FREE DOWNLOAD On Nov 4th - Matt Flores - Now Is The Time

MATT FLORES - NOW IS THE TIME - Download for free on Election Day - Nov 4th{xtypo_dropcap}O{/xtypo_dropcap}n November 4th 2008 the next president of the United States of America will be elected.

In celebration of this day you will be able to download the current Deeper Shades Recordings release 006 "Now Is The Time" by Matt Flores at no charge.

It was an exciting and historic day.
BARACK OBAMA is the next president of the USA!

1099 people downloaded "Now Is The Time".
The time for free download has now expired, but you can still purchase the track right here for us$1.39.

"Now Is The Time" is a driving deep house track which features excerpts of Barack Obama's speech in Berlin, addressing 200,000 people before the Victory Column in Tiergarten Park on July 24th 2008.

If you haven't heard Matt Flores' "Now Is The Time" yet, please click on the play button below.

You can still purchase the track right here.

RBMA Interview With Moritz Von Oswald

RBMA interview with Moritz Von Oswald{xtypo_dropcap}R{/xtypo_dropcap}ed Bull Music Academy interviews have been the bomb since they started and this new one with Moritz Von Oswald is highly recommended.

If you dig Basic Channel Records, Maurizio and Rhythm & Sound, you need to watch the entire interview and learn. Moritz Von Oswald is not only half of beforementioned phenomenons but also used to be the drummer of german new wave and avantgarde band 'Palais Schaumburg' (check Gruenes Winkelkanu to get an idea about the level of weirdness - I love it).

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Monika Kruse - Morgana (Music Video)

Monika Kruse - Changes Of Perception {xtypo_dropcap}M{/xtypo_dropcap}onika Kruse together with producer Gregor Tresher has just (09/04/08) released her first solo album “Changes of Perception" on her record label Terminal M.

I remember Monika mainly as a Techno DJ and artist but with this album she opens her doors to different varieties of sounds which resulted in me dropping two of those album tracks in recent shows. MORGANA was played on Deeper Shades of House show #253 and got a lot of great feedback from listeners. To compliment the release of the album, you can now enjoy a video for MORGANA produced by Adam Cominskey.

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Deeper Shades of House Now On Your iPhone

DSOH on iPhones{xtypo_dropcap}A{/xtypo_dropcap} few of you might have already discovered the new link right underneath the LISTEN NOW button, suggesting iPhone users to click if they want to listen to the show.

When I finally got my iPhone a few weeks ago, I realized that with the missing flash player it was almost impossible to listen to the Deeper Shades of House show just by visiting
Of course you could subscribe to the DSoH podcast, have iTunes sync with your iPhone and then listen to the show using the iPod player, but I wanted something a bit more immediate and something which also allowed new visitors to the site to get a taste of the show right away.

For that reason I created a simple, fast loading page which allows anyone with an iPhone to listen to anyone of the listed shows and stream it using wi-fi, 3G and even the Edge network (the latter is quite slow as you might know, so I don't really suggest it). Simply point your iPhone to and click on the desired show.

In addition I also created a phonenumber for you to call to leave comments, suggestions and shout outs. Click on the number and the iPhone will dial it for you. This phonenumber is naturally available for all of you to use, iPhone owner or not. Feel free to leave a message at +1 (419) 844-6217.

If you own another type of smartphone, please let me know if you're able to stream the show using the same page, or - if you can - provide me with some more information about how I could enable you to listen to the show on your phone.

Download The First DSOH Wallpaper

This is the first batch of Deeper Shades of House wallpapers for your computer and / or your iPhone.
1024x768 | 1280x1024 | 1440x900 (Macbook Pro) | 320x480 (iPhone) <- select your size and save as..
first Deeper Shades of House wallpaper
It'd be boring to just post the links to the wallpapers so I give you a bit of background of how edition #1 came about.

Kathy - for those who still don't know, my wife and creative brain behind most artwork and images you see on and Deeper Shades Recordings - discovered, a web app that creates pretty cool images based on text used in RSS feeds.
After playing around with it a bit, I posted my first result via my Twitter and my buddy @mika73 suggested it'd make a pretty cool wallpaper. I didn't wanna blow it up in size because it would be quite blurry so he hinted that I should just create different size images with a black background and copy the wordle image in the center of it. Simple and easy and the first sizes (1280x1024 and 1024x768) were completed. Another Twitter buddy @we5 sent me 2 more sizes (320x480 for the iPhone and 1440x900 for Macbook Pro's) after I posted the previous ones and here we are.

The first Deeper Shades of House wallpaper generated out of the text included in the podcast RSS in four different resolutions. These are completely free downloads for you, so get 'em, put 'em on your machines and send 'em to your friends who dig Deeper Shades of House as much as you do. :) ..

Moonshadows Madness with Lars Behrenroth & Tony Watson

ohhhh ..
what fun we had on Friday, July 18th 2008.

Tony Watson ( - Project Sandro) was the only guest I decided to have this year at my monthly party at Moonshadows in Malibu and hands down this was the best night I've had in the 4 years I've been doing it ..

click here to check out the flyer for the party.

It was a beautiful night and the full moon had just passed by one day. The setting was loungy as usual .. but then:

A lot of drinks were consumed, a lot of asses were shaking and I have no idea how I took my Traktor Scratch, computer and harddrive apart at the end of the night (and I'll spare you details about the pain I had on the drive home - luckily I was not the driver who had to pull over :)

The music (as far as I can remember) was off the hook. I started out, then let Tony play for a few hours and we went back to back for the last hour and a half, covering all grounds from midtempo deepness to disco to rock (I threw some Pink Floyd and Zappa in) to deep house and all the way back.

here are some pictures my wife Kathy and I took throughout the night
Pictures from Moonshadows 07-18-08
please click on the image to see the slideshow posted in Flickr

My next party (and possibly last for this summer) will be on September 19th .. .
I'm skipping August since I'm playing in Ecuador the weekend I would be at Moonshadows ..
Hopefully I'll see you then. As always . .all details will be posted in the event section of this site.

Lars Behrenroth

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