South Africa travel blog. First entry

    We're here.

    After a 23 hour travel Halo (Citydeep Music) and I arrived yesterday in Johannesburg. The flights were actually not as bad as I had anticipated, sitting in the same spot for that long at all. We had a good time in between flights. After the first leg - 4,5 hours from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. - we had a 2 hour stop over which we used to get some food and in my case also a memory card for my new camera (which I actually bought from a Best Buy vending machine at LAX since I couldn't find the charger for my regular cam).

    We boarded South African Airways after the layover to find out that the flight would actually stop in Dakar, Senegal instead of going straight to Johannesburg. So, 7 hours later we arrived in Dakar but could stay on the plane before it took off to Johannesburg again .. FOR ANOTHER 8 HOURS .. aarrrgggg...  However, we used the time wisely and slept most of the time.
    LB_Halo.jpgWhen we arrived in Jo'burg at 5pm we actually felt sort of rested and ready to go. I'm sure the excitement helped :)
    We got picked up and taken to the hotel only to drop off our stuff, brush our teeth and change shirts.
    After that we went to dinner where we kept it light with some salads and appetizers. Timing was perfect as we arrived to SABC which is the headquarter of Metro FM. The Uruguay - Ghana game had just started and we were able to enjoy it before 'The Urban Beat' would start at 10pm.
    Halo and I were the guests at the Jo'burg studio hosted by Zeal and T-Deep while Ralf Gum was connected from the Durban studio with Christos by his side and Vinny Da Vinci was at yet another studio (forgot the name of the city).
    We had a great time and a dope interview with all of us on air at the same time from all different parts of South Africa.
    Around 2am we finally arrived back at the hotel and I was able to get in 4 hours of sleep. You gotta hate jetlags :)

    Anyway.. We just had breakfast and are about to be picked up to meet up with all the guys before we're playing our first party tonight. You can get more information about my gigs in SA right here.

    We'll post more updates as time permits and hopefully I'll be able to add videos and pictures soon as well. Make sure you come back frequently and spread the word about our travel blog.
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    Posted: 4 years 1 month ago by LarsLB #9544
    LarsLB's Avatar
    it's an open air party in a stadium.
    starts at noon and goes til late.
    Posted: 4 years 1 month ago by lotzp #9549
    lotzp's Avatar
    hey Lars...welcome to south africa....

    no trip is complete if you did not visit the mother city !

    enjoy and keep it deep ,bra !:)
    Posted: 4 years 1 month ago by ndabavusi #9691
    ndabavusi's Avatar
    lare u have to come to jhb and hey the deeper shades t'shirt i have to get myself one :laugh:
    Posted: 4 years 2 weeks ago by FreakyGT #9860
    FreakyGT's Avatar
    hey lars it was great having u on our country and am sure your enjoyed stay
    here in S.A:)

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      what a disappointing National team...on their next game they must not sing our anthem.

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