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FRIDAY - 07/26/24 SALA VILLANOS - Madrid, Spain

SATURDAY - 07/27/24 HIFI - Valencia, Spain - 6pm to 11pm

SUNDAY - 08/18/24 - SOLEIL - San Diego, CA

FRIDAY - 08/30/24 SOUND BY THE SEA - Oceanside, CA - ALL VINYL - 8pm

SUNDAY - 09/01/24 PLAYA - Marina Del Rey, California - 2pm to 10pm

SATURDAY - 09/21/24 DANTE'S HIFI - Miami, Florida

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Fabio Genito is considered one of the best italian dj/producers and one of the most respected upcoming talents of the world musical scene.

He grew up listening to soul (Salsoul classics and Motown most of all..Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, to name a few), jazz , funk , afro , rare groove , rock and the first electronic music , going trough Miles Davis (one of his big unfluencers) , Dizzy Gillespie ,Wes Montgomery, Art Blakey, Sun Ra, Fela Kuti (surely,another one of his biggest influencers) , Manu Dibango , Tito Puente (another one of his big influencers) , George Gershwin, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny (may be his biggest influencer and inspirator), George Benson, Roy Ayers, Quincy Jones...

Appears On:

Deeper Shades of House Guestmix:

...Mongo Santamaria, Antonio Carlos and Tom Jobim, Trio Mocotò, Azymuth , Astrud Gilberto and Nina Simone ,Joe Zawinul, Jaco Pastorius to Kraftwerk , The Orb , Pink Floyd , Brian Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Vangelis, Ennio Morricone and the all 'acid jazz' era artists like Brand New Heavies, Soul II Soul , DeeLite, DeLaSoul, Incognito and Sounds Of Blackness, to name a few.

He discovered "HOUSE MUSIC" listening tapes and records from Larry Heard , Ron Hardy , David Mancuso , Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Kerri Chandler and , of course , the bigs Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope, Masters at Work , Nuyorican Soul (they are both surely, together with Kerri Chandler, his "house" biggest influencers). 

He started djing early 90's , when he was only 12 years old (before with the pseudonym of "DJ Fix" and then as "Fabio G"), playin tracks from Mateo & Matos , Dino and Terry , Todd Terry, Strictly Rhythm, Moods & Grooves and Paper Recordings. 

He says, apart from MAW and Kerri Chandler, to be mostly influenced from gifted people like Moodymann , Osunlade, Joe Claussell, Anthony Nicholson, Lil Louis, Dennis Ferrer, Antonio Ocasio , Carl Craig , to name a few. 

And he started playin as dj almost everywhere in Italy, alongside of some of the best world dj's and musicians, and collaborating with famous italian clubs, organizations and radio stations, such as the infamous RMC - RADIO MONTECARLO NETWORK for which he was the "official dj" of RMC Summetour 2005, alongside of people like Nick The NightFly and MC Nights Orchestra, Giovanni Allevi, Ivan Segreto, Simona Bencini, Nicky Nicolai, Sarah Jane Morris, Ning , Mario Venuti and the infamous brasilian Toquinho. 

After 9 years of experience on the decks , he felt the need to produce his own music and he started NIGHTAFFAIR PRODUCTIONS , opening the NIGHTAFFAIR STUDIOS (actually based in Benevento,Milano and opening soon 2 affiliate offices and studios, as well, in 2 important international venues) . 

After 1 year he created the eclectic JAZZAFFAIR COLLECTIVE project , involving the most talented italian jazz,blues and pop musicians. 

He also sings and plays several instruments but most of all percussions and chromatic percussions (congas, timbales, vibes,udu drums and almost all afro/cuban instruments).

As in his productions as in his dj sets or live perfomances you can find sounds and atmos flavoured of 60’s Brazilian vibes, 70’s Afro mood, early 80’s new wave and house native feeling, taking a look to Asian and European sounds , in a spacing scene from Bossanova to Samba, crossing by Bebop and Swing, arriving to Spiritual-Deep-Jazzy-House, Trip-Hop, Broken Beat, Lounge and quality Electronica, full of elegance and power, without limits and pre-defined labels, creating a not-ordinary and unique style. 

He is present in different worldwide famous compilations and prestigious playlists with tracks like "Love and Fame" (a modern bossa trip from south of Italy to Brazil..) , "Somethin' For Your Mind" (a modern vision of jamaican dub atmospheres with a jazzy and lounge spirit) , "Good Life" (a deep house pearl with a spiritual feeling) , "When The Harmony Smiles PT 1" (a tribute to the fusion era of Weather Report and Yellow Jackets from a soulful house point of view) , to name a few. 

He also designs atmos and creates soundtracks for fashion shows , movies and tv shows, contemporary art exhibitions. 

Early 2007 he was discovered by the legendary LOUIE VEGA (Masters At Work, Nuyorican Soul, Elements of Life) who wanted him as a new Vega Records recording artist. 

His debut release on Vega Records is "Undefined Feeling" , a slammin deep/afro hit which has recieved and it is still recieving great feedbacks, kind words and support from the best dj/producers and media all over the world (4 days after the release , it was  already #1 top seller for 2 weeks at VINYL JUNKIES in London and #3 on TRAXSOURCE  "top downloads" for a week).

"Fabio Genito, hailing from Benevento Italy, debuts his first release “Undefined Feeling” with Vega Records for autumn.

The FG Mahogany Mix hypnotically drives from beginning to end with stabs of synth chords and infecting crisp percussion that will have the dance floor in pure sudore (sweat in Italian). While the FG Mahogany Drums Mix is stripped down to bare THUMP.

We at Vega Records are proud to have this gem on our diverse and growing catalog. Grazie tante Fabio!" -Louie Vega

Fabio has recently been nominated ARTIST OF THE MONTH in JAPAN , on FEBRUARY 2008 , rated by the top Japanese Deep House webmagazine .

He has recently been on tour in New York City where, to name a few, he has been at Cielo alongside of Louie Vega and Kevin Hedge at their  wednesday worldwide reknowned party called "Roots" , and he has also been guest (together with DJ Spinna) on XM Satellite Radio 's THE MOVE (Channel 80) , the USA #1 house channel , hosted by Luis Baro , with a share of 500.000 listeners, and he also had the chance to play in several other places such as the historical Axiom Studios in Newark where he was guest together with Darryl James of Kiss FM NYC of the infamous audio/video show called Axiom Sessions , with resident dj Duce Martinez, with a big audience too.

He has also recently been interviewed by the top italian music magazine "Blow Up" (March 08 issue) rated as one of the best italian dj/producers and as one of the few "italian musical ambassadors in the world", alongside of Pasta Boys and others.

In May 2008, the Berlin based german crew of (actually the best pro audio network platform) dedicates him their first official software release , calling it "FABIO" and inviting him to play as Special Guest in Berlin for their official launch party (together with other artists from Compost, Sonar Kollektiv , Drumpoet Community, Beatport and other infamous labels and organizations).

In June 2008 he joins the DSOH - DEEPER SHADES RECORDINGS family,  the infamous LARS BEHRENROTH brand new label (a reality in the deep house world since the start),  as a new recording artist. 

And the first release on DSOH will be "PAPAWENDA" , a dedication to the pureness of the nature with ancenstral deep rhythms , coming very soon.

In June 2008 Louie Vega invites him first to play for "DANCE RITUAL" , his wordlwide famous weekly radioshow,  as Special Guest Dj (broadcasted on XM Radio - The Move - Channel 80) and then to play in Ibiza for the infamous "LOUIE VEGA AND FRIENDS" , Louie's summer residency party happening every sunday (June/September) , hosted by SOUL HEAVEN (dates tba).


DISCOGRAPHY - 2000/2008 : 


Jazzaffair Collective "Love And Fame" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "When The Harmony Smiles PT 1" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "When The Harmony Smiles PT 2" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "Felicidad Da Bossa" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "Saxifice" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "Nightaffair" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "Somethin' For Your Mind" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective feat. Spiritual Compromise "Somethin' For Your Mind/FG Vocal Mix" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "Dream With Us" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "Forbidden Lies" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "Good Life " (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "We Bop" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "Swingaloo" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Jazzaffair Collective "Japafrican Mood" (Nightaffair Productions)
Jazzaffair Collective "Funkaffair" (Nightaffair Productions)  
Fabio Genito "Lovers Forever (Take your chance)" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "Denghegroove" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "Respect To The Funk!" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "Electrofunkage" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "You'd seen the key" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "Seems to be Peter Gun" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "Afripowa" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "Tamareendo" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "That's It" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "Not Properly House" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "Bye Bye Jack!" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "The Forest Poetry" (Nightaffair Productions) 
Fabio Genito "Undefined Feeling" (Vega Records)
Fabio Genito "Papawenda" (Deeper Shades Recordings) 
"Generation Cocktail" - vol.1 (Rin/Self) 
"Pure HYDROGEN" - fashion brand premium (Stefano Cecchi Records) 
"A Lounge Supreme Vol.3" (Soulstar Records) 
"A Lounge Supreme Vol.4" (Soulstar Records) 
"Nouveau Beat - MONTECARLO NIGHTS Vol. 4" (EMI /RMC Network) 
"RMC 2 Radio - launch cd - ltd edition premium" (Radio Montecarlo 2) 
"PAPEETE Beach Lounge Vol.2 " (Stefano Cecchi Records) 
"Club PINETA - Pacifico Lounge" (Stefano Cecchi Records) 
"MASERATI - The Trident Lounge Experience" - luxury cars brand premium (Stefano Cecchi Records) 
"FASHION WEEK VOL.5 " (official soundtrack of Milano/NYC/Paris/London Fashion Week) (Stefano Cecchi Records) 
"IBIZA EXPRESS" (Stefano Cecchi Records) (coming soon) 
more TBA 
Some of the CLUBS/EVENTS he worked :
Axiom Studios (Newark/NJ, Usa)
Versace's mansion (Miami Beach, Usa) 
Pelican Hotel (Miami Beach, Usa)
Delano (Miami Beach, Usa)
Segafredo Cafe' (Miami Beach)
3 Degrees @ O Asian (Miami Beach, Usa)
Catalina Hotel (Miami Beach, Usa)
DHM Sunset Nights (Miami Beach, Usa)
Majestic Barriere (Cannes/France) 
Tantra (Cannes/ France)
Hotel 314 (Cannes/France)  
SoundCloud release party (Berlin/ Germany)
Eleven Via Tocqueville (Milan/Italy)
Pascia' (Riccione/Italy) 
Kronos (BN/Italy) 
Guarana' (BN/Italy)  
East Side (AV/Italy)
Jubilè (BN/Italy)
Kiwi (AV/Italy)
Lanternone (SA/Italy) 
New Carrubo (SA/Italy) 
D&D (SA/Italy)
Big Ben (AV/Italy) 
Planet (CE/Italy) 
Drum (CE/Italy)
Mythos (AV/Italy) 
Miss (AV/Italy)
Morgana (SA/Italy) 
Living (SA/Italy)
KuKu Vaja (SA/Italy) 
Echo' (SA/Italy) 
Harem (CS/Italy) 
Joia (NA/Italy)
"Roots....Radici" (main coordinator and artistical director)
(maxi outdoor south Italy events of 70.000 people in 2007 and 40.000 in 2006) 
Li Espi Notte (PortoPollo/Sardinia/Italy) 
Sopravento (PortoCervo/Sardinia/Italy)
Cafe' Della Rotonda (Milano Marittima/Italy) 
Naomi (AN/Italy)
"Città Spettacolo/Molliche 2000" (Benevento/Italy) - infamous international arts,music and theatre festival with infamous italian tv anchorman Maurizio Costanzo as AD (with Jazzaffair Collective live + dj set)
"4 Notti e Piu'..."  (Benevento/Italy) (with Jazzaffair Collective live + dj set)
Polyritmia (BN/Italy) 
Piper (BN/Italy)
Sirius (BN/Italy) 
110&Love (BN/Italy)
"Dance Ritual" , hosted by Louie Vega, on XM Radio - guest mix
"The Move" - XM Radio (NYC, Usa) - guest mix and interview , with Dj Spinna, hosted by Luis Baro
Axiom Sessions (Newark,NJ,Usa) - guest mix with Darryl James (Kiss FM , NYC) , hosted by Duce Martinez
Ibiza Global Radio (Spain) - guest mix on "For The Love Of House" show , hosted by Kings Of Groove (Franco De Mulero and Ferry B.) (Usa) - guest mixes on "Sunset Nights Miami Beach" and other shows Unified Spirits (Usa) - exclusive guestmix
"NONSOLOMODA" , best italian fashion tv mag (on Canale 5 , Mediaset) - soundtracks for DOLCE & GABBANA and others
Radio Montecarlo Network (Italy) - RMC SummerTour 2005 - Official DJ
RMC 2 - Radio Montecarlo 2 (Italy)
RIN / PLAYRADIO (Italy) - "Generation Cocktail"
FG DJ RADIO (France)
TONY HUMPRIES 's Tony Records Radio Show (Usa)  
Deeper Shades of House / Lars Behrenroth (Usa)
SS Radio (Uk)
MK Yo Sessions w/ Master Kev (USA)
Groove Parlor (Chicago/USA) - guest mix
Blow Up Magazine (Italy) - exclusive interview 
Spirit Of (Switzerland) (France)
Power Mix Network on Radio Company Network (Italy) - guest mixes (early 90's with Disco Inn crew)
"Undervibes Planet" - Radio Luna Network (Italy) - producer (early 90's)
Discoid Magazine (Italy) - guest reviews
Trend Magazine (Italy) - reviews
IL Mattino (Italy) - reviews
Radio Azzurra (Sardinia/Italy) - interview - hosted by Luca Gentilini
Radio Base (Italy) - guest mix
30 Days Magazine (Italy) - reviews
SKY TV (Italian Satellite Tv) - "Guarda Che è L'Una" - interview


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