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Weekend is 4 Lovers 095

wi4l 95

Music for your Weekend… with a Lover.

We had a nice week! Not only did we get a special disco inspired mix from Crazy P’s very own, Danielle Moore, we also got to celebrate 4/20 by puffin’ on some jams from Gerry Gonza! Sprinkle some Josh Butler over the top with a pinch of San Diego Heroics from Joe Pea and you have a perfect blend of music for your weekend activities.

Not to mention a FREE DOWNLOAD from Signal Flow and Jonny Cruz in support of Bernie Sanders.

Have a fun, safe and sexual weekend!


Lovecast Episode 134 – Josh Butler

* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.

The LoveBath Episode XXIII featuring Danielle Moore

* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.

G-Love Mixtape Vol.14 featuring Gerry Gonza (420 Special)

* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.

Hometown Heroes: Joe Pea from San Diego

* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.


Signal Flow & Jonny Cruz – Feel The Bern!

* CLICK HERE if you do no see the SoundCloud player.




Claus Casper & Jean Philips – Panorama (Marc DePulse Remix) [Definition:Music]* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.

Brad Hart feat. Shawni – Ocean Air (Original Mix)

* CLICK HERE if do not see the SoundCloud player.



Lovecast Episode 071 – Zombie Disco Squad

CLICK HERE if do not see the SoundCloud player.


Jimbo James
Managing Editor


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Premiere: Soukie & Windish – Jaglion (Original Mix)


Berlin duo Soukie & Windish are releasing their highly anticipated second album via their own URSL Records. The accomplished nine track album comes digitally as well as with a vinyl EP featuring four cuts from it, and is a fine follow up of their 2013 debut ‘A Forest’. 

The pair that is Fritz Windish and Nayan Soukie has put out well-received releases off labels such as Liebe*Detail, Audiomatique and Connaisseur. While their style is rooted in the North Germanic tradition of brooding deep house, for this release they integrate dreamy, escapist moods to create a sound that portrays tension and distance. They have gigged everywhere from Scandinavia to the South Pacific, along with being greatly supported by the likes of HOSH and Ada as supporters.

LOOM is out the 13th of May via URSL Records.

Artist PageSoundcloud

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PREMIERE — Brad Hart feat. Shawni – Ocean Air (Original Mix) [Motek Music]


Motek Music welcomes Brad Hart to the label with his single Ocean Air. An atmospheric and driving piece of Deep House, with the exceptional Shawni adding soft and mysterious vocal textures. This release offers an eclectic mixture of remixes, from the tribal acid mix of Eric Volta’s ‘Heart Of The Jungle Mix’, to the punchy relentlessness of the Chris Fortier and Max Belobrov Remixes.

Brad Hart feat. Shawni – Ocean Air (Original Mix)

* CLICK HERE if do not see the SoundCloud player.

Artist: Brad Hart feat. Shawni
Title: Ocean Air
Label: Motek Music
Release Date: 09/05/2016

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Coachella’s Craigslist Cravings

Creepy GuyCreepy Guy

To most people, Craigslist is a useful online market to buy/sell used electronic equipment, residential spaces, musical instruments, concert tickets, gardening tools, or Lorpen Merino Wool ankle socks. However, some are in the market for one reason: sucking and/or getting sucked at Coachella.

Most are familiar with the ‘Missed Connections‘ that go down online after festivals such as Burning Man: where sad romantics can congregate in search of their lost lovers – pleading the spiritual connection that ensued and all that bull shit. However, there are many who use use Craigslist as a quasi-Tinder-escort communication platform in the hopes to lose their godforsaken virginity. Some of the offers on here are ruthless. We are not completely sure how many participate in this realm of the market, but it’s there and it’s public.

See also: Missed Connections of Burning Man

After the first week of Coachella, there is a bit of lag time leading up to the second week. Some people missed their chances of a Coachella romance on the first week, and are now bored looking to kill some time. This results in them prowling the internet searching for whatever scraps of meat they can find.

We dove into the deep, sad trenches of Coachella’s Craigslist Cravings postings, and we found nothing but pure dirty Pirate treasure. To start, we begin with some of the more of the simple ‘offerings’ and move into the really good ones.

2.1 coachella one nighter


Tent City baby.


2 - roses + oral

Damn this guy is smooth (Note how he just casually threw his ‘oral’ offer in at the end).

2 - coachella pussy

That’s a fucking great offer man.


“One Last Hoop”. This one is pretty solid… I guess.

2 stick your dick in my mouth

[Uploading Coordinates]

[Traveling to Destination]

2 - own bizz and truck

Bizz + Truck = Mother Fucking O.G.

1 - I-10 Trucker Discreet blowjobs

Alright – right here, this is it. Seriously – I think we have a winner.

1 - horny marine

“Come get a blowjob and go to some cool events.” Sounds like the motto to some dystopian Disney World.

1 attorney looking for VIP date

This does not sound like a good idea.


Testimonials… for partying… Seriously?  You have got to be fucking kidding me…

1 - USC Bro

‘USC Bros’. Enough said.

1 sunday night get pussy licked

I give up.

After reading all this debauchery – you may ask yourself: ‘Well, why are they lurking the internet for prey, when they were previously surrounded by thousands of people just as horny as them?’
Who knows.

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Hack – listen to one LED create its own micro rave

Surprise: there’s a little tiny rave hiding inside a flickering LED lamp from a toy. Fortunately, we can bring it out – and you can try this yourself with LED circuitry, or just download our sound to remix.

Surprise Super Fun Disco LED Hack from Darsha Hewitt on Vimeo.

But let’s back up and tell the story of how this began.

The latest edition of our MusicMakers Hacklab brought us to Leuven, Belgium, and the Artefact Festival held at STUK. Now, with all these things, very often people come up with lofty (here, literally lofty) ideas – and that’s definitely half the fun. (We had one team flying an unmanned drone as a musical instrument.)

But sometimes it’s simple little ideas that steal the show. And so it was with a single LED superstar. Participant Arvid Jense brought some plastic toys with flickering lights, and my co-facilitator and all-around artist/inventor/magician Darsha Hewitt decided to make a sound experiment with them, joined by participant (and once European Space Agency artist resident) Elvire Flocken-Vitez. (Thanks, as well, to Amine Mentani.)

It seems that the same timing used to make that faux flickering light effect generates analog voltages that sound, well, amazing.


You might not get as lucky as we did with animated LEDs you find – or you might find something special, it’s tough to say. But you can certainly try it out yourself, following the instructions here and on a little site Darsha set up (or in the picture here).

And by the popular demand of all our Hacklabbers from Belgium, we’ve also made the sound itself available. So, you can try remixing thing, sampling it, dancing to it, whatever.



And follow our MusicMakers series on Facebook (or stay tuned here to CDM).

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Earth Day 2016: 10 Environmentally Conscious Festivals


Today, 22 April is Earth Day.

The International day of focus on Terra Firma is equal parts encouraging and depressing, given that humanity needs to be forced in thinking about that which gave it life for one solitary day per year; ideally, every day would be Earth Day, but I’m getting distracted now. Anyway, in honor, we’ve highlighted 10 festivals around the world who have developed and maintained a commitment to mindfulness, sustainability and the environment, without the horrendous hand of corporate influence (almost) that oversees resource destruction the world over. If we’ve forgotten any or you know of festivals in markets not covered that also highlight eco-friendly practices, let us know in the comments.

BOOM (Portugal)
Widely considered the most environmentally friendly festival in the world, BOOM will return in 2016 to Portugal with it’s commitment to create a reality that relates positively with the environment and contributes to the education and knowledge of all. From bio-treated water and bio-construction to renewable energy, BOOM remains at the forefront of festival eco-friendly innovation.

Øya Festival (Norway)
Øya Festival aims to be among the greenest festivals in the world. This goal entails everything from waste disposal, food, transport and power supply, leaflets and toilet paper. All year around, the Norwegian festival focuses on the environment though. This includes a procurement plan with environmental criteria, organic food, a material recycling rate of around 60 percent, and the usage of fixed power instead of polluting aggregates.

Noisily (UK)
Equal parts spiritual and environmental, Noisily brings 3,000 conscious revellers to the forest of Leicestershire, UK for a feast of the senses. Noisily is a holistic environment which feeds the mind, body and soul, offering spiritualism and opportunity for reflection in equal measure; a place where hedonism and mindfulness go hand in hand.

Shambala (UK)
A family oriented affair, the UK’s Shambala festival also holds high esteems in the eco-friendly factions of festival culture. Aside from being free of corporate culture (something all environmentally conscious entities need), Shambala aims to promote and inspire participants to live their lives in a more sustainable way, exploring and demonstrating new and innovative ways of living.

DGTL (Netherlands)
Sustainability is the main focus for DGTL Revolution. It focuses itself on projects such as the reduction of carbon dioxide, energy use, waste, food, water and transport use. We want to focus ourselfs on these topics to create a more sustainable festival, with the long-term end goal being a C02 neutrality festival.

Lightning in a Bottle (USA)
LIB reduces as much energy use as possible through energy management initiatives. These include investing in LED stage lighting as much as possible, and using compact fluorescent bulbs in all other areas. Aside from a focus on energy sustainability, LIB also provides extensive educational offerings surrounding mindfulness and environmental practices, as well as zero waste, zero shipping, zero cost water that eliminates plastic packaging and toxic chemicals.

Further Future (USA)
A new kind of music and lifestyle festival filled with incredible music, visionary speakers, inspirational art and human connection. Further Future establishes a modern means of social movement and cultural change, engaging a conscious community through a unique curation of world-class musicians and art, alongside inspiring leaders in the areas of science, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

Extrema Outdoor (Netherlands)
Extrema Outdoor received the ‘Greener Festival Award’ with pride in 2014 from English organisation A Greener Festival and have continued their all encompassing views on sustainability, safety, and consciousness. Free drinking water, separate trash bins, a focus on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), local and vegetarian food options, energy efficient and accessible, Extrema Outdoor looks doesn’t skimp on the environmentality.

We Love Green (France)
With eco-friendly values at its core, We Love Green promotes responsibility and community values. Its consistently innovative lineups showcase great French acts and international names alike, with strong threads of techno and indie-rock. Local food producers and caterers also add to the feel of connection with the wider community, as businesses and music fans come alongside one another for a beautiful weekend of outdoor partying.

Welcome to the Future (Netherlands)
Welcome to the Future is the only Netherlands-based festival awarded the Greener Festival Award of Excellence by A Greener Festival. It’s commitment to the environment presents itself in a variety of ways on-site, such as a biodiesel exclusive festival power grid, free water, roving “Green Teams,” biological and organic food selections, as well as being a member of the 10,000 hour project for environmental sustainability.

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Fresh Audio-Reactive DJ Lighting Projects: LED Strips, Laptop Stickers

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at audio-reactive accessories and projects for DJs! For a fun Friday article, we thought it would be interesting to look at a few of the cutting-edge projects that gaining traction that hope to bring innovative audio-reactive DJ lighting to the masses. Read on for more:

ViVi Music LED Controller

This is a new Kickstarter that came across our radar earlier this month. Addressable (meaning every LED can be individually controlled) LED strips have become incredibly common in all kinds of lighting projects. The biggest issue to easily getting started using LED strips in DJ booths, art cars or home studios is the programming side.

On Kickstarter, Mat Kachur is crowdfunding a music reactive LED controller that lets you plug quickly plug in LED strips to the bass, mids, or treble output. The controller creates a dynamic lightshow unique for each part of the audio spectrum – unlike other typical audio reactive lights, it actually has patterns and adjusts the results based on the overall volume of the input (no adjusting a sensitivity knob every time the track changes).

Worth noting, this Kickstarter only has a few days left and is still a few thousand dollars short of their goal, so if you want to make it happen, pledge your support here.

Stickerlight: Laptop Sticker Lighting

For digital DJs, often the most prominent surface facing the audience is the backside of your laptop. But instead of giving your laptop manufacturer free advertising, what if you had a cool audio-reactive logo based on your own design?

Stickerlights designed from your own custom logo generally run $220, so it’s not a cheap investment, but we suspect plenty of DJs (particularly mobile) will find it to be well worth the investment.

Need a DJ logo? Read our post, DJ logo design 101, for our advice.


This project is a bit more cheesy and less practical than the other two, but personally I’ve been waiting for a project like this to come out since I started DJing – audio reactive headphone cables:

Glow Headphones are earbuds – not exactly ideal for DJ use – and there’s not a lot of info on the actual quality of the drivers themselves (the purchase page says “Premium Sound using high-end Audio Drivers” – pretty unspecific) but it’s still a fascinating concept.

Right now the project is still in the preorder stage – you can lock in a pair of these audio-reactive headphones for $179. They’re available in Red, Green, or Blue colors, come with a carrying case, and will have a companion app that allows additional brightness control.

I’m less interested in this particular pair of headphones, and more interested in seeing other similar lighted audio cables that are developed in the future. What if all of a DJ’s audio cables had sound responsive lights in them – so you could see the signal from your left and right decks just by looking at your cables?

Have you seen an interesting audio-reactive DJ lighting project that should be added to this list?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll feature the coolest finds in the article!

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