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Slices Video Series New Faces: Chasing Kurt

Once again a Slices DVD mag feature and this time about a three member group, Chasing Kurt. You've heard their tracks on Deeper Shades Of House shows #347 and #398 from what I remember. This video answers questions about their approach to production, the importance of vocals in their music, and the always existing question about old or new.


Luciano Talking About His Recent South Africa Trip

Luciano was just in South Africa as part of the "Bridges For Music" movement and played alongside Black Coffee as well as Vinny Da Vinci and others. As you can see in the video, he also held some workshops and interacted with other musicians and DJs.

As a little cherry on top for all you Deeper Shades fans, check out the tune Luciano is playing during his "live scenes". It's Kenny Zarro's "Deep Abyss", out on Deeper Shades Recordings


Profiles: Matthias Vogt (Video)

The second episode in Russ Gabriel's "Profiles" micro documentary series takes us to Frankfurt and portraits jazz musician and electronic music producer, Matthias Vogt.


On The Road With Black Coffee Part 3

The third part of "On The Road With Black Coffee" takes us to Sugar Factory in Amsterdam, Netherlands as well as the Pulse Club and Opo Lounge in Portugal.


Profiles: Hans Thalau (Video)

Hans Thalau is a name the fans of Deeper Shades Of House have heard more and more in the last two years as I have been playing his productions released on his own imprint Thal Communications. You also got to learn about his music selection and DJing when he delivered a proper guest mix for Deeper Shades Of House show 407.

The video below is the first micro documentary in the "Profiles" series, directed and shot by Russ Gabriel and shows Hans in action in his studio as well as in the club.


On The Road With Black Coffee Part 2

Part 2 of On The Road With Black Coffee follows the South African house music super star to his gigs at legendary Djoon in Paris, France as well as the International Promoter Meeting 2012 in Rome, Italy together with Manoo and Rocco.


BBC News Report: (South) African House Influences British Nightlife And Musicians

You know Lars Behrenroth with his Deeper Shades Of House radio show and label Deeper Shades Recordings loves (South) African House Music.

According to this very recent report on BBC News by Lebo Diseko, British musicians are now heavily influenced by the African House sound and more and more parties are playing the style in London's underground club scene. Check out my man Zepherin Saint in the video while Black Coffee and Nathan Adams get a shout out.

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