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Album Review: Various "The Funklovers present Virtuoso Compilation Vol. 1" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

The Funklovers present Virtuoso Compilation Vol. 1In 2012, The Funklovers created the "Virtuoso" compilation dedicated to a luxury watches, jewels and  leather shop located in the center of beautiful city of Turin in Italy. Previously a CD release only, now for the first time "Virtuoso" is available as digital download, featuring both the brilliant uplifting continuous mix by Luca Lala as well as the individual tracks from an illustrious list of house music artists such as Dom Navarra featuring Cairo, Deep & Soul Project featuring Danny, Blaxxsoul, Eternal Sunshine, Asha Edmund, Sphunk, Mr. Fuzz featuring


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Pick of the Week: Pickay Major featuring China "Ngwana enwa (o nale mafura)" (JusVibe Records CD Promo)

Pickay Major featuring China Ngwana enwa (o nale mafura)Up and rising South African DJ/producer/songwriter Pickay Major (Vuyisile Motsama) is blessing us with a truly mind-blowing slice of tantalizing afro-deepness. "Ngwana enwa (o nale mafura)" features the emotive vocals of China alongside luscious keys and heavenly chords over utterly enthralling deeper than deep rhythms, altogether spreading an intense mesmerizing vibe guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Ricardo 'LiftedSoul' Louw and Mbolela 'G'Sparks' Mukadi have been chosen to add their magical touch to the song, both keeping the vibe deep and exhilarating yet adding their


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Thud Rumble and Intel Building Tiny Computers For Laptop-Free DJ Booths

We've gotten a tip from Qbert's Thud Rumble that they've partnered with Intel on a new project that bring tiny microcomputers into the DJ booth and potentially eliminate the need for laptops as the central hub of digital DJ's setups. The project is debuting this weekend at Maker Faire - but we've got the first hints of what the project is all about.
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This Novation Synth Comes with Moroder’s ‘Stache and Shades


The synth renaissance has led to yet another interesting wrinkle: the limited edition celebrity synth.

But before we get to that, apparently the first thing you need to know is that Giorgio Moroder really loves his Novation MiniNova. The little synth, with its vocoder and dial-up presets, has apparently followed him around on tour.

Making a special edition is a different take on the celebrity endorsement, though. So how did Novation go about it?

1. They’re only making 500, even with a “certificate of authenticity.” (A certificate of Moroderishness?)

2. It looks different: you get the “moustache and shades” logo – which looks adorable screened on the side, I have to admit – plus a silver/black color scheme.

3. You get dial-up Moroder presets – and, actually, this may be the best reason to get one. Team Novation have matched everything from the Donna Summer Giorgio sound to the Daft Punk Giorgio sound. (No sound samples yet; you’ll have to take their word for it.)



I think it’s worth saying how cool it is that Giorgio Moroder is starting his DJ career now – like playing his first gig at Deep Space in New York, supplementing that DJ setup with some licks on his (non-limited-edition) MiniNova. The man is 75 years old. Now, sure, he’s also Giorgio Moroder, but even so, it gives me hope should I ever be lucky enough to reach that age. And it says something really nice about electronic music.

I’m not sure I necessarily need an artist edition of my favorite synths, but it’s nice to see some creative marketing. And there’s a lovely Giorgio Moroder minisite with the synth. For now, you’ll have to be satisfied with an email notification when it becomes available:

The post This Novation Synth Comes with Moroder’s ‘Stache and Shades appeared first on Create Digital Music.

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Artist Gear Setup: Yousef

For todays artist gear setup, we're going to switch things up. Rather then look at what DJs/producers take with them on the road, we're going to check out the gear they use in the studio. Starting with DJ, producer, and remixer, Yousef. As a producer Yousef has releases with Desolat, Objektivity Records, and Defected and he's remixed artists such as Carl Cox, Moby, and Blakkat. Youssef gives the DJTT community a peak inside his studio and talks about his analog synths, studio montiors, and why Cubase is his DAW choice.
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