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DSoH #26 guestmix by Paul 'Seiji' Dolby

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #26

first hour

artist title label
Roy Ayers - Babydoll - BBE / Rapster
Atlantic Fusion - Jesse Rose Re-Jigg - Frontroom Rec.
Steal Vybe - Time (Steal Vybe EP) - Diaspora Rec.
Stephanie Cooke - I never told you, you could stay - Kingstreet
Classics of the week:
Adeva - Warning (Zanzibar Mix) - Cooltempo 1989
Jovonn - It’s gonna be right (Goldtone Dub) - Goldtone Records 1992
Alton Miller - Center of the Sun (Stories from Bohemia album) - Peacefrog
Jinadu - Turning the tide (Jimpster Rmx.) - Bitches Brew
Siji - Feels like (Osunlade Tribal Mix) - BBE
Handcrafted Sol feat. Kemdi - You’ve got it - Coco Soul
The Society - How’s life? (Latin Instrumental) - Nite Grooves

second hour
Guestmix by Paul 'Seiji' Dolby (Oreja / Papa Records) - http://www.paparecords.co.uk

artist - title - label
Truby Trio feat. Concha Bulka - Jaleo - Compost
MAW - Tranz (Todd Terry Instr.) - MAW
Oreja - Manana por la Manana - Papa Records
Alison David - Dreams (Afronaught Dub) - Bitasweet
Brooklyn Soul Boys - Fort Greene Jazzmatazz - Catch 22
Los Amigos Invisibles - Una Disco Llena - Lukabop / MAW
Negrocan - Cada Vez (Richard Earnshaw mix) - Swing City
Markus Enochson - I am the road (Bugz Instrumental) - MAW
Raul Zequira - Hey Hey Hey ... Si Senor - Counterpoint
Antibalas Afrobeat - Orchestra Che Che Cole Makossa - Daptone
Quantic - Primate Boogaloo - Tru Thoughts
Cesaria Evora - Angola (Carl Craig mix) - BMG
Tata Vasquez - Suite Guaracho pr.2 - Counterpoint
Incognito - On the road (Osunlade mix pt.2) - CD-R
Theo Parrish - Sawala Sayale - Sound Signature
Los Chicharrons - The Sound of the Conga Drum - Voodoo
end guestmix
Lars Behrenroth - Will she dub (Will she come EP) - Foreplay Recordings
Lontano - Gaymania (Common Factor Dub) - Factor City

DSoH #27 guestmix by Mettle Music

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #27

first hour

artist title label
Pascal Rioux feat. Mr. Day - Golden Days (King Britt Mix) - Rotax Disques
Blissom & Ashen - Four Five Niner - Spot Records
John Beltran feat. Stateless - Starlight Memories (Offworld Ensemble Rmx.) - Ubiquity
Classics of the week:
Alexander O’Neal - Fake (Extended Version) - CBS 1987
Colonel Abrams - Trapped - MCA 1985
32 Project - Summon - Ibadan
Louie Vega presents Anane - Nos Vida (MAW Mix) - Vega Records
Elevators - Brazilica (Antonio’s Calor Mix) - Tribal Winds
Amp Fiddler - Superficial (Waltz of a ghetto fly album) - Genuine

second hour
Guestmix by Mettle Music (Bar De Lune, UK) - http://www.mettlemusic.co.uk

artist - title
Mettle Music - Sleepy Head (Moodswings album)
Mettle Music - El Mar (Moodswings album)
Malena - Vida Mia (Faze Action Rmx.)
Mettle Music - Back again (Moodswings album)
Markus Enochson - Follow Me
Rawsoul Orchestra - Everyday (Gucciman Garito Style)
Alex Valentin - Brazil Nuts
Outlandish - Aisha (Faze Action Rmx.)
Square One - Music & Movement
end guestmix
The Stuff - Fever (Dan Mela & Paul S-Tone Dub) - SV Recordings

DSoH #28 guestmix by DJ Korie

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #28

show was aired twice!!!
January, 18th 2004 & January, 25th 2004

first hour
artist title label
Blissom & Ashen - Clarity (Mr.Tran travels in Sound EP Part1) - Spot Records
Downtown Brooklyn Inc. - 10 Jay Street (610 Dub) - Ibadan
Inner Visions - Excursions - Rotax Disques
Classics of the week:
Will Downing - Love Supreme (Dub in the House Mix) - 4th Broadway 1988
David Morales & Robert Owens - I’ll be your friend (Original Def Mix) - RCA 1991
Franck Roger - There was a child - Versatile
Amp Fiddler - Superficial (Waltz of a ghetto fly album) - Genuine
Markus Enochsen feat. J. Matheieu - Feeling Fine (Ricanstruction Vocal Rmx.) - MAW
John Beltran - Candela - Ubiquity

second hour
Guestmix by DJ Korie (Spectacles / Detroit)
sorry, no tracklisting..
end guestmix
Atomhockey - Most (Waldeck’s Dub Cut) - Poets Club Rec.
DJ Kent - In the Bush (Theo Parrish Rmx.) - Bear Funk

DSoH #29 guestmix by Derrick White

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #29

first hour

artist title label
The Return - New Day - 4th Floor
Stevie Wonder - In my mind (95 North) - white
Azymuth - Jazz Carnival (Global Communication Space Jazz Mix) - Farout Rec.
Classics of the week:
Round Two feat. Andy Caine - New Day - Main Street 1995
Roy Davis Jr. Feat. Peven Everett - Gabrielle - Large Music 1996
Downtown Brooklyn Inc. - 10 Jay Street (Extended 12“ Mix) - Ibadan
Yukihiro Fukutomi - Love each other (Danny Krivit Edit) - Kingstreet
Sandboy - Pepe (Wanderlust album) - Hinterland Rec.
Frankie Valentine - Merengada feat. Mandingo (Soundscope Vocal Dub) - Spot Rec.

second hour
Guestmix by Derrick White (Styles Kickin', Hamburg)

artist - title
stacy kidd - where did it go?
incognito - morning sun (dimitri from paris remix)
cirque du soleil - emballa
louie vega feat. anane - mon amour (dj gregory remix)
martin solveig - rocking music
the latin project - lei lo lai (maw remix)
crystal waters - gypsy woman (dimitri from paris remix)
instant house - awade
end guestmix
-------------- Frankie Feliciano presents The Real Thing - Living Proof (Living Beats) - Nite Grooves
Seal - Get it together (Roy’s Soldiers of Universal Love Rmx.) - Warner

DSoH #31 guestmix by Jens Paasch

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE show #31
February, 15th 2004

first hour

artist title label
Directions // Busted Trees (C's Spacetrumental) // Diaspora in Session
UBQ Project // When I fell in love (Charles Webster Rmx) // Boombastic
Hypnosis feat. Constanza // Changes (Vinzenzo Rmx.) // U.S.S. Records
Classics of the week:
Romanthony // Ministry of Love // Azuli 1995
The Toll Free Project // Getting High // -N- Sync Inc. 1996
Back in the middle (Theo Parrish Rmx.) // Dynamite Soul
Osunlade feat. Maiya James // Same thing // Papa Records
Martino // Cultured Girl // Iwanai
Terry Hunter // Monster Rhythm // MAW Records.

second hour
Guestmix by Jens Paasch

artist // title // label
Calm // People from the sun and the earth // Universal Jazz
Nina Simone // See-Line woman (MAW Rmx.) // MAW
Faze Action // Samba (Scat Dub) // R2 Records
Worldless People // Minority in terms of thought // Compost
Soularis // High Noon // Guidance
Kings of Tomorrow // The Session (Ghetto Mix) // Groove On
95 North // Chasing My Dreams // Large
Ron Trent // Music, Life & Culture // Si Project
end guestmix
D’Boldiss // Freak Huh? Round One // Coco Machete
Shade of Soul // Give in to me (Original Mix) // Sunny Side Rec.

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