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The Definitive Larry Levan Compilation Is Here


Larry Levan’s influence across the spectrum of dance music is instrumental.

From Paradise Garage to seminal house producer, Levan’s legacy permeates throughout dance music, from your favorite DJs “best of” lists to any and all “pioneer” conversation. Now, Universal has compiled “Genius of Time,” with 22 of Levan’s best productions and remixes.

Packed with cuts like Gwen Guthrie’s ‘Padlock’ and Smokey Robinson’s ‘And I Don’t Love You’, alongside edits of Grace Jones, Central Line and Loose Joints, the album will be available on 25 March. Pre order HERE



1 NYC Peech Boys – “Life Is Something Special (Special Edition)”
2 Syreeta – “Can’t Shake Your Love (Larry Levan Mix)”
3 Gwen Guthrie – “Padlock (Larry Levan Mix)”
4 Man Friday – “Love Honey, Love Heartache (A Larry Levan Mix)”
5 Merc & Monk – “Carried Away (Larry Levan Remix)”
6 Dee Dee Bridgewater – “Bad For Me (Larry Levan Mix)”
7 Bert Reid – “Groovin’ With You (Vocal, Levan Edit)”
8 Tramaine – “The Rock (Garage Vocal Version)”
9 Man Friday – “Groove (Larry’s Yaw)”
10 Jimmy Ross – “First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Remix)”
11 Gwen Guthrie – “Seventh Heaven (Levan Mix)”


1 David Joseph – “You Can’t Hide Your Love (Larry Levan Mix)”
2 Grace Jones – “Feel Up (Larry Levan Mix)”
3 Gwen Guthrie – “It Should Have Been You (Larry Levan Mix)”
4 Loose Joints – “Tell Me (Today) (Larry Levan Mix)”
5 Esther Williams – “I’ll Be Your Pleasure (Larry Levan Mix)”
6 Man Friday – “Real Love (The Paradise Garage Mix)”
7 Central Line – “Walking Into Sunshine (Special Mix)”
8 Jeffrey Osborne – “Plane Love (Specially Remixed Version – Larry Levan Remix)”
9 Gwen Guthrie – “Peanut Butter (Long Vocal) Larry Levan Remix)”
10 Smokey Robinson – “And I Don’t Love You (Instrumental Dub)”
11 Peech Boys – “Don’t Make Me Wait (Extended Version)”

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Daso & Pawas – No Lead (Soulfooled)

Daso & Pawas - No Lead -Soulfooled


The newest release on Soulfooled is fueled with great vibes from a few artists to watch out for in 2016. Daso Franke and Pawas Gupta (aka Daso and Pawas) released these two energetic dance floor tracks with an incredible remix by Chymera. Soulfooled was started in 2010 by Alex Niggeman out of Berlin, Germany and is known for their exceptional music dexterity, and releasing tracks that feel the passion in the music. This latest release is just that. It’s has passionate dance floor vibe with an unforgettable rhythmic backbone.

No Lead  ’ is a very rhythmically moving track with a creative input of percussion and brass sounds that combines classical strings that sing. ‘Decide ’ is light feeling track with a percussion groove the is delicately mixed with melodious flourishes of bass and a high in space vibe. Chymera, the Irishman now residing in Berlin, remixes ‘No Lead’ with a creative entanglement of percussion, brass, and bass. This ‘No Lead’ EP has finesse. The melodies, musicianship, rhythms and atmospheric sounds fuse perfectly.


Artist: ChymeraDasoPawas
Release Date: 2015-01-29
Label: Soulfooled
Catalog No.:  SFLD017

-Becky Beloved

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Custom Design Record Shelves For Any Size Vinyl


Polish furniture brand Tylko has one-upped Ikea’s do it yourself furniture, especially for vinyl enthusiasts, with a new line of fully customizable shelf units.

Having launched last year with an interactive app allowing hypothetically designed furniture’s place in ones home, the innovative companies latest product allows every aspect of customization, including height, width, and depth with three finishes available: solid sycamore, and black or white plywood.

Here, collectors can fashionably display their collections, whether they include 12″, 7″ or 10″ vinyl. At £400, Tylko does increase on any IKEA price, but it doesn’t break the bank either, especially given the sizes of some collections. Design yours here.


Source: The Vinyl Factory

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Lovecast Episode 124 – Cera Alba

cera cover

UK sensation Cera Alba has been on a warpath since his Hot Creations release in 2011. After that fateful moment, Cera has consistently put out music on a gang of robust labels: Gruuv for Audiojack; Lawler’s VIVa Music; the illustrious Moon Harbour; MadTech; and Santé’s label, AVOTRE. Cera Alba’s latest EP, ‘Dedicated to the Pioneers‘, was released on Scottish label Made Fresh Daily just last week (Jan 30, 2016).

We heard a live mix from Cera Alba at a Mixmag event back in 2012 and were instantly hooked! He always delivers a unique and fresh style through his productions and DJ sets. We recently premiered a remix from Cera for Roy Davis Jr. on Mile End Records as well.

Cera Alba is definitely a solid addition to our Lovecast roster and we’re stoked to have him onboard for this week’s episode. Add some pep to your day with this new mix and learn more about the London-based producer in the interview below.

Lovecast Episode 124 – Cera Alba

* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.


Connect with Cera Alba
SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Beatport


Interview with Cera Alba

How did you first get introduced to house music? What inspired you to transform an obsession into a career?
I was first induced to house music way back in the early 90’s, listening to pop house records like Inner City and KWS. I think this started my love of the beat synonymous house. I didn’t find the sound that started my career until around 2004/5, it was minimal techno that really caught my ear, following artists like Villalobos, Marc Houle & Steve Bug. I never thought it would turn into a career, it just sort of happened, some luck and a lot of hard work.

Who is someone in your life that is continually pushing you to the next level?
Haha! Only my own drive and ambition to write a half decent record.

Where are you currently based? What’s the scene like there?
I’m currently based in London, the scene here is in a state of transformation in my opinion. There some great nights and events but for me you have to look a little deeper than the obvious to find good music.

Favorite piece of gear in the studio…
An idea…

What advice would you give to an aspiring producer trying to make his or her mark?
Never give up and always write to match the music you love. Oh, and study music theory, its more important than anything else!

What things are on the horizon for you in 2016 that you’re particularly excited about?
I have an EP on Mile End out soon with a Leftwing & Kody remix. Then I have worked on a track with Sante for his House Lessons LP. Finally I have a Madtech EP out in July, and its big room summer terrace vibes. Got some other bits on the way too but I cant reveal on here yet!

Dream gig…
Panorama Bar.

Dream collab…
Mr. G.

Name one track that has been lighting up the dance floors…
Robag Wruhme – Volta Cobby

Tell us about your mix…
It’s a slight glimpse into the type of music I like to play; raw, melodic, tough and sometimes grabs your heart.

Drink of choice…
Coconut Water and a few shots of Jaeger.



- jams
Jimbo James
Managing Editor


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Link is out of beta; videos, what’s new in Live 9.6

The funny thing about Ableton Link is that it doesn’t require Ableton Live. It isn’t even an app. It’s a sync technology, one that allows software to jam together, wirelessly, without any one clock having to be the source or “master.”

But as of today, if you do use Ableton Live, that wireless magic is built-in – and requires almost no configuration.

Live users can jam with other Live users. Live users can jam with apps. If you were on the beta, you’ve been doing this already, but with Live 9.6, the functionality is out of beta.


Link comes to Ableton Live

In case you weren’t already using the Link beta for Ableton Live 9.5, Live 9.6 quietly adds a “Link” section to preferences (in a tab now renamed “Link/MIDI”). And when connected to a WiFi network with Link devices on it (either iOS or other laptops running Ableton Live), you’ll see sync abilities.

To make this play nice with other sync tech, Link and The Bridge (if any of you still use that) are mutually exclusive, and each is disabled if running as a ReWire slave (if any of you do that).

Meanwhile, iOS developers have been busy. They’ve been making not only demos, but real-world jam sessions.

First up, a bit of an exclusive – one of my long-time favorite apps, SoundPrism from Audanika, is now updated with Link support. It’s not live on the store until tomorrow Thursday, but it brings some cool sync functionality to a lovely graphical touch instrument.

And more jams from other iOS devs, showing just how many apps support this.

Previous coverage (okay, you can tell we’re a bit excited about this):
A new free app bridges Ableton Link and MIDI (this explains how to work with iOS and MIDI hardware)

A flock of iOS devices can now jam with Ableton Link

Link could change how you play music, even without Ableton

And as before, you can find out more – and even sign up for the SDK if you’re an iOS developer.

To me, the big remaining question about Link is if and when we’ll see a desktop SDK. I’d love to see a Traktor user switch off with a live set in Ableton in a DJ booth without dropping sync, for instance, or see Live users jamming with FL Studio and Reason users… and the list goes on. I expect it’s coming, and I expect you’re as enthusiastic about that as I am.

Also, new in 9.6

Live 9.6 isn’t just about Link. A whole slew of stability improvements and fixes are in there, too. (I was much happier using the beta of this release after a couple of hiccups in 9.5).

You can check the release notes for fixes, but I’m most interested in what they’re doing with control surfaces and Simpler.

Arturia fans, there’s now control surface support for KeyLab, BeatStep, and MiniLab.

Hackers, Live’s Python interface finally supports Python 2.7. (There’s also something very cool coming to Ableton Live called the Connection Kit, which brings new options to people using technology like OSC and Arduino. They’re demoing that here in Berlin during CTM, so I’ll report more on that once I’ve had a look.)

Meanwhile, in Simpler, you see Warp mode parameters (grain size, flux) in real-time rather than per-note, improved visualizations, and other tweaks.

Oh, yeah, and if you hate Live 9.6’s clip coloring, you can bring back random clip coloring again.

9.6 is a free upgrade for current users.

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Amazon vs Beatport: Where Can DJs Get The Best Deal On Music?

For years, Beatport has staked a claim as one of the top music stores for DJs – but just like any other product, there are competitors on the market. A clever Reddit user has taken the top 2200 songs from each Beatport category and written a Java program to compare them to Amazon’s pricing. Keep reading to see his Amazon vs Beatport findings and why many DJs might want to consider shopping around for their music.

Beatport vs. Amazon

Amazon vs Beatport spreadsheet

The raw data and comparison for each genre – click to view in Google Docs

Oftentimes, when multiple companies are competing for customers, they will play the price game – each company trying to offer a better deal than the next. One Reddit user, Sinisa Radovcic, decided to use Amazon’s Product Search API to cross reference every top-selling track from Beatport to find out what (if any) price different existed between the two. Sinisa writes:

“The purpose is to measure Amazon in comparison to electronic music download market leader Beatport. Also, I pay for my downloads and I want to get more tracks for the same amount of my weekly music budget.”

The difference is substantial – of the tracks that were available on Amazon, there were savings across the board. If you bought every single track on Beatport it would be about $3,070, whereas on Amazon it would run just $1,785.

Take one example, the top Tech House track on Beatport, Emanuel Satie’s rework of I Get Deep. The track is $1.99 on Beatport’s store, but if you cruise over to Amazon, it’s just 89¢.

Quality Caveats To Amazon

So why is Amazon so much cheaper? The biggest difference is that Beatport carries MP3s that are 320kbps, where as Amazon is encoding at a 256kbps VBR. The quality is still pretty solid, but for DJs playing large club systems many will want to stick with 320 MP3s (read our DJ’s Guide To Audio Files and Bit Rates).

If you’re just planning on rocking out at small house parties and in your bedroom, this could be a big win.

A few other things to note about this analysis:

  • Not Every Song Is On Amazon: Based on Sinisa’s analysis, only 1672 out of the 2200 top tracks on Beatport were available or soon-to-be released on Amazon. Amazon isn’t comprehensive.
  • No International Data: Something that wasn’t explored was if DJs who use a more local version of have the same level of discount on Amazon.

Would you consider buying some tracks on Amazon if there’s a substantial price difference? Or does 256VBR on your Don’t Buy list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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