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About To Blow Interviews Osunlade (Yoruba Records) VIDEO

British blog "About To Blow" sits down and asks Osunlade from Yoruba Records what you would probably ask him, too. Find about about Osunlade's favorite festivals, the responsibility of a DJ, current projects (his brand new Peacock album) and how a dancing DJ in the booth makes the entire party better.

Ralf Gum feat. Monique Bingham "The Pap" GOGO Music (Official Music Video)

Ralf Gum's newest album "In My City" went #1 in the South African iTunes store and the second single co-produced by Raw Artistic Soul and featuring Monique Bingham is now taking over the world. "The Pap" is currently charted by 73 DJs on Traxsource alone and I can't get enough of it. The simplicity of the instrumental with its sweet chords and hypnotic beat is perfectly completed by Monique Bingham's impeccable lyrics and vocal performance. The video is especially fun to watch since it's mostly filmed at DJ Christos' own Shaguma Cafe where I have spent quite some time since the beginning of my DJ travels to South Africa in 2010 plus I can spot quite a few cameos of friends and South African House Music royalty, like Christos, Dino Michaels, Themba, Zero, Matsobane, DJ Fresh, Just Mo and many more.

I am super happy for Ralf who is such a hard worker and good hearted person and proud to be friends with him for many years, going back all the way to Records Of Interest and Global House Connection times.

Theo Parrish LIVE (Slices Video Feature 2014)

Theo Parrish is no stranger to Deeper Shades Of House fans and frequent visitors of the website as well. German Electronic Beats TV released a feature as part of their Slices series back in August, visiting Theo at the Pitch Festival in Amsterdam, where his live band show "Teddy’s Get Down" made a stop.

Backed by musicians like Amp Fiddler, Akwasi Mensah, Duminie DePorres and Myele Manzanza, Theo Parrish adapted several of his Sound Signature releases for the concert stage.

Max Graef (Slices New Faces Video Feature)

You've been hearing his name more and more on several Deeper Shades Of House shows and even beyond his (Deep) House productions, I'm a huge fan of his music. The German Electronic Beats TV now features him in their latest Slices New Faces edition. Get into the mind of Berlin producer and vinyl lover Max Graef and learn more about his approach to music production.

Wayne Snow - Red Runner - Tartelet (Official Music Video)

Danish Deep House label Tartelet Records has made its way into several Deeper Shades Of House radio shows over the last year or two. Check out this great music videos for the label's release "Red Runner" by Wayne Snow. You can purchase the digital release including remixes by Glenn Astro and Session Victim from Juno Download

Directors: Kiani Del Valle & Antonio Afonso
Art Direction: Fred Funk
Producer: Emil Margetli Nyholm

p&c 2014 Tartelet Records / Planet Woo-Comet Records
Published by Tartelet Records c/o Bucks Music Group Limited & Shining Music

Harvey Sutherland - Bamboo - Voyage (Official Music Video)

This music video of Harvey Sutherland's Deep House track "Bamboo" on Voyage reminds me of early Commodore C64 demos and games. 8 bit graphics and sprites are experiencing a huge revival, thanks to games like Minecraft. The track itself is also super. Enjoy.

Martin Iveson "Cobra XL" Atjazz Record Company (Official Music Video)

If you checked out Deeper Shades Of House show 460, you heard me play the Afefe Iku remix of this killer Deep House track by Martin Iveson aka Atjazz. Now you can check out the official music video of "Cobra XL", one of the two "original" versions by Martin.

Review of "Cobra", written by Liverpool's Phil Cooper
When I hear the term ‘Deep House’ these days it conjures up images of thin, monotonous grooves, vest wearing LADS and Southern fried Essex girls in some over-priced Ibiza club where in fact the only thing deep in this scenario is the K Hole that the aforementioned are likely to fall into…

This latest offering is from one of the UK’s leading exponents of the TRUE Deep sound, Martin Iveson AKA Atjazz. Remixed by the illusive Afefe Iku, this is a rhythmic journey into the exotic unknown.

Hypnotising conga rhythms and Kalimba loops provided by Gabrielle Poso work their way around the listener, enveloping them in a deep, textured organic groove before succumbing to the nagging vocal reframe that just keeps things moving with its cries of ‘deep black’ compiling to the whole incredible journey of warmth and audio radiance.

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