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Maschine 2.4.5: Manual Slicing + Improved Workflow

Native Instruments announced the arrival of the 2.4.5 update to their MASCHINE 2 software, enabling users to get even more out of the software. This update, available in the Service Center today, offers a new Manual Slicing feature, variable scene length, and the ability to save user defaults as well as general performance improvements. Read more below about what to expect from Maschine 2.4.5.


Manual Slicing and Variable Scene Length

The flagship feature of the 2.4.5 update is Manual Slicing, a new way for producers to cut up a sample in real-time. While in Manual Slicing mode a sample can be cut up by playing back the original sample and using the pads to add slices to different parts of the sample. This added functionality is a quick and intuitive way for producers to quickly chop up samples and is something many users will probably get a lot of use out of in this update.

In addition to Manual Slicing, Maschine users are now able to have variable scene lengths, making it easier for producers to create polyrhythms by setting scene lengths independently from the patterns that reside within the scene.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Another feature that has been long-awaited is the ability to save plug-in settings as defaults. Maschine 2.4.5 has a Save As Default function that allows any special plug-in settings to be the go-to setting for producers.

Exporting was also improved with the ability to export scenes into individual audio loops, which can also be exported in AIFF format in the new update. Entire song range can be exported now without setting a loop range first.

Users should also be aware of the following updates and changes to the software:

  • Eraser Tool now deletes a divider between slices instead of merging two slices
  • Browse by product group (category /vendor) via MASCHINE STUDIO
  • Remove all slices at once directly from the MASCHINE hardware to start again from scratch
  • Directly access audio and MIDI settings from the regular preferences dialog
  • “Pattern Grid” renamed to “Arrange Grid” and moved below the Group List in the software
  • In the Slicer, “Manual” mode is now the default
  • Added a field in preferences for custom names for export
  • “Slice” Button renamed to “Split” and turns into “Slice” when a slice is played back
  • Added a Loop control to the Transport in the software to enable and disable Loop playback
  • Browse directly from KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard using the new Hardware Browse mode

Current Maschine 2 software owners can update for free on starting today. 

Want to get your hands on Maschine? Support DJTT and buy from the store!

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For Small Town Holland Speed Is In The Water


In a practice frequently used by the EU, several small towns throughout the Netherlands have began testing their waste water for insight into local drug habits.

Interestingly, for a country with such prominent history of soft drugs and MDMA usage, it is actually Speed that pops up the most in rural areas. Back in March, the NRC checked the waste water of 8 towns in North and West Holland over the period of one week. The water was tested for cocaine, MDMA. cannabis, amphetamines and methamphetamine.

“Speed is farmers cocaine…‘It is cheap and easy to get hold of. We are going to disrupt the market,” Lopik alderman Johan van Everdingen said. Of particular interest here is that many of these communities with a high amphetamine prevalence are actually “closed communities” where drugs are rarely mentioned, let alone acknowledged, but with these findings this myth of innocence can easily be put to rest.


The post For Small Town Holland Speed Is In The Water appeared first on Deep House Amsterdam.

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Elektron sell off the final Machinedrum, Monomachine

It’s the end of an era. The Elektron Machinedrum (2001) and Monomachine (2003) will see this month their last batch from manufacturing. It’s pretty remarkable how far these machines have come – spurred on by passionate users and a string of software updates that kept them fresh.

Our Swedish friends at Elektron aren’t being terribly subtle with their marketing announcing the event, either, going for a funeral motif. Wait. Let’s back up. These are new units arriving, and unless a software update is going all Blade Runner on these things, not sure “funeral” was what they were looking for. But it is nice to see out these boxes.

And meanwhile, the whole industry has shifted toward Elektron, not the other way round. Now musicians are increasingly clamoring for standalone hardware, drum machines, techno boxes – and, let’s be honest, very often away from the laptop when it comes time to play onstage (at least they aren’t satisfied leaving the laptop solo – it’s very likely with an Elektron or something next to it).

But Elektron remains on fire, with the Octatrack going strong and the Analog line – marked by particularly rich sound – one of the hottest pieces of kit out there. Not to mention, we’re even seeing those CDJ folks, Pioneer, entering the standalone drum machine hardware market.

Still, these instruments remain milestones in electronic musical instruments. Everywhere I saw discussion of this announcement today, people were jockeying to get their own (used or new).

You’ve got until the Summer Solstice – this batch are on sale online at Elektron until Jun 21. Delivery 1-4 weeks.

The post Elektron sell off the final Machinedrum, Monomachine appeared first on cdm createdigitalmusic.

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