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Mix #190 By Parker + Barrow

parker + barrows

Parker + Barrow is a production and live performance duo comprised of Swedish native and former Forever Kid member, Joakim Bjarke, and Los Angeles born and bred video artist and former turntablist, Caity Croft.

The duo has played festivals such as Burning Man and EDC and held several residencies around LA. After spending over a year in the studio producing full-time, the duo has created several EP/LPs worth of music ready for release. In each of their original productions, the duo aims to conjure a specific moment – in time, place, texture, and/or feeling- and makes a point of not sticking to a specific genre in their effort to do so.

Their music ranges from powerful, beat-driven club tracks to atmospheric, cinematic pieces. When the elusive couple aren’t spending every waking moment in the studio, they’re avidly pursuing anything and everything they can in their quest to be modern renaissance people.

The duo’s soon to be released debut EP, Singularity, features tracks with a unique blend deep, sustained basslines, dynamic and driving percussion.


Artist Page SoundCloud 

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Hometown Heroes: Dan Snow from Houston

dan cover

Raised in Chicago, house music has been permanently embedded into the mind and soul of Dan Snow.

Now based in Houston, Dan has discovered his groove and continues his progression in the Lone Star State. As one-half of deep tech production duo Extended Play and one of three residents for the city’s most forward thinking party crew Kinda Super Disco, Dan Snow meddled with the right peeps and courageously works hard in studio.

Extended Play has released tracks on FADE, Pool House, Nastyfunk, and even a free EP on Music is 4 Lovers. The duo has releases on the way for Mindwarp Digital, and have John Digweed hot on their trail. Tour to come as well.

As a Kinda Super Disco resident, Dan has recently warmed up the dance floor for Moon Boots, Nick Monaco, and &Me. KSD’s upcoming schedule is pretty, pretty good: Damian Lazarus, Purple Disco Machine, Ben Pearce, J.Phlip, and Marc Romboy. Check out KSD upcoming events HERE.

Dan Snow is a talented and courageous music producer with a bright future ahead. A great addition to our Hometown Heroes roster!

Press play on Dan’s mix and learn more about the man in the interview below.

Hometown Heroes: Dan Snow from Houston

* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.


Track List:
01. Patlac – Novoum (Timelapse Remix)
02. Isaac Tichauer, Jonas Rathsman – Rush Hour (Original Mix)
03. Agoria – Panta Rei (Max Cooper Remix)
04. Lee Van Dowski – ELLE (Original Mix)
05. Luigi Gori, Anis Hachemi – My Dream (Original Mix)
06. Victor Ruiz, K.A.L.I.L. – Speed (Original Mix)
07. Mark Reeve – Exodus (Original Mix)
08. No Rabbitz – Allah (Original Mix)
09. Finnebassen – Rotundo (Original Mix)
10. Cristoph – Time for change (Lonya Remix)
11. Ran Salman, Omer & Shaked – Agressivo (Original Mix)
12. Extended Play – Blood Moon (Original Mix)

Connect with Dan Snow
SoundCloud | Facebook


Interview with Dan Snow

How did you first get into house music? Do you remember a specific moment that inspired you?
I had a friend bring me a 16 Bit Lolitas Live in Buenos Aires and I nearly had a heart attack. This roughly 2004-2005

What’s the scene like in Houston right now? How is the city unique compared the rest of the world?
Most of the shows I have been to out of town are always concert like. Distant from the Djs/Live performers and kinda hard to really feel their vibes if they’re not visible. In Houston, I take great pride with our scene. You get to be right there with whoever is playing. Literally in touching reach. When the performer is that close, he can feed off the audience and makes for a remarkable and rememberable show.


Do you have any residencies? If we had one week in Houston what two parties/clubs would you recommend we check out? What about two restaurants?
Presently, my music partner has a night with another friend called Kinda Super Disco. Before the both of them tag team I usually set up the crowd for them.

To check one of my favorite parties is at a place called The Flat. It’s a vinyl tag team duo with Josh DuPont and Amanda Robinson. It’s busy, small venue, and lots of people packed. Even though it’s always slammed, there’s a positive reaction for the music and people always want more after the night is over. Including myself.

Alright 2 Restaurants. 1: Prohibition! I love that place. The food is quality, sometimes fusion, always fresh, sometimes southern. Not to mention its not bad when you can purchase a $40 bottle of wine and seeing a burlesque show.

The other fave is a food truck called Tierra Caliente. It’s the most authentic Mexican you will get in Texas. Tacos are a weakness for me.


How did Extended Play come about?
Well I moved here from Chicago about a year and a half ago. Didn’t know anyone really and met some pretty cool people. A guy named James Reed asked me what I did in music. After that he brought me to a friend of his who was actually looking for a music partner. I was super enthused because I’ve been wanting someone to produce with for almost 2 years. When I met Josh DuPont it was instant mesh. We talked about a lot and he was very happy that I was an educated musician. I was more than simply a sample user. Now in every production, he’s super passionate about me placing in guitar parts. All of our tracks have guitar elements whether it’s natural or we alter the guitar sound. Presently we play out and soon big things are about to take place.


What’s on the agenda the remainder of 2016?
At the moment we have just landed our first booking agent and is a very great start. It will start with a couple of out of town weekend gigs and then eventually end up all out tour. We’re still working on the details and figuring out how we will tour with so much label work on our plate. Right now mainly in studio and have another 2 EP’s set for release just got done with 2. After all this we have to finish 2 other singles and EP’s. Keep a look out on FADE records and Mindwarp Digital. Digweed has been close to both label owners and hoping for something big to happen. We’ll soon see.

Dream gig…
Dream gig is tough because I’m so open format. It would be amazing to have Josh and Richie Hawtin tag team at a big stadium concert with me on guitar out front.

Or even a tag set with Anja Schneider out in Amsterdam. Dreaming big lol.

What’s one track that always on your mind at the moment?
Probably Our Extended Play – Blood Moon track. As a producer or musician, you always listen to your productions a thousand times thinking “I could have done something better here.” Or just second guessing myself. However, I love it and really proud of this track.

Tell us about your mix…
Inspired by all the performers at BPM, I wanted to give a little drive. Solomun was relentless and I kinda wanted to emulate that but in my own way. Starting airy and dreamy, I begin to get very techy and it just drives. Lot’s of arpeggiated synths, stabby bases, and quick high hats. It all just flows. Hopefully this keeps every on their feet.

Drink of choice…
Bulleit Rye and Ginger Beer! It’s all I drink but be careful, they punch you in the face after the 3rd one.

bulleit ginger cocktail


- jams
Jimbo James
Managing Editor


The post Hometown Heroes: Dan Snow from Houston appeared first on Music is 4 Lovers.

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The Martinez Brothers, The Black Madonna and more announced to join Hideout 2016

Hideout Festival is moments away from selling out for the sixth year running as they announce twenty new artists including The Martinez Brothers, Joris Voorn, John Talabot, Alan ...

The post The Martinez Brothers, The Black Madonna and more announced to join Hideout 2016 appeared first on Knights Of The Turntable.

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Guide to Buying Secondhand / Used CDJs

The new CDJ-2000NXS2 media players are set to hit stores late February, but as with any new generation of product that comes out, it creates an influx of used gear on the market. Today we share our tips on buying used CDJs, what to look out for, what to test, and how to make sure you’re getting a good price. Read on to get the lowdown on secondhand CDJ purchases!

Deciding Which Used CDJ Model To Buy

Used CDJ Comparison

For the sake of this article, we’re only going to compare the models that we’ve seen an influx of on used gear marketplaces: recent CDJ units that have an LCD display screen. There are tons of older, great models of Pioneer CDJs to pick up if you want a set, but for brevity we’re focusing only on a few selected models in this comparison – and specifically ignoring models like the CDJ-900, 350, and 850.

Why? Because most digital DJs will want to advantage of a lot of the features that you would expect to have an a DJ setup, like:

  • USB slots with MP3/WAV support
  • ProLink ethernet between players so you can load songs from any player
  • LCD for waveform, track browsing, and cue point display
  • HID/MIDI control

Like most used gear purchases, the most important first filter is price. Here’s what you can expect to spend for a working-but-used unit of each model based on the average sold prices on eBay for the past few weeks – (as of February, 2016):

  • CDJ-900NXS: ~$830.72 (still available new for $1397)
  • CDJ-2000: ~$936.64 (this model doesn’t have a detailed waveform view)
  • CDJ-2000NXS: ~$1,329.15 (just discontinued)
  • XDJ-1000: ~$779.99 (available new for $997)
  • CDJ-2000NXS2: $2,199 (soon to be released, reserve one here)

What To Look For In A Used CDJ Ad/Listing


As we’ve seen an upswing in used units on eBay and Craigslist, it’s worth noting that not every listing for a used CDJ is made equal. Some postings have indications of how likely it is the gear is in good condition, and a few things that you can look for:

  • Real Photos: If the gear being sold is used and there’s just photos of the box, or generic Pioneer photos, be cautious. It’s one thing if it’s an Authorized Retailer selling it, but for private sellers, look for real photos in the ad.
  • Turned On: Often times pawn shops and other sellers who don’t know anything about DJ gear will just take a photo of the player without turning it on. If they didn’t turn it on for photos, there’s a chance they might not really know if the gear is functional or not. Try messaging the seller and asking for a video of it in use!
  • Appearance: Obviously every used unit will have some level of cosmetic wear. Is the seller upfront about this (notes where scratches or blemishes are)? Or is it just “like new” even though the photos say otherwise?
  • Cases + Manuals = Gear History: It’s hard to tell if any seller is telling the truth about the gear’s history, so instead look for secondary evidence. Are there cases included or in the photos? Good, that means the seller cared about protecting the gear! Is the seller including manuals and the original box? Also good, this means that the seller is more meticulous, and potentially more careful with their DJ gear.

Before You Buy It: Things To Check + Test On Used CDJs

Testing Used CDJs

Once you get your hands on a unit, and before you exchange money for it, there’s a quick checklist of things to test on the unit. If it’s an eBay / shipped purchase, this will be after you buy, but you should still check these right away and return the unit if it isn’t as described.

  • USB port: bring a computer and USB cable with you to test and make sure the CDJ is detected
  • CD slot: Bring a CD! This is the only major moving part on a CDJ and as such is one of the most common things to die.
  • Playback + Jogwheel: Play a few tracks and spin the jogwheel forward and backward. Does it move oddly or are there any weird unexpected noises? Not a good sign. Move the jogwheel back and forth quickly and make sure it has the expected tight response.
  • Press every button (especially play/cue as they are the most used) to make sure they all respond as expected. If they take a harder press to get a response, this is a sign of wear. Make sure you do this with audio outputting as well, as sometimes the buttons might feel fine but the switch underneath is worn out.
  • Listen to the sound of the jogwheel: Oftentimes jogwheels slowly start to get worn out when dirt gets inside the rotating mechanism. Listen to what the jogwheel itself sounds like when you spin back – does it sound gritty or smooth? Any odd noises?
  • Smell the CDJ: This one is weird, but oftentimes DJ gear is in a place where people smoke cigarettes. That smell won’t go away easily – so if it isn’t advertised as smelling like smoke, bring it up. You also might smell beer or other liquids spilled on the gear, another sign to only buy with extreme caution.

Have used DJ gear that you want to sell?
Read our guide on getting more money for used DJ gear

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Photos Emerge Of Berghain’s Creatures Of The Night


Two years ago, photographers Vincent Voiginer and Barbara Bernardi set out to document revellers at the infamous techno chapel Berghain.

With the club’s notoriously strict no camera policy (not to mention, it’s equally strict door policy), such a project would actually be much more difficult than it sounds. So, what the duo queued clubbers in all states of (dis)repair on their way out, posing against a chain link backdrop where, hours (perhaps days) earlier, they had been in queue anticipating their possible attendance.

The project, which is entitled Nachtgestalten (aka Creatures of the Night), is a documentary essay, with the below stills acting as part of its bigger picture. Shot on a large format film camera, the crystal clear photos “are proof to the manifold facets of Berlin’s club culture”.

Of Berghain, and his subjects, Voiginer says, “In Berghain you can meet people from all walks of life and sartorial tastes, from the young to the less young. They were tired from a night devoted to dancing but enjoyed posing for the camera all the same”.

For more information on the project, find it all at Voiginer’s website

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