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Album Review: Various "The Collection Vol. 1 mixed by Andy Ward" (Grooveland Music CD Promo)

The Collection mixed by Andy WardBrazil's renowned Grooveland Music launch their new "The Collection Series" in grand style with the first volume being selected and mixed by esteemed UK DJ/producer Andy Ward. A total of thirteen songs are included, with the genres ranging from deep over latin and soulful to tech house, featuring music from an illustrious list of artists such as Brazilian Soul Crew featuring Andre Jessi Colasante, Domenico Navarra featuring Monique Henry, Jarrier Modrow, Tarek, Matthew Bandy featuring Johnathan Houston, SoulBasics featuring Kyla Sexton, Jay Tripwire featuring Boddhi Satva and Nayre Wiclef


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Pick of the Week: Deepconsoul "Goodies EP" (Soulful Sentiments Records CD Promo)

Deepconsoul Goodies EPFollowing the highly acclaimed "House To Jazz Experience" EP's and the phenomenal "Reflections" album which features vocalist Darian Crouse comes the next superb release by Deepconsoul on Soulful Sentiments Records. The "Goodies EP" is loaded with four equally brilliant vocal productions on which Deepconsoul collaborates with Sacred Soul, Footsounds and Mr. Boogie, enlisting the vocal talents of Philadi N, Siya, Dindy and Swazi Qabazi. Not much needs to be said or written about this paramount release other than each of the four included songs is top-notch soulful house music guaranteed to make


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In the Spotlight: Cosmic Asset "Pillow hawk" (Original Drum HSI Records CD Promo)

Cosmic Asset Pillow hawkThe next release on Original Drum HSI is a tribute to Sylvia Robinson's timeless classic "Pillow talk" originally released back in 1973 (for those who don't know, she is credited as the driving force behind two landmark singles in Hip Hop history: "Rapper's delight" by the Sugarhill Gang and "The message" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five). "Pillow hawk" by Cosmic Asset (aka Neter Supreme) is sheer musical bliss, with the masterly orchestrated 'Dreamlands' mixes honoring the original musical concept of "Pillow talk" yet oozing with Neter Supreme's beloved truly


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Watch a full-length electronic documentary from the 90s, and more free videos


America’s on-again, off-again love affair with electronic music – often, with idioms it helped create – is endlessly full of unexpected twists and turns. But all this bears examining. For some, it’s a journey back to the music that first inspired them. For others, it’s a chance to learn, perhaps, how where music has been might help lead to where it’s going. It’s a chance not just to repeat electronic music past, but go beyond it.

And if you’re looking for something to entertain you this weekend, you could do worse than Modulations, a documentary from 1998.

Back then, it was “electronica,” not “EDM.” But then, as now, high culture met festival culture – Karlheinz Stockhausen and Danny Tenaglia get equal screen time. Robert Moog weighs in. Some figures – Carl Cox, Derrick May, Giorgio Moroder – are just at home on today’s lineups. Others are not. As in the 808 film, Arthur Baker gets a starring role, too.

The film is mainly a document about the dance scene, but as such, offers a reminder to what 90s culture was, and how it does and doesn’t mirror the situation today.

And now you can watch the full thing for free on Vimeo or YouTube. Ah, back when electronic music was real electronic music, parties were real parties, and all the women were purple. (Erm, see the cover image.) Um… right. The 90s. Here’s Vimeo:

Modulations – Full Feature Film from Cultures of Resistance Films on Vimeo.

But wait — there’s more.

David Abravanel, friend of the site, has done an extensive electronica nostalgia trip for Network Awesome, full of still more videos to occupy your brain. He writes:

“I vividly remember the first time I became aware of Electronica. I was 11 and a budding music obsessive, I watched MTV religiously. Sitting in the living room, my parents paying attention to other things, the video for The Prodigy’s “Breathe” came on. I still remember Maxim’s tattooed and painted body gliding towards me. It felt like some kind of disneyland horror ride, but with better music. Keith Flint sealed the deal – these were guys to freak out your parents, the popular kids, you name it.

For this article, assume “Electronica” by its American definition – a catch-all for all electronic music that hit mainstream between 1995 – 2000. It did this by positioning certain figures as rock stars (tellingly, The Prodigy’s breakthrough happened after Keith Flint and Maxim emerged as punky frontmen), and playing up its role as the “future of music”. While Electronica encompassed a number of genres – Daft Punk’s French Touch, Sneaker Pimps’ Trip Hop – Big Beat was clearly the leader.

Electronica also coincided with the most lucrative historical period for the recording industry – as such, artists who had just a few months ago been living check-to-check suddenly had high-budget videos commissioned. This is a celebration of those videos – narrowed down to one song per act, because people got things to do.”

- David Abravanel

Actually, I’ll say, part of why I miss the word “electronica” was that it could sometimes serve as catch-all for electronic music – a genre-blurring vagueness that’s perhaps needed even more in 2015 nomenclature than it was in the 90s. (Contrast EDM, which apart from the ‘d’ meaning ‘dance,’ should be completely general but means something sort of painfully specific.)

Don’t miss David’s full post on the topic:

Get Busy Child: Electronica Videos that Broke the US

And then head to Network Awesome to watch all the goodness, and never leave your house the rest of this weekend:

Network Awesome: Live Music Show – ‘Electronica’ (curated by David Abravanel)

Even me, a classical kid completely out of touch with dance music in the 90s — even I get a bit nostalgic for “Trip Like I Do.” (Also, I love that it samples The Dark Crystal in an all-too-rare crossover of dance music and the Muppets.) Oh yeah, that and The Matrix.

In other film news…

Electronic Beats today posted a trailer for this 2008 documentary on techno, which I wish were as easy to come by as the film above:

Oh yeah, and did we mention I Dream of Wires is now on Netflix? (plus digital services far and wide)

Have a great weekend, everyone. Hope you have a good time out listening to music – or at home making music and, of course, curling up in bed with The Internet and its video entertainment.

Another world…

Another time…

In the age of wonder…

Another world…

Another time…

This land was green and good.

The 90s.

Okay, I need to someday be somewhere where someone drops that track at exactly a completely inappropriate moment.

The post Watch a full-length electronic documentary from the 90s, and more free videos appeared first on Create Digital Music.

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This young Czech lady wants to teach you modular synthesis, and Bastl have a granular update

Our friends at Bastl Instruments / Noise Kitchen are preparing a modular synth tutorial with their usual charm, friendliness, and directness.

And, if your native language happens to be Czech, this is absolutely the video tutorial you’ve been waiting for! If you don’t, though, there are English subtitles. (And, of course, the occasional recognition of a word or two by hearing.)

The name sounds cool in Czech, too: Patcheni!

And host Nikol already has an advantage over … well, almost every other tutorial on modular synthesis I’ve seen:
1. The tutorials are beginner-friendly.
2. They’re short.
3. They’re cheery.
4. They don’t ramble on and on and on… (hey, to be fair, making tutorials is hard!)

Teaser at top, and on to the first video – which is superb:

Now, modular is all well and good, but sometimes it’s fun to have an all-in-one box – and it can often fit the budget nicely.

So, don’t feel left out if you’re not taking the modular plunge. Bastl also have a terrific update to the firmware of their grungy, glitchy, good-time granular giant the MicroGranny:

More on this great box:

Lots of variants, and now you can buy them all direct:

East coast synthesis? West coast synthesis?

Czech synthesis.

Next week, we’ll have a photo journal of our trip to Brno, CZ, home of Bastl and their new Noise Kitchen store. And don’t miss this amazing drum machine organ thing, a Communist-era relic that can nonetheless amaze any synth builder today.

The post This young Czech lady wants to teach you modular synthesis, and Bastl have a granular update appeared first on Create Digital Music.

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