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Various Artists – Sullivan Room Record Crate 001 (Sullivan Room Records)


The crate clearly focuses on the artists at the forefront of New York underground community with a binding history with Sullivan Room, each with his own story. Sullivan Rooms burning desire to showcase the artists that came from the depths of the legendary venue is symbolic for the first release of the label. The crate exposes the technical skills of each artist, their influences, individuality and forward thinking. Just like the venue, and soon the label, these producers express what makes New York an electronic force and an underground powering beacon for the rest of the world. Trendy, popular, cool or not the history, the experience and valiant accuracy of their direction are there to continue the unstoppable love of the art, the dance-floor and the music.

Corey Baker – Underside Corey Baker might have been born in raised in the United States, but the New York local and a Sullivan Room veteran has left footprints all over Europe and the rest of the world. Having had a long time residency in London, he developed a signature sound as a DJ and producer. Underside lets in on Bakers evolved sound with solidified, layered intermissions of breaks and beats. Progressing with rhythmic keys the transgression of light backgrounds bring you into something illuminated and a state of complacent. Grass Is Greener – Guilty Conscience A duo made up of SR SERGE and EBAR are both veterans to the game and both very active, steadily progressing with Nu Disco, Indie Dance world one beat at a time. Their latest release Guilty Conscience steers away from their usual 80s infused chart toppers and offer a tantalizing, deep house sound, with lots of sunshine, melody and thumps in the right places. It’s a theme track to catch the feel good syndrome and pass on the summer vibes well into the winter.

Rami Deejay – Tonight ft Samsara Brothers A rising star of the local underground community, a Sullivan Room veteran and resident of many years, Rami Deejay mastered the art of opening an art that is getting lost in present time. He flavors modern house music with his experience, creating a wonderfully soulful and intelligent deep house track. Introducing his long time friends the Samsar Brothers on this track, they fill it with dilatory, sexy sounds to resonate with your body and mind. Its made for one to close the eyes and feel like heaven, make love to the loved ones and the dance-floor. Samsara Brothers – Become Brothers, Corey and Ryan Negrin have been a part of the Sullivan Room community for many years and are local long-time players of the local NY scene. Djing for over 10 years now, they have long ago left the notion of giving up their longevity and are dwelling deep into the world of productions. Their track expresses what has Become of their experience behind the decks. Edgy deep tones with echoing backgrounds of electronica convey a sweet melodic progression. Drops of unexplainable excitement, it is a sultry, early night transition into something deeper.

Monaque – Again The duo which makes up Monaque, is one match made in electronic heaven. Serge Que, a name that goes back to the early times of Sullivan Room has taken his clubbing baggage across the world, opening a very respected venue of his own back in Russia, booking top talent and making appearances on a number of labels. Meeting his partner, Alex Monakhov, a a DJ/Producer who has been creating his own music since the 90s, the duo is settled in comfortably in the underground community. Again backdrops a hypnotizing scenario of chiming electronica, with a captivating theme and a thoughtful arrangement. Snares and drums are there snare. It is a refreshing track for an early and late night like, which sends out segways of vibrations into the base of your feet.

Derek Marin – Moving In Place Long-time musician Derek Marin was brought into the world of techno and has helped it flourish in New York City. No stranger to the history of Sullivan Room, a US native has resided for a time in Berlin. He has worked with a number of artists from all spectrums of music and has seen tremendous support by the underground community. Moving In Place exposes Dereks artistry and easily reflects his talent as an electronic visionary. Simon Wish – Changes Italian DJ/Producer Simon Wish, now a resident of Sullivan Room PROPAGANDA! has continued to present himself as an artist to keep in tuned with. After successful releases on labels such as Sven Vaths Cocoon Recordings, Amam and Traub to name a few, Simon joins the family and delivers solid new productions. Changes echoes unconventional techno, done with an underground intention to keep away from an over saturated thumping tech house charters. This intelligently crisp track features Simons signature kick and an outlook from his time in the US underground circuit. The well recognized vocal is there to remind people about the roots and sacrifices.

Joe Bond – Desire Long time NYC resident DJ and Sullivan Room veteran Joe Bond joins the label with a sex oozing Desire. With just enough depth to its structure, teasing female vocals lure in the innocent audience to trap them into the comforting groove. This track is perfect for those seeking a sensual experience on the dance-floor.Latin Intelligent Welcome To My ArtIt would not be right if Sullivan Room didn’t feature a new artist, as it has been a bold and signature practice since the opening of its doors in 2001. A new artist on board, a promising talent gives us a taste of whats to come Inhale deeply and enjoy this subtle mixture of deep tech house textures and welcoming sounds.

Meandisco – The Day I Set You Free ft. Daniel Wilde A soldier of the New York City underground since the age of 14, the man behind the label and the right hand behind Sullivan Room for years has been a busy man in the studio this year. Calling his sound tech-disco, his latest production is covered in multi faceted electronica residue. Its light and spacious beginning, generates a both ghostly and sexy atmosphere. Once the kick drops, energized, it hits you with bassy particles of an uncategorized format from every which way and leads you towards the outro vocal end. Daniel Wilde, smoothly and distantly backed by a female vocalist Safiyah, make almost a poetic story, a journey with a beginning and an end, maybe that was the intention?


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Sullivan Room Record Crate 001
Label:  Sullivan Room Records
Catalog No.:  SRRC001

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Greg Pidcock Gives Away a Free Download and Debuts at Circo Loco


Emerging from a childhood spent on the road, Greg Pidcock’s music sheds light on his journey through the unique locations that have shaped him. The raw, gritty tones of this 24-year-old’s music depict scenes of isolation, explo- ration, and a search for the self. Deeply connected to his art, the creation process is very much a cathartic one, as he uses music to understand his own thoughts and actions.

A formally trained artist, Greg received his BFA in Intermedia & Cyberarts when he was 20. He has stayed true to his roots and continues to explore both sonic and visual mediums. Introduced to Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, heads of the world famous and respected Hot Creations label in 2012, Pidcock was quickly signed to the label and has spent the last year working on his debut album.


Leading up to this signing was a colorful journey that took Greg from painting graffiti on the streets of Lima, to witnessing the birth of the house scene in Mumbai, before finally leading him to Montreal for his studies. A few months after his arrival he began working at Montreal’s legendary Cherry nightclub, eventually taking the role of Creative Director while DJing alongside legends. This lead to the formation of Bad Pony Records with Tone Depth of Bedrock fame- a process which firmly cemented his goals of creating music and art.

Currently the resident DJ at the renowned Velvet Nightclub in Montreal and working with Turkish composer, Mercan Dede, as a sound engineer, Greg Pidcock is about to explode onto the international scene with his blend of passionate, sexy, heavy house. His deep vocals and warm melodies will usher in a new voice in the dance world.


A few words from Greg….

“I’m feeling pretty lucky today, so I felt like giving away a remix I did for my friend and telling everyone a little bit about how it came to be. About 8 years ago when I lived in Mumbai I met a tall lanky white guy named Chris Burns who was an all vinyl deep house/baltimore club spinning DJ spending time in India playing in a cricket league. These next few words are being written for you to contemplate the awesomeness of that. 

 I was only in high school at the time, playing a few gigs gigs and meeting DJs all around the city and Chris used to come over and mix at my house after school sometimes. We also occasionally played for the same promoter, Submerge. These were good memories and the city’s house movement was so young at the time, it really felt like we were playing a style of music that hadn’t really been played in India at the time. We stayed in touch via email, Chris would send me tunes from his friends’ label’s every once and a while but after some time we lost touch.
Eventually Gchat got to me. I kept seeing Chris’s name there on the side and got a few Facebook invites to gigs in baltimore now that he had returned from India to the states. We started speaking again and he started sending me a lot more music. He had been working hard and so had I. Seven years later we were both doing our thing. He sent me his single that he did with Denis Henderson called IYE and I just had to edit it, I didn’t even care if it would be released. It was just so close to what I liked and I knew once I had the parts I could do exactly what I needed to do. He was down and sent me everything shortly after. I really got into it and ended up having such a great time I did a full remix, rather than a simple edit. I even added a few vocals of my own.
Chris and I finally saw each other again this year in Detroit at Movement Festival and it was great. First we met in the lobby of the Motor City Casino and then he came out to TV Lounge for my gig at Circo Loco on tour. Now in less than two weeks I get to go live out one of my dreams and play at Circoloco @ DC10 in Ibiza. Giving away the remix on my Soundcloud in time for that party makes a lot of sense in my head. So basically, don’t ever stop pursuing your passions, even if you sometimes get distracted make sure you come back. In the eight years that passed since we first met a lot of things happened in both of our lives but the music brought us together again!”
So without further ado….

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iOS 7 is Here; Now, Please Don’t Install It Yet

Just wait a while, okay? Photo courtesy Apple.

Just wait a while, okay? Photo courtesy Apple.

We’ve been waiting for the moment at which a post-PC, mobile operating system has equaled a desktop OS for serious music making. Well, that moment has arrived –

– in that we get to release a dire warning about an OS update breaking music-making apps. Yes, now iOS 7 shares that dubious distinction of countless OS X and Windows upgrades over the years. (Sniff. They grow up so fast.)

It’s not a coincidence. Once you do start using a variety of music apps on a platform, you need to be more careful about OS updates – any OS updates. Music apps make use of a variety of low-level audio performance and networking functions that makes them unusually vulnerable to OS changes.

And with iOS 7, that means some apps will encounter problems with audio and functionality. (“Some” is a key word. You might find your apps are just fine. Then again, if 100% of your apps are working on iOS 6… you see why you might use caution.)

For many users, this may also simply mean updating the phone to iOS 7 and keeping the critical iPad on iOS 6. That also means the iPhone or iPod touch can be used to verify compatibility.

Issues we’ve been able to verify at least in some cases include:

  • Audio performance issues and glitches. (These are hard to track down, but it’s safe to say that for now it may be worth delaying, pending app updates or even a point-release OS update from Apple.)
  • Issues with inter-app audio, maybe. At the moment, Audiobus’ developers suggest users stick with iOS 6 (this even as they’ve worked on a number of iOS 7-specific resolutions). Details below. Note that Audiobus is considered itself compatible with iOS 7, and many apps may work just fine. But because of the number of apps out there, and some isolated but significant issues, you may find your selection of apps works better on iOS 6 than iOS 7. JACK for iOS also has not yet verified support.
  • Other specific bugs. Some apps that haven’t yet supported the latest AudioCopy SDK may need to be updated, and there may be other app-specific bugs as developers test the new OS. That means you may want to double-check that your favorite apps explicitly say “iOS 7 compatible.”

Cause for delay, not cause for alarm. Oh, we’ve been here before, you know, every year since operating system time immemorial. (Guess that’s some time in 1969, technically?) Here’s how it works: these are subtle issues that are likely to be resolved, if you wait. But waiting is smart, because it’s better to hold out on new OS features but keep audio applications running smoothly.

As a side note, it’s also worth considering the inter-app audio story on iOS 7:

You’ll recall that at WWDC 2012, we saw a slide that mentioned “inter-app audio.” That feature didn’t ship in iOS 6, and instead the powerful Audiobus took its place. (Later, so did the broader-reaching, if less widely-adopted, JACK.) These tools allow you to, for instance, process a synthesizer app with an effect app or record them into a DAW app. Even Apple’s own GarageBand supports Audiobus.

Then, in WWDC this year, inter-app audio reappeared. It’s shipping in iOS 7, and because iOS 7 is out today, there’s no longer an NDA. What I can tell you is that Apple’s inter-app audio implementation hasn’t been adopted by any major music making app (though one listening app did contact me). And it does less than what Audiobus and JACK do, meaning it isn’t yet a replacement for those tools.

I can’t yet report whether the audio glitches app creators are encountering are related to inter-app audio or something else altogether, so it’s too soon to associate these two developments. However, in addition to recommending users stick with iOS 6 for now, it’s also worth saying that for the foreseeable future, JACK and Audiobus will continue to be the preferred inter-app audio solutions on the platform.

And Audiobus have gone as far as to encourage users to stick with iOS 6 to avoid compatibility issues with apps – even beyond Audiobus itself:

We’re on the cusp of iOS 7, and we’re here to urge caution: If you rely on music apps, please don’t update yet.

iOS 7 audio is not ready. There are a wide variety of bugs that are causing performance problems, crashes and other problems in a large number of music apps.

This may change in the future, but until we see a few point releases for the OS, we strongly urge you to stick with iOS 6.

That sounds like good advice to us. Those new icons can wait.

Better news for late adopters. In better news for end users, I think, you can now download older versions of an app when a new version requires an OS later than the one you have. So if an app requires iOS 6 but your device is on iOS 5 (or stuck there), you can still use it. For musicians trying to make use of stable handhelds and tablets, this seems positive.

As reported on Synthtopia:
Apple’s App Store Now Lets You Download ‘Last Compatible Version’ Of Apps For Older Devices

Not all developers are happy, though. Here’s a blog entry from one who is disturbed Apple didn’t include devs in the discussion:

Ghost from the Past [Kyle Richter]

The post iOS 7 is Here; Now, Please Don’t Install It Yet appeared first on Create Digital Music.

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