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Andhim – Rollercoaster (Monaberry)

2015-06-25 08_19_02-andhim - Rollercoaster EP by andhim _ Free Listening on SoundCloud


Zee Germans are coming!! Released today on Monaberry is a brand new four track EP from the facial hair enthusiasts known as Andhim . The ‘super-house’ duo have been relentless in their quest to make us dance until our little  feet hurt, and this release is no exception. The appropriately named ‘Rollercoaster’ takes us on a ride that keeps things fun while forcing us to hold on tight. Monaberry label bosses and fellow Germans Super Flu lend their trademark sound to ‘Mr.Bass’, the standout track of the release. The accompanying music video of the group selling a magical cologne on a television shopping network is as awkward as it is hilarious. The EP glides forward with the title track ‘Rollercoaster’, which has dance floor crowd pleaser written all over it. Sexy samples and buttery basslines combine to create the perfect late night soundtrack.  ’Batu’ shows a unique side of Andhim, playing as almost an intermission before plunging deeper with ‘Cloys’ which provides a dark and twisted vibe that really gets our blood pumping.



ARTIST: Andhim
RELEASE DATE: 2015-06-25
LABEL: Monaberry
CATALOG: 4056813003857


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The Funk District – Robot Soul [Whiskey Pickle]


After dropping an ace EP from The New Black back in May, Austin’s Whiskey Pickle is back with another hot four-tracker from rising star The Funk District. After releasing material on a combo of established labels such as Editorial, Paper Disco and Deep Sense in the past few months, Fernando Mendoza is welcomed into the Whiskey Pickle family with Robot Soul – a summery number thick with guitar delays, mellow pads and an uplifting vibe, just perfect for those sessions on the beach or by the pool. Remixes come from Richard Seaborne (Midnight Riot!) and a lovely dub from Hotbox. The B-Side features Right To Humanity – another breezy jam to top things off straight from Cancun’s sandy shores. Welcome Summer!

The Funk District – Robot Soul [Whiskey Pickle]

* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.

Release Date: 6/30/2015
Artist: The Funk District
Label: Whiskey Pickle
Catalog Number: WP026

Connect with The Funk District
SoundCloud | Facebook

Connect with Whiskey Pickle
Juno | SoundCloud | Facebook


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Top 10 Releases In June


As June is slowly running to its end it’s high time to start covering the top 10 releases for this month. Featuring releases from artists such as  

#10 Mennie – Callin’ EP | Flashmob LTD | Out now |

Italian producer Mennie makes his debut on Flashmob LTD with his ‘Callin’ EP’. With influences from early New York House to laidback Mediterranean vibes, this EP is a perfect fit for Flashmob LTD and the Top 10 Releases of June.

Mennie – Callin’ (Original Mix)

#09 Correspondant Compilation | Correspondant | Vinyl Only|

Correspondant present the vinyl sampler for their 3rd label compilation, packed with contributions from a range of artists including big names (such as Roman Flügel and Chloe), close Correspondant family (like Man Power and Red Axes), and exciting new rising talent (including Bird of Paradise and Sigward).

Agents of Time – Lotus Flower (Original Mix)

#08 Bob Moses – Talk | Domino | Out now |

‘Talk’ is the first taste of the Canadian duo’s forthcoming full-length for Domino. Since we have to wait for the LP until September this track is perfect to shorten the wait.

Bob Moses – Talk

#07 Jamie XX – In Colour | Young Turks | Out now |

The concept of Jamie Smith’s debut album ‘In Colour’ seems to be raver nostalgia. And you can hear this on almost every track. The album is full of notable guest appearances like for example Jamie’s bandmates from The xx and perfect to get into the mood to go out.

Full Premiere: Kurt Baggaley – Former Self (The Drifter Remix)

#06 Kornél Kovács – Radio Koko EP| Numbers | Out now |

When we heard about this release for the first time our office went a bit crazy. ‘Pantalón’ was featured in Jackmasters last ‘Mastermix’ and its simply brilliant. Now Jackmasters Numbers label released the track with two more house bangers.

Kornél Kovács – Radio Koko Sampler

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Lovecast Episode 098 – Raxon

raxon cover

From the famed words of Mugatu, “It’s that damn Raxon! He’s so hot right now!” Fresh off his debut EP release, ‘Side Effect,’  on Noir Music, Raxon is flying high and coasting up the ranks; also releasing jams on some of MI4L’s favorite labels, such as Akbal Music, My Favorite Robot, Culprit, and Soulfooled.

As resident DJ of Dubai’s notorious 11-hour dance party, audio tonic Sunset Sessions, Raxon honed the arts of music programming, crowd control, and hosting a quality event on a weekly basis. The result has been long-lasting.

During the party’s nearly ten year residency at 360º in Dubai, a natural progression for Raxon and team was to form the audio tonic brand into a bona fide record label. That they did. audio tonic Records just added the 33rd release to their catalogue; housing tracks from artists like: Raxon, himself; Thomas Gandey; Wehbba; Kolombo; Balcazar & Sordo; Jimpster; Tom Budden; and Kruse & Nuernberg to name a handful.

Now based in Barcelona, Raxon manages audio tonic Records, hunkers down in the studio, and travels the world playing the music he loves for some of the best dance floors the global scene has to offer. Living the dream we’d say. We’re proud to add Raxon to the Lovecast roster as we inch closer and closer to Episode 100.

Here is Raxon with Lovecast 098 for all our Lovers out there. Enjoy! — jams

Lovecast Episode 098 – Raxon

* PLAY HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.


1. Raxon & Spirit Catcher – Traffiq (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) [ audio tonic Records ]
2. Raxon – Monotype (Original Mix) [Noir Music]
3. Larry Cadge – Serendipity (Gunnar Stiller Remix)
4. Undercatt – Camargo (Original Mix) [Diynamic Music]
5. Andre Hommen – Battery Park (Original Mix) [Objecktivity]
6. Wally Lopez – Summertime Grooves
7. QUARTZ – Crystals (Melokolektiv Edition)
8. Paolo Mojo – Talkin Bout Love (Original Mix)
9. Hot Since 82 – Voices
10. Raxon – Stigma (Original Mix) [Noir Music]
11. Lifelike & Kris Menace – Discopolis (Noir Remix)


Interview with Raxon:

First off — How was Sónar? In what ways does the energy shift in Barcelona during Sónar week? What shows did you play and how did they go?
I think it was by far the best OFF Sónar I’ve experienced! The city was just vibing with positive people and we were so lucky with the weather. It was raining for a few days just before everything kicked off. I played the Moodmusic at The Coconut Club and Dskonnect Agency Showcase at Maravillas Beach Club, and they were both great! Was great networking at both, as well.

raxon 4
Dskonnect Showcase at Maravilla’s Beach Club

You just released ‘Side Effect’ on Noir Music, and earlier this year your track ‘Home,’ which we had on repeat for weeks here, was included in Noir’s compilation series TRX. How has it been working so closely with Noir and company? What is one way they do business better than anyone else?
Yeah ‘Side Effect’ EP has been doing well and getting support from loads of DJs, which is so humbling.

I think everyone would agree that they are one of the few labels that are super professional and always on top of things. It’s amazing that they do it with such a small team. You don’t need to chase them for anything as they will keep you updated with everything, and Noir cares so much about his artists. Always pushing them and to try to big up their profiles. I’m lucky to work with them.

raxon and noirRaxon & Noir at their first meeting

Tell us about your own label audio tonic. When/why did you start up the label? How do you overcome the challenges of managing a label and being a touring DJ? What forthcoming releases on audio tonic can you tell us about?
audio tonic has been a weekly 11-hour party at 360 since 2006. It starts at 4pm with chillouts and downtempo beats, taking you through the sunset with deep house, then builds up until the end of the night. It was only natural to start a record label and to have our guests be apart of it to represent our weekly 11 hour music marathon.

Of course it’s challenging managing the label, listening to demos, making my own music, and also DJing; but this is basically my life in a sentence.

Next up we have Climbers with a 2 track EP. After that one from myself and Spirit Catcher, with a huge Olivier Giacomotto remix.

raxon 1
Raxon at audio tonic Sunset Sessions — May 2015

How does the scene in Dubai compare to other cities in your experience?
The Dubai scene is insane! You can have the entire Sónar week in just 2 days in Dubai. I’m happy to see there are few night where they focus on local talent and the nights are successful.

Dubai — the fastest growing city in the world

What news can you share with us that you’re most excited about?
Music-wise there are a few interesting bits coming out this year, including an original on Suara. Also, you will find me playing at the UK’s High Definition Festival, Ibiza, and a few shows around Europe.

raxon lab
Raxon’s lab

Dream gig…
Solomun +1

Dream collab…
Already did it… on to the next one now.

What the hottest track in your crate at the moment?
Seth Troxler – CZ

Drink of choice…



Connect with Raxon:
SoundCloud | Facebook | TwitterBeatport

Connect with audio tonic:
SoundCloud | Facebook | TwitterBeatport

- jams
Jimbo James
Managing Editor 


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Eternify is the Best Response Yet to Streaming Conundrum


What initially seemed to be a conversation about streaming revenues for artists more or less this week became a conversation … about Taylor Swift.

But it’s the debate behind Apple Music that is somewhat puzzling. Taylor Swift wasn’t the only one focusing concerns on Apple Music’s quarterly free trial. Labels were fixated on the same worry.

The reason this is odd is that it ignores the fact that even when users pay for a subscription, rates are woefully inadequate. Music Business Worldwide reported a study from France that confirms what many had suspected. Majors get a whole lot of the cash from a subscription fee. Most of the money stays in the hands of the labels; artists see as little as 11% of that ten dollar monthly fee. (The one bright spot: they’ll get a bit more if they’re registered as the writer, too – separate fee.) These numbers seem to be typical not only of France and something like Spotify, but other countries and Apple Music, too. (One difference: Europe takes an astonishing bite in the form of tax, which is a bit frustrating in a business that already has razor-thin revenue.)

The most telling stat to me is the one that was least reported from that study. Net income is an stunningly low 5% for the labels. The MBW article is suspicious of that figure, but I could believe it isn’t far off the mark. Essentially, marketing costs are such that labels are very nearly paying to have their music played. And that seems feasible given that a lot of people play music after searching for it – without the marketing budget, that music might not get played at all.

So kudos this round not to Taylor Swift, but to Ohm & Sport, who this week built a tool called Eternify. The Web app finds 30 seconds of your favorite artist and plays it over and over again – running up play counts and revenues. Leave Eternify running, and you can at least get beer money. But the app – whose 30-second loops prove oddly hypnotic if you actually leave your speaker on – just shows the absurdity of the streaming business model.

Eternify figures revenues of half a cent per play. Spotify has estimated fees as high as $0.08, but you still get the idea. And even if Apple Music sets a higher rate, you can do the math. Streaming earns a fraction of what downloads did.

Early analysis says Apple’s payments to indies are an even worse deal. A paltry $0.002 per stream make the whole thing virtually worthless. Europe takes tax out of that, too. And for an insight in why the free trial was so controversial, estimates pegged the per-stream fee there at as little as $0.00047.

This should lead to some other questions, like:
1. If streaming is earning next to nothing, why not simply have your music streaming for free, where you can more easily promote it?
2. If you’re not getting paid by streams, isn’t it more valuable to have a lot of data about listeners? Everything from planning tours to releases can benefit from that information. Will Apple provide that to artists?
3. Why can’t Apple make it easier for apps like Bandcamp to let you purchase your music? Surely this would do more to benefit independent artists than any of the lip service paid the topic in the Apple Music launch.
4. If most of the overhead in digital music is marketing, what can be done to make discovery and sharing easier and lavish marketing budgets less necessary? And, presuming artists made sure they got a share of the expanded proceeds, wouldn’t that do more for expanding revenue than worrying about a free trial?
5. Will Apple, given their control of the store, also encourage people to buy downloads of what they’re streaming?

We’re lucky DJs currently prefer downloads, and we’re lucky for the vinyl resurgence. But this still places recording artists in enormous trouble. Maybe streaming is an inevitable progression; maybe there’s no way to coax bigger subscription rates from listeners. But that means at the very least artists will need to look for other revenue sources to make recording music worthwhile.

Try Eternify for yourself. I earned about 15 cents for myself in the time it took me to write this.

And for a very different take on digital downloads, don’t miss The Verge covering Vimeo. Sure, this is video and not music, but some of the implications are clear.

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Introducing toc, The Retro Styled Vertical Record Player


The vertical record player designed by industrial designer Roy Harpaz is one for vinyl lovers, who also cherish a slick design.

The record player, named toc, is something of a tribute to Sony’s iconic PS-F5 Flamingo from the 1980’s. Of course, many of you will criticise that it is not for DJing and (also, of course) the Technics SL-1200 is above all when it comes to turntables, especially in dance music,  but this standup player is one for the eye, packed with loads of features.

The player works with a linear tracking system to capture that good old’ analog sound and allows operation via remote control or via LED touch buttons on the front panel. This means you can easily skip between tracks, thanks to a sensor scanning the tracks on the vinyl.

Another reason why this item might be the one for you is that the toc has special spherical bearings, allowing even warped records can be played without a problem. With the front panel made from walnut wood the toc is also an amazing design addition to every room.



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Download The New Nicolas Jaar LP For Free


Word has just come in that Nicolas Jaar has surprise released his latest LP ‘Pomegranates,’ (a re-scoring of the Russian film The Colour of Pomegranates) which he is offering free via direct download.

Aside from the album, the bundle download includes photographs, pictures of record labels, and a lengthy note from Jaar talking about the album.

A the beginning of 2015 my friend Milo heard some of these songs and told me about the film. I watched it and was dumbfounded. I felt the aesthetic made complete sense with the strange themes I had been obsessed with over the past couple of years. I was curious to see what my songs sounded like when synced with the images, which turned into a 2-day bender where I soundtracked the entire film, creating a weird collage of the ambient music I had made over the last 2 years.

The film gave me a structure to follow and themes to stick to. It gave clarity to this music that was made mostly out of and through chaos. It also gave me the balls to put it out… I wanted to do some screenings but the guy who owns the rights to the film only wants the original version of the movie out there. I can’t blame him, I’m sure Paradjanov wouldn’t want some kid in NY pissing all over his masterpiece and calling it a soundtrack! I’ve listened to it a couple of times without watching the movie and I think it stands on its own. Or at least I hope it can!

Here’s the link to download

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