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Man Selling Father’s 250.000 Vinyl Record Collection On Craigslist

craigslist vinyl collection

Vinyl collectors living around Dunkirk, USA with a bit of cash to spare are in for a treat, as a Craigslist seller there is offering his late father’s rather enormous vinyl collection. The old man had collected a mere quarter of a million records in his lifetime.

I Am looking to sell the whole collection” the ad reads. Shipment of parts of the collection won’t be possible, as he continues to say “Im not shipping any records as I don’t have time for that and with this amount of records would be overwhelming..”

The price for the full collection is staggering as well: $350.000,-. But when divided by the number of vinyls you get for it, the amount of money comes down to a cool $1,40 per record. Now that’s a competitive price.

It’s too bad to see that the father’s love for vinyl wasn’t inherited by his son as well, as the Craigslist ad makes it clear that the seller has little knowledge or interest in the contents of the huge collection of music at his disposal “I Cant really say whats in here but everything you can probably think of.
Colored vinyl, etc..

Below are some pictures of the epic collection. Go to the Craigslist advert here.

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My Favorite Robot – Panoptikum EP (My Favorite Robot Records)


After a strong run of EPs in recent times, the bosses of the much loved Canadian label My Favorite Robot return again to their own imprint with a strong follow-up release to their Glass To The End EP released earlier this year. The accomplished trio of Jared Simms, James Teej and Voytek Korab has become synonymous with emotive, synth heavy tracks that are much more than functional club offerings. As well as releasing on their own label, they have dropped releases on the likes of Sasha’s Last Night on Earth, No.19 Music, Visionquest, and Life & Death. The Panoptikon EP, named after a type of institutional building designed by English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. The concept of the design is to allow a single watchman to observe inmates of an institution without the inmates being able to tell whether or not they are being watched. Although it is physically impossible for the single watchman to observe all cells at once, the fact that the inmates cannot know when they are being watched means that all inmates must act as though they are watched at all times, effectively controlling their own behaviour constantly. This EP plays deeply with this idea in typical robot fashion. Stunning opener ‘Cast’ is an epic techno influenced house track, lush with shimmering synths and live drums creating tension, much in the spirit of 90′s electronica. Breaking through like sun through cloud, though, are brightly glowing chords that really add a celestial air to proceedings, with powerful vocals sprinkled throughout deepening the story. It’s a refreshingly original track that sounds like little else and is sure to make for some standout moments on the floor in the coming weeks. Then comes ‘Manifesto,’ a playful mid tempo prowler with myriad synths squealing, glowing and spread through the arrangement. You are trapped right at the heart of it all as these spritely lines bring a real sense of life and colour to the track, as well as imbuing it with a sombre sense of futurism. At the center of the recording is a tongue in cheek vocal that intones “selling out is the new underground”, bringing a true light heartedness to proceedings while balancing the darker elements. The track’s apex delivers in true My Favorite Robot spirit, and solidly brings the whole trip back down to earth resulting in a truly unique experience. This is a small but perfectly formed two track EP that once again showcases the trio’s ability to make genuine, emotionally resonant electronic music sure to stand the test of time.


Artist:  My Favorite Robot
Title:  Panoptikum EP
Label: My Favorite Robot Records
Catalog No.:  MFR125

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Oliver Huntemann – Schwarzlicht & Filmriss (Senso Sounds)

2015-06-30 08_19_49-Blitz (Snippet) in Oliver Huntemann - Blitz & Donner EP

As Dave Chapelle once proclaimed channeling the great Rick James; “Darkness everybody!! Darkness is spreading!”.  Techno master Oliver Huntemann comes to us this week with some deep, dark, pounding techno that will be sure to capture your black little hearts.  Released on his very own Senso Sounds, ‘Schwarzlicht & Filmriss’ is a force to be reckoned with. The sharp plucking strings of ‘Schwarzlicht’ quickly captures our attention before brutally and forcefully knocking us on our ass with its low rattling bass.  ’Filmriss’ follows suit, building tension with its sharp spiking pulses, twisting and modulating until it  eventually drop us into a pedal to the metal techno groove.


ARTIST: Oliver Huntemann
RELEASE DATE: 2015-06-29
LABEL: Senso Sounds


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Audiomux V2 Turns Your iPad, iPhone into the Ultimate Plug-in


Audiomux already changed how we use our iPhones and iPads. Out: juggling cables and audio interfaces just to record an app. In: using apps seamlessly on your computer via just a Lightning or (30-pin) Dock cable.

Well, if that didn’t make you interested in plugging your iPad into your DAW, this should. Using an app as a synth or effect on iOS is now about to be as easy as adding a plug-in — even on Windows.

Audiomux isn’t the only game in town. Apple announced this month at its developer conference that was baking some basic functionality into iOS for routing audio to a connected computer. What Apple calls “Inter-Device Audio” will turn your iOS gadget into a USB 2.0 audio class-compliant device – meaning it’ll appear as an audio interface on any computer, without installing a driver. It also mutes system sounds over that connection, so an alert won’t screw up your audio. But the new feature supports stereo output only, so it’s only useful for recording apps. And it requires iOS 9 – so it’s not out yet.

Audiomux already does more than that, and Audiomux 2 adds icing on the top.

Fundamentally, Audiomux lets you ditch the audio interface and integrate your iOS gadget via a single cable. It works with output – so you can record, or make samples, or add effects on your computer. It works with input – round-trip, even, so you can add iOS effects to projects you’re working on via your computer. And it works with multiple apps and even multiple devices, making iOS tools part of your studio rather than just the thing you use to distract yourself while waiting at a bus terminal.

Now, the power features:

VST and AU plug-ins. You can now add Audiomux support as a plug-in, so a synth or effect app on your iPad is the same as one on your computer – just with touch support and extra processing power.

IAA and Audiobus integration. By supporting Inter App Audio and Audiobus, you can use Audiomux with your favorite apps.

Mixing. IAA and Audiobus also integrate a mixer so it’s easier to keep track of volume, muting, and monitoring. There are send channels, too, so you can easily route apps and effects. In short, Audiomux is as much a centralized mixer as it is a tool for connecting to the computer – and using it means that using all those apps feels almost like having a studio full of gear attached to a mixer.

Windows support. Oh, yeah, all of this is no longer limited to Mac users – Windows works too (Windows 7 or later). And OS X support still works back to OS X 10.7. (I’m sorry, to anyone sticking with 10.6 – if you want the latest and greatest, it’s time to upgrade.)

You can grab Audiomux in a US$9.99 bundle with the also-essential Midimux. (I’ve been using that to sequence outboard gear, in fact.)

We’ll have a video tutorial or two in July, so stay tuned. In the meantime, there’s a great new guide to get you started:

Midimux / Audiomux installation guide

audiomux at the iTunes App Store

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Shadow Child & Ben Pearce ft Laurel – Nothing Ever Hurts (Different)

Shadow Child and Ben Pearce have teamed up to deliver this Summer house anthem entitled ‘Nothing Ever Hurts’ featuring the vocals of Laurel. For the ...

The post Shadow Child & Ben Pearce ft Laurel – Nothing Ever Hurts (Different) appeared first on Knights Of The Turntable.

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