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NI's Traktor Now Connects Directly To Most Pioneer CDJ's And The Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus


Most of you visiting this site, listening to my show and coming to my life gigs know that one of my main tools while DJing is Native Instruments' Traktor application.
One of the very few annoying things about using a computer to DJ is the set up process which becomes increasingly more difficult when dealing with a live situation like a night club and I'm the next one to play. With the most recent update of NI's Traktor, you can now connect your computer directly with either the Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus DJ mixer or the CD players CDJ 400, 900 or CDJ 2000 and avoid fidgeting around in front of the currently playing DJ when dealing with RCA cables between CD players and mixers etc.

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Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution - Music Documentary


If you have the desire to get inspired or just want to feed your need to learn about music and its history, please check out this Kraftwerk documentary I just came across on YouTube.

Kraftwerk is one of the bands which fascinated me from an early age. I remember watching a live appearance by Kraftwerk perform "Die Roboter" on the German television show Musikladen at age 7 and their outfits, extremely slick / styled hair and mainly their robot like movements freaked me out and I ended up having nightmares after going to sleep. You can watch said performance on another German television show below.

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Jullian Gomes ft Bobby "Love Song 28" Official Music Video

Lovesong28Probably one of the most inquired songs in my DJ sets since I've started playing it end of 2011 just got its official music video.
'Love Song 28' is produced by Jullian Gomes (one half of Deeper Shades Recordings artist G.Family) with mesmerizing vocals by Bobby. The simplicity of the arrangement and instrumental sparseness puts all deserved attention on the vocals and once they drop everyone's heart opens. Originally released on Marketing Rec., now licensed by Soul Candi South Africa.

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Isolator Tips By Shorty From SBS Designs


A lot of you ask me about how I use certain effects when I play in clubs or record my mixes for Deeper Shades Of House in my studio, so when I just came across this video I thought it'd be a good start to familiarize you with some of the basics which already make a huge difference in your DJ sets.
The unit used and talked about in this video is an ISO Q2 isolator designed by Shorty from SBS Designs who is also the one demonstrating the different "moves". An isolator is one tool I'm using if it is available in the club, while here at home I have one built into my rotary mixer Vestax R-1 and in addition use the Electrix EQ-Killer to have extra control on every separate channel plus it allows me to sweep the frequencies just as you can hear it done in the video.

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Theo Parrish Feature In Slices DVD Magazine

The Deeper Shades Of House fans among you know about my love and fascination for music coming out of Detroit. Check out this in depth feature of one of my favorite DJ's, Theo Parrish in the latest edition of German DVD magazine SLICES.

A very inspiring view on DJing, production, tools, machines and passion for vinyl.

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Soul Skate 2012 - Detroit Saturday, May 26th

Oh, we'll be there .. I was lucky enough to check out this party two years ago and even though I hadn't been on skates for over 15 years or so I couldn't help it and had the time of my life! If you'll be in Detroit for the DEMF / The Festival or whatever it's called this year, this event is highly recommended and will be like nothing you've been part of before.

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