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Urbanears Offers The Perfect Hideout During ADE


Urbanears, the popular Swedish headphone producer, is offering a much-welcomed hideout in people’s hectic schedule from the 15th through the 17th of October, when the Amsterdam Dance Event is in full effect. At ‘The Amsterdam View’ near Magna Plaza, visitors will be offered an escape from their busy networking activities, to calm down and let a mix of relaxation, entertainment and creativity tickle the senses. Of course, the happening will be fuelled by some exquisite musical outings. 

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Urbanears makes headphones for people that want to listen to music in top crisp quality wherever they go, but who do not want to spend hundreds of euros on industry standard-level headgear. Supplying a listening device for anyone with a pocket full of music and a wish to make the most of it, Urbanears’ models are cereated to optimize sound together with slick designs, tailored to everyone’s needs and wishes.

This year will be the third time Urbanears will cooperate with ADE, sponsoring the event with a limited edition of the ‘Zinken’ DJ headphone. Decked out in ADE’s trademark black and yellow, the headphone will be available for purchase both online and at the event itself.

The Hideout

At daytime, everybody can enter The Amsterdam View for the Urbanears Hideout event for drinks, food, innovation and entertainment. At nighttime though, there will be an invite-only door policy, and the special guests can be part of a series of unforgettable experiences.


During the day you can expect the unexpected: be prepared for memorable encounters provided by theatre collective PIPS:lab, or let yourself be pampered in a ‘zen area’ where you can cure your dreary hangovers. There are also creative ‘Pecha Kucha‘ presentations, artistic morning exercise and plenty of other activities to keep your mind on balance for a new, full day of ADE madness.

Join here and keep yourself updated on the full programme and check #urbanearsxade to make sure that you don’t miss out on any news regarding the event.

Urbanears Facebook  Website 

October 15 – 17 | Urbanears Hideout | Free Entrace (Daytime) | The Amsterdam View |

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Akai MPC Touch is an MPC with a multi-touch screen


MPC lovers, you finally get a piece of hardware with everything in one place: touch, color displays, pads, buttons for workflow access.

There’s just one catch: you will still need the computer.

Ever looked at those beautiful color waveforms on Native Instruments’ Traktor and Maschine controller and wished you could touch the screen? Imagined pinching to zoom waveforms and navigate samples, the way you can on an iPad?

Well, Akai are the first to do groove-making hardware that combines physical pads and a touchscreen in one unit – no iPads (or Microsoft Surfaces) in sight.

Today’s MPC Touch also does something else Maschine and Ableton Push don’t do – this slim-line hardware has an audio interface built in. That means you don’t need an extra piece of kit just to hook up to a PA (don’t mention the MacBook headphone jack) or to sample sound (oh yeah, that “sampling” idea of sampling workstations).

The hardware leans really heavily on the touchscreen for a lot of functions:
browsing / sample selection
waveform start/stop
waveform stretch
MIDI event drawing
parameter control

There’s even what they call “XYFX” — an X/Y controller for real-time effects, in the tradition of the KORG KAOSS Pad (and many other things).

Now, that isn’t a sure win. It’s actually really satisfying to reach out and grab a knob for some of these features, rather than a touchscreen, on some of the rival hardware. A big question will be how well the touchscreen itself responds.

The on-screen interface looks refined and attractive, though, if conservative – and the same can be said of the hardware.

It also means there is a really clear, compact control layout for everything else. And you’ll see the usual Akai workflow shortcuts, like Note Repeat, and quick access to features like overdub.

Behind the scenes, you still use the Akai MPC software. And I suspect that will leave some people scratching their heads and wondering why Akai didn’t simply make this standalone hardware so you can untether from the computer entirely.

But while the computer is still in the background, Akai’s appealing approach to tasks like recording and immediate control are right on the hardware. It’s too soon to judge without trying it, but I think it is the best rival to the Maschine and Push workflows – each of them distinct – with something that is unique.

Akai has a live microsite with more, but it’s struggling a bit with Web traffic. (Come on, people – scaling!)

What they do have is some serious artist credibility. Hip-hop really defined the MPC and this entire category, so that is worth saying. They’re launching with videos by Needlz:

So what’s running under the hood?

I asked the folks at Akai to tell us more about what they’ve done.

The pads are all-new. Akai tells CDM the pads are…

far superior to existing MPC hardware. They’re much more sensitive, and very playable. Akin to the new MPD line of MIDI controllers as they follow a similar lineage.”

(emphasis theirs)

And I was curious what hardware is inside. Here, CDM gets a scoop —

That’s an actual, touchable screen for your computer.

It’s a bespoke platform with a custom touch solution. The screen is a customised Display Link USB-attached screen, under some cunning control from us. This means that you have the ability to also use MPC Touch as a desktop extender, and put other software on the screen, if you so choose.

That’d be a cool hack, in fact.

Without question, though, this week has changed how you touch the tools you use to make music:

1. We’ve got a new Surface line from Microsoft, including a flagship laptop, that will run your favorite music apps in Windows.

2. We’ve got a new Bitwig Studio that has been redesigned with touch in mind.

3. We’ve got hardware control with a touchscreen built-in from Akai.

And, of course, you could choose to combine all three of those.

Interesting times.




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LoudSilence – Qamar (Gooseneck Records)


Based out of São Paulo, Brazil, Gooseneck Records have been putting out house and techno tracks for 4 years now.The imprints 61st release is no exception, maintaining the original techno and house influences that originally sprung up the label, however with a modern and experimental take, mixing borderline indigenous sounds with melodic, spaced out synths.
First up is the original Qamar, focused on keeping a deep house structure with a running bassline, combined with a suitle influence of almost indigenous sounds, matching a hypnotic flute that pops in and out throughout the track, sure to give the dancefloor that needed boost at peak points of the night. Rounding up the 2 track release, is Einfugen, a deeper darker take of deep house, but that maintains the same melodic overview intended by these two up and coming Peruvian artists, LoudSilence.
LoudSilence is a Peruvian duo composed by Alonso Seclen & Martin Garcia. The partnership was formed in Miami Florida where Seclen first crossed records with Garcia in 2008 at a club named “Nocturnal” in Miami.They describe their music style as funky-techno deep house music with soul. Bonding over house, techno, minimal and much else besides, the duo joined forces in 2010 to mix and produce seminal minimal and deep house sounds. Today LoudSilence is resident of a Miami based underground music entertainment company called Sub-Motus.
Artist:  LoudSilence
Title: Qamar
Label:  Gooseneck Records
Catalog No.:  GNR061

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Seth Troxler To Feed Amsterdam’s Homeless During ADE


Seth Troxler will cook up a three-course meal for Amsterdam’s homeless at this year’s ADE.

Aside from being a world renowned DJ, Seth Troxler also owns his own restaurant Smokey Tails in London and has won the ADE DJ Cook-Off three times in a row. But judging the DJ Cook-off is not the only event he’ll be taking part in on October 14th; he will also be cooking a lunch for 75 homeless people at walk-in shelter De Kloof in Amsterdam. Seth has invited his fans, as well as friends DJ Makam and Radio Noet-Noet, to help him.

See also: Interview: Seth Troxler

During ADE, Amsterdam welcomes over 100,000 visitors from Holland and abroad. But while those party people can jump into warm beds after a night of dancing, there is a growing group of people wondering where they are going to sleep that same night. The number of people with acute financial or social problems asking organisations like De Regenboog Groep for help has tripled in the last four years. More and more people are faced with the problem of getting through the day with enough to eat and a place to sleep.

Through this special edition of the Cook-Off the organisers of ADE, alongside Seth Troxler, the 10,000 HOURS foundation and a group of volunteers, will give the homeless people of Amsterdam an unforgettable afternoon in their hometown.

Website – 10000hours

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Free Download: Roger Sanchez – Remember Me (Man Without a Clue Remix)


Somehow, against all odds a leafy quiet town in the north west of Holland has spawned an artist who’s passion for real house music, and determination in the studio has made him clearly stand out amongst his peers: Man Without a Clue (MWAC).

With releases on Defected, Dopewax, Skream’s Of Unsound Mind label & Suara under his belt, and new projects forthcoming on Tough Love’s Get Twisted Records & Love & Other, the Dutch producer is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with; his clear trademark sound that draws a heavy influence from the old skool, yet manages to sound completely fresh gives him a unique position in the scene.

In 2015, MWAC has seen the launch of Clueless Music, a week working in the studio in NYC with Kenny Dope, a huge remix for Soul Divide’s “Catch The Light”, a new single Bless Her Soul Featuring Meleka signed to Azuli and a collaboration with S-Man and Kevin Knapp dropping on Undr The Radr!

Today, we have something very special for you, as Man Without A Clue has offered a FREE DOWNLOAD of his remix of ‘Remember Me’ from non other than the S-Man himself, Roger Sanchez.

Free Download

Artist Page  Soundcloud 

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Drum Compression Basics: Creating Punchy Drums

About a month ago we featured the first tutorial from mixing engineer Hannes Bieger on how to clean up the high end of a mix. Today we’ve got a follow up piece in which he shares his techniques on basic drum compression. This is critical for almost every production, and often it’s way too easy to apply way too much compression. Learn how to do it right (by setting your attack and release correctly) and why punchy drums matter in this tutorial.

Drum Compression Basics

We recommend using good headphones on this video to hear the examples he demonstrates and A/B testing of compression.

In order to get great sounding compression on the transients of your drum grooves requires two key elements:

  • long attack time that allows the transients to pass before the compressor starts (as long as possible – Hannes uses 30ms in this video on his API 2500 compressor)
  • short release so that the compressor is back before the the next kick triggers it

Learn more about Hannes Beiger on his website here or follow him on Facebook here

Want more drum-related production tips? Learn how to make a great kick drum sound or snare drum sound in Ableton Live. 

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