Merry Christmas - Download Your Free Gift

Merry Christmas

I hope you're enjoying peaceful and relaxing holidays and get to spend them with your family and friends.
Since my wife Kathy, my son Mattias and I are in Maui, I figured the above Xmas image fits just right :)

To thank you for your continous support and love for my show 'Deeper Shades of House' and my label 'Deeper Shades Recordings, I decided to give you something for Christmas.

Last year you were able to download free Deeper Shades ringtones and this year my gift to you is my release 'Deeper Shades EP Vol.1'. ALL TRACKS, ALL 320kbps mp3's. The first track of this 4 track EP 'The Way You Move feat. Chezere' has just made #9 on the Traxsource Best of Deep House in 2009 Chart :)

The free download is was for members only. Please log in or register (for free) and the download link will did appear right here:

The free download is only available for 24 hours 48 hours (based on high demand, I've decided to extend it), so grab it now before it's gone.

If you missed the download, you can still purchase the release anytime.

Enjoy and all the best for the new year 2010! ..
I know I have quite a few things lined up for the show AND the label.

Lars Behrenroth

Happy Holidays
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Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by st@rsky #7888
st@rsky's Avatar

Awesome, thanks for this! Already purchased most of the tracks but hey.. :)

Happy Holidays, Lars and DSOH family!
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by leonidas #7890
leonidas's Avatar
Enhorabuena por todo tu trabajo con el deep house y disfruta mucho con tu bella familia. Feliz navidad.:P
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by sheddyboy #7893
sheddyboy's Avatar
Thanks for making this the Deepest Christmas ever.

Funky New Year!!
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by President Ford #7895
President Ford's Avatar
much love ... Mele Kalikimaka
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by NinePM #7897
NinePM's Avatar

Big Thank You. Happy Holidays!!
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by vrroomdog #7898
vrroomdog's Avatar
Thanks Lars... may you and your Family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year !!

Vrroom Dog
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by THESCHOLAR #7899
Even though i cannot download the free music as i'm on holiday i thank you for the gift.
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by kaz #7900
kaz's Avatar
Tanks Lars!!

Dope shit!!

Merry Christmas.............
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by joe90 #7902
joe90's Avatar
thanks for the groovy tunes - I really enjoy your weekly show - have a nice christmas! you and your family!
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by flyface #7904
flyface's Avatar
merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone
thank you Lars for bringing us this wonderful music!
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by BluBeach.. #7905
BluBeach..'s Avatar
Heyy Lars.. Nicee Holiday getaway.. :), I wish yOu & your whole family a Merry Christmas.. & the best New Year 2010..
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by JPQ #7906
JPQ's Avatar
Wow! What a great gift! Thanks Lars!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Greeting from Miami!

Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by albo #7907
albo's Avatar
Have yourselves an excellent new year, and may you have a constant stream of quality deep house tunes that have underground sensibilities and at the same time remain dance floor friendly. May they be in abundance and no lower than 320 kbps....all these to be found hassle free, without having to sift through all this average crap. .at least I wish the same for me


and please do not waver, coz we need your deep house discernment

greets from Kenya
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by rocky #7909
rocky's Avatar
Thanx Lars - thats really awesome :woohoo: !!
Keep up the good work - you're the best!
Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family - peace!
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by Dj Paikt #7910
Dj Paikt's Avatar
Thank you very much Lars,Kathy,Alexander!!!

:) Happy Merry Christmas and new year 2010 yeeee!!!!:)

and ALL People Happy Merry Christmas,Happy New Year !!!!

_Dj Paikt_(Estonia)
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by DJ_Psyence #7911
DJ_Psyence's Avatar
Thanks Lars, great stuff.
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by JayJay #7912
JayJay's Avatar
Many, many thanks Lars! Simply fantastic music - great soundtrack for the holidays! And may I say Mattias is one handsome little guy! Happy holidays to you and yours, and keep 2010 deep!!

Love and respect...

Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by jimbobgrau #7916
jimbobgrau's Avatar
Hallo Lars,

frohe Weihnachten für dich und deine Familie! Danke für das Weihnachtsgeschenk auf deiner Seite, ich genieße die Show nach wie vor sehr!

Beste Grüße aus Germany
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by mobill #7922
mobill's Avatar
Thanks Lars!
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by DONUTS #7924
DONUTS's Avatar
I downloaded but couldn't open it so I had to throw it away. :(

Merry Christmas anyways. ;)
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by LarsLB #7946
LarsLB's Avatar
Thanks for all the wishes :)
we had a great time on our vacation and I'm preparing for 2010!
Deeper Shades will be bigger and better and faster :) .. not the music though . it'll stay deeeeeep (and as always that's MY personal definition)

Happy 2010 everyone and please be safe. Don't drink and drive!
Lars Behrenroth
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by byrdman99 #7953
byrdman99's Avatar
Hey hey L.B. wus up my man it's D.J. LA I hpoe you had a good christmis with your fam and I hope you have a good new year.....your the man oh any luck on the track SADIM 1 and OVER YOU...I still can't find it.
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by Rob Salmon #7959
Rob Salmon's Avatar
Hey Lars,

Happy Holidays and all the best to you and family for the New Year 2010!!


Out now "Salute The Sun" EP [United Music]

Out now "Aquatic" [Liberate Recordings]

Out now "Carnival" EP incl David Durango Rmx
[My Cup Of Tea] exclusively on
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by dj vision #7973
dj vision's Avatar
Hey Lars
You give the best gifts around man... The gifts of music... Hope you're enjoying your holiday and came into the new year deeper than deep... Happy new year :D...

Dude can you help me with the song title and artist for this track... I know the words a bit, here goes... "...I'd go on the seven seas so deep and wide, and here in the boundaries that love defies, and now that I have found you I'm so satisfied, cause love is alive on the other side..." Someone said it's Chez but I couldn't find it on Beatport or Traxsource... Thanks man, cheers...

The Visionary
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by GeekyChic #7974
GeekyChic's Avatar
Dude, Mattias' eyes look so blue in that pic! Thanks for all the awesome tunes, Lars. Here's to a fabulous, DEEEEP 2010.

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