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Oct 1st - Disoufeng, Soweto
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Idyllic nature meets heavy beats on an emerging Paris label

stage Lpc

We talk about the idea that online democratization should be unearthing new musical gems – but you have to find them first. CDM contributor Zuzana Friday is scouring the Web, looking for the collectives and labels and artists who stand out of that virtual noise. First up: Paris’ Lpc.

With the growing popularity of contemporary (post)techno, there have been many collectives, platforms and labels forming around the globe who want to promote and share their own angle on this music, its aesthetics and its attitude. Amidst that overwhelming superabundance, one of the collectives that genuinely deserves your attention is a Paris-based Lpc, aka La petite compagnie. We already shared Aquatic Life, a beautiful oceanic video of theirs; now let’s check them out in detail.

Lpc is an independent label founded in 2012 by a small collective of friends who met in the south of France. They’ve dedicated the project to the memory of Antoine Debens, who they call “their faithful friend and former president of the association.” So far, Lpc consists of duos Keadz and Monochrome and two solo artists, XVII and Mas, who all name-check influences like labels Stroboscopic Artefacts, raster-noton, and 12k, and artists like Yves de Mey and Samuel Kerridge.

In the productions on Lpc, various elements of techno, dubstep/post-dubstep, and deep dub techno meet ambient and ethereal, organic atmospheres — a mix of inspiration from contemporary techno titans and nature. Those natural aesthetics are interwoven with field recordings in the sound, but also in the images they choose for promotion and music videos. The visual side of the label is run by Mas, who shares his inspiration in photo albums dominated by black-and-white shots of trees, forrest, and sky.

Keadz blurred


Nature for Lpc means “purity, timelessness, and simplicity,” says member Tarek Iked, “and that joins the idea of beauty that we have. Nature is very inspiring for us. When we are in a countryside, listening to nature’s sounds, we don’t have the impression that someone is talking to us — in contrary to music made by humans. Nature’s sounds are random and unpredictable, they vary constantly, and that’s what makes them beautiful.”

Opening Ceremony// Abyss from LPC on Vimeo.

In Paris, Lpc runs parties called Ceremony, each themed with headings like like “Abyss,” “Night,” and “Desert.” “We choose the themes so that the image and sound are completely inseparable,” says Ikeda. “By defining a theme, we have the feeling that the artists we’re inviting make a special performance for this occasion. We also noticed that artists like to be given a sort of restriction, because it awakens their creativity.” Records take themes like this, as well.

The previous compilation, Quiet Sum, aimed to “transform summer’s rest and quietness into music.” The compilation is the work of a group of friends, retreating together to the countryside to produce the music. Lpc’s next release deals with chosen artists’ perception of silence. It will include tracks by Elle from Hypnus, Fjäder from Full Panda Records, Lpc artists, and Paris’ Hydrangea, whose album Dawn Lights I also highly recommend.

Was 4’33” an inspiration? “Of course we know John Cage’s work, but it didn’t directly inspire us,” says Ikeda. “This album was an opportunity for the different artists to reveal their personalities through the meaning of silence. It was also a way to create something homogeneous and linked. For the moment, we have most of the tracks, and we can say that there are no blank records. But in case we would have received something like this, we would have probably keep it as it is.”

With the positive feedback for Monochrome’s fourth EP by artists like Cio d’Or, Cassegrain and Edit Select, the awareness of Lpc’s artists and activities slowly grows. But with such beautiful work, this is a label to watch.

Horty Shooter






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Warning: OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) Breaks NI Software

OS X DJs and producers beware! Native Instruments has announced that by upgrading to OS X 10.11, (aka El Capitan), users will lose primary functionality of multiple DJ controllers, software plug-ins, and access to audio outputs on legacy hardware. With any big upgrade there are bound to be a few hiccups, but they are rarely caught this quickly.

The Curse of El Capitan

For starters, the pieces of software that are negatively affected by El Capitan include KompleteTraktor, and Maschine. There are two alarming issues pointed out by Native Instruments with the first being an unsuccessful validation of AU (audio units) plug-ins in Logic Pro X. Any effects or instruments used in Logic Pro X on an El Capitan Mac will not be usable. This is do to with sort of signage error, but the good news is that Native Instruments is talking to Apple to get the issue resolved. We will bring more news as that information comes available, but in the time being producers should avoid upgrading their system.

The second major bug is a kernal panic when using legacy NI devices. DJs using MK 1 versions of select NI devices will find that when trying to use the hardware their Mac will crash resulting in unsaved and corrupted work. This obviously renders a DJ relying on a legacy controller powerlessm so upgrading to El Capitan is heavily unadvised if a DJ uses the following equipment:

  • Traktor Kontrol S4 (MK1)
  • Traktor Kontrol X1 (MK1)
  • Traktor Audio 2 (MK1)
  • Audio 8 DJ
  • Audio 4 DJ
  • Audio 2 DJ (MK1)
  • Maschine (MK1)
  • Rig Kontrol 3

The silver lining is that if a DJ did upgrade to El Capitan there are beta drivers readily available on NI’s website to fix the issue, with a more permanent solution to come shortly in the future.

OS X El Capitan was released on September 30th and we don’t recommend upgrading until Native Instruments and Apple addresses these issues. For the latest information regarding DJ software news keep a watch on the blog.

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Hauswerks & Doorly – Wrong Turn (Hot Creations)

2015-09-28 15_56_51-Doorly & Hauswerks - The Illusionist in Doorly and Hauswerks - Wrong Turn EP

Hot Creations continues their mission to become a household name as they expand their catalog with release after impeccable release, this time imploring the assistance of veterans Doorly and Hauswerks to provide some of the freshest tech house we’ve heard in a while. Marking their first collaboration and hopefully not their last, ‘Wrong Turn’  will have you shopping for a new pair of dance shoes, because these tracks are sure to have you grooving right through your soles.


Artist:  HauswerksDoorly
Title:  2015-09-25
Label:  Hot Creations
Catalog No.:  HOTC066

Prendi  Mano


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Phil Fuldner – Needin’ Someone EP (inc. Mat.Joe and Sascha Braemer remixes) Kittball

German producer Phil Fuldner arrives on Tube & Berger’s Kittball imprint, which is celebrating 10 years as a label, featuring remixes from Berlin’s Mat.Joe and ...

The post Phil Fuldner – Needin’ Someone EP (inc. Mat.Joe and Sascha Braemer remixes) Kittball appeared first on Knights Of The Turntable.

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Learn electronics with the vintage Side Man drum machine

ENG_SIDEMAN_PREVIEW from Darsha Hewitt on Vimeo.

Darsha’s sound electronics class is in session – and it’s a little different to what you’d normally expect.

Rather than a bunch of animations of electrons moving about, sound artist and educator Darsha Hewitt has created a long-form video tutorial around the world’s first commercial drum machine.

Wurlitzer’s Side Man 5000 is hardly practical by modern standards. The pioneering 1959 hardware weighs some 38 kg, and is controllable only via push buttons and a speed fader, pre-programmed to happenin’ grooves like “rhumba.”

Inside, though, this gadget is an electro-mechanical wonder. And taking it apart and making it work again is an opportunity to understand how that technology worked, introducing ideas ranging from the basics of how a tube works to some novel ideas of how to use moving wheels to produce rhythm. You’ll be reminded both what a cathode is and how machines can produce music.


Darsha Hewitt leads with a friendly, patient style accessible to even those with no electronics background – but if you are interested in the intricacies of this hardware, there’s plenty of detail for you, too. The SideMan she’s got is one of only a handful left, to say nothing of the few in proper working order. That means that this is also the most comprehensive documentation yet of the Wurlitzer device’s innards.

The series is presented in episodes, with the teaser out today and the first episode launching on October 6. Or meet Darsha and celebrate the series in person, if you’re around Montréal:

03.10.16 – Advanced Screening and Q&A hosted by Jonathan Sterne @ Mutek_IMG Montréal
04.10.16 – Side Man 5000 Sample Salon Workshop @ Goethe-Institut Montréal

It’s great to see Darsha completing this project, having collaborated with her on a past MusicMakers Hacklab for CTM Festival. I got to visit Side Man in person; it’s an amazing machine.

Disclosure: CDM did publicity support for the launch of this series (and a little video editing), for which we were compensated. (Our coverage of the machine is not sponsored, though – we think it’s a cool project!) Additional funding was provided as part of the “Art and Civic Media” program – Innovation Incubator @ Leuphana University – Lüneburg. Further support provided by Foundation for Art and Creative Technology and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.






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TICKET GIVEAWAY!!! CapsuleM presents Laura Jones, Saand, and Human Resources


After a brief hiatus, CapsuleM is back on the scene and bringing us the sensational Laura Jones (Crosstown Rebels/Visionquest/Leftroom). In support are some of LA’s finest in SAAND & Human Resources.  Located at Hollywood’s famous King King, the crew is brining in extra Funktion-One sound for your listening pleasure. A quality night of music from start to finish, we are happy to see CapsuleM back doing events and we have a couple spare tickets to give away!



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