file, it will most likely time out and every other attempt will only download just as much as the first one .. you'll have to empty your browser cache, close out the browser and restart ..

Don't download anything besides the show / hour you want to hear.. basically, go and get a coffee to keep your already slow internet connection run smoothly (this is for my south african friends ;) ..

if it still doesn't work, try downloading another day / time ..

best bet is also to subscribe to the podcast for the first hour . they download without any problems since they're handled differently ..

and of course.. I can always blow up the server resources if I have the sufficient funds .
Many of you have been donating recently and it's helping me a lot to pay for the server! ..

thank you,
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by donkey #6782
donkey's Avatar
Thanks for raising the level of professionalism in the scene.
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by DeepDiffusion #6787
DeepDiffusion's Avatar
Hey Lars,
i've the same download problem, that has been described by other listeners, although i've followed the downloading rules. This problem and the resulting discussion has also made me to think about it. Now i'll try to give you a little overview of my thoughts.
First of all i absolutely and all other listeners should agree with your point of view, that your show is a free service for almost seven years. It's you, Lars, that has made this possiple. Thanks a lot!!! In summary, it can be stated that your service is nearly perfect and that we only have this little download problem, which is only worth to mention because of the following reason.
While you want to reduce your server costs, we need to download your complete show, because we love to listen to it. This is the problem, that can't be solved, because it seems to be a loop. On the one hand we have to restart and restart the download, which raises the server costs because of the higher transfer. On the other hand there are people, which already have donate or want to donate in the near future, but the willing to donate suffers from the fact that they would also donate for the people, who will never pay. These people will always take your service as a gift and everyone else will pay their part of the bill. Despite this fact they will never get a bad conscience. So Lars don't be annoyed at these people, please, because it's a well known problem. For example many of us want to breathe clean air or bath in a clean ocean, but it seems, that there is the same problem as long as everybody has to pay for it.
My suggestion is, that we should download in a specific time period in our time zones. This could be between eight and nine o'clock in the evening for example and would reduce the probability, that there are to much downloads simultaneously.
Keep on the good work, Lars. I'am just thinking about the Roland TR-707 special. Thanks a lot and i know, that you will never forget to keep it deep.
The most important things will follow in German:
Ich w√ľnsche nicht nur dir sondern insbesondere deiner Frau und deinem Sohn schlicht und ergreifend nur das Beste.
Deep regards, DeepDiffusion.
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by Antonio #6789
Antonio's Avatar
Lars!! awesome first hour!! keep on going deep like this!!
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by BigJ #6795
BigJ's Avatar
I agree with DeepDiffusion... Because of the fact that the mix loops when downloaded, we keep downloading and trying again which strains the server more. However I don't think many people will donate anything just because of this troubles.

Maybe make a special section for those that wants to give money to you and decide if there will be anything free for those that don't want to send you money Lars.

I normally check your mixes sort of regularly although only keep 40-50% of it depending if I like majority of the tunes or not. It needs 12 minutes to download, also tried at all possible times, with all other advices you gave, yet for some unexplained reason it loops once downloaded. I have sort of collection folder called Lars Behrenroth with your mixes and I forwarded your webpage to many people so "the move" can grow, and your name gets heard where I go. That's all I can contribute at this time.

Anyway I have been following your work for 10 years now, remember you since you played on German radios while I was in Europe, even won one of your cd's and also listening to u now while I'm residing in Australia. You have a nice taste in music and this webpage is a great place to promote yourself and that's how I see it, "Lars Behrenroth webpage" where we and other can see and hear your work, where the club owners can see how popular is the dj that they are employing and etc.
There is a lots of house music around the web, lots of choice, but because I "know" you from some time ago and you play what I like hearing, I stayed loyal.
You achieved quite a lot already and helped this type of music to be available and to be heard and that is indeed remarkable.

Anyway, all the best with your work, your company and its webpage
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by LarsLB #6801
LarsLB's Avatar
Hey everyone,
thanks for all the nice words and rather elaborate responses. I appreciate reading your thoughts of the matter.

BigJ, the download times in your case are the same as with previous shows but the files downloaded are not completed? Is that what you're saying?

Also, am I getting this right that the general consensus is "I won't donate to illiminate the server problems that cause incomplete downloads cause it annoys me that I get incomplete downloads"??? Hmmmm.
Or "I won't donate to support and secure the existence of what I love and listen to on a general basis because others who won't donate would benefit from it"??? also hmmmm.

Please keep it deep
Lars Behrenroth
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by Luis #6802
Luis's Avatar
Hey Lars,
Personally I dont have any problems regarding downloading your amazing free music. I really can not understand what all the fuss is about! It feels like a lot of people are missing the point! this is amazing music well selected skillfuled mixed by an artist with an amazing gift for music. Please let me know how could I contribute / donate to help keep this inmense pleasure of listening to your music hopefuly for many more years to come. Thank you
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by KAA_1 #6812
KAA_1's Avatar
Hey here from South Africa
Tight ship you running LB,
Keeping it real.
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by shithot74 #6824
shithot74's Avatar
Damn, banger after another, ===) u right!
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by BaldwinThamaga #6894
BaldwinThamaga's Avatar
Lars, this weeks show is on somethin.. My favourite track on this is Dema (Delano Smith remix), Whaaattt?? !! ??

about to purchase the release, which includes ur remix, cant wait!! Have u played it on the show? Must of missed it..

Thanxx for the show LB!!
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by LarsLB #6895
LarsLB's Avatar
thank you man ..
yes, I actually do have played it . .a few times :) .. even on the recent shows live from Sundae LA ..

thanks for the support!

Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by TonyATL #6897
TonyATL's Avatar
Egads....what are folks yacking about?

I have never....ever....had any problems downloading any of the mp3's from Lars' site. I discovered Lars and his beats through iTunes initially...and moved to his site because iTunes wasn't up to date.

I don't know if BigJ was a plant to spark debate (big grin), but I'm not down with his reasoning behind folks not donating I'm donating today.

BTW - I already tweeted this...but #306 - Guest Mix starting at 26:51 was just ridiculous... It was storm'n outside...but in my car...all 'sunlight'. :-D

Keep put'n the true deep stuff out there and I'll keep listening.

Twitter - Holttony
Posted: 7 years 9 months ago by Dins #7130
Dins's Avatar
Hi Lars, this is the first time I'm logging in to deepershades and I feel s if I've missed a whole century of music. Big ups to you and keep it deep forever, I truly enjoyed show number 306.WOW!!!!!!!!!:cheer:
Posted: 7 years 9 months ago by fulebese #7151
fulebese's Avatar
Hey Lars u killing me man, Rafael rocks Thanks for the keeping it Deep and soulful(I like the african beats)
My ears have been fed good deep housi Muzika

When are coming to South Africa my brother
BITLAS(Pretoria South Afrrica):woohoo:
Posted: 7 years 9 months ago by Only Go Deep #7205
Only Go Deep's Avatar
Excellent mix Rafael, nice one!!

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