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Parisian Nightclubs Set To Reopen Following Attacks; Issue Joint Statement Of Solidarity


Following the devastation of last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, the City of Lights collective nightlife scene has now issued a joint statement in anticipation of their reopening this Friday.

In a statement from the city’s major clubs: A La Folie Paris, Badaboum, Batofar, Concrete, Djoon, Faust, Glazart, Gibus, Java, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Le Queen, Rex Club, Social Club, Showcase, Virgo, Wanderlust, YoYo – Palais de Tokyo and Zig Zag, a unifying message of peace through culture, music and dance has been given.

“Nothing and no one will stop Paris from dancing….Music, dancing, sharing, meeting, social bonds [and] diversity are values that we carry and that these terrorists have targeted for destruction.”

Though this is all excellent news caution should still be headed when going out, especially as tensions in the area are still high with a State of Emergency continuing. With that in mind, France’s Federation of Cabarets and Nightclubs have issued a recommendation guide for safety and security alongside the addresses and contact numbers of police stations in each Arrondissement.

Source: RA

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OBMFLM4: Is This DIY Project A Vision Of Future DJ Mixers?

We are often inspired by some of the amazing DIY DJ projects out there – so today we’re focusing on such mixer designed by DJ dAb that incorporates some of the more interesting product design trends into a powerful digital DJ hub. With an integrated screen, onboard computer, and an excess of controls, could the OBMFLM4 DJ mixer be a prediction of the future of DJ gear? Read on to see the full details behind this custom piece of kit.

Meet The DJ Mixer Of The Future

The OBERMod FLM4 (stands for First Love Mixer) mixer is the result of serious attention to detail in design. This is the fourth generation of this design, and this version is a compact four channel all in one digital DJ rig. The dimensions clock in at 12″ x 12″ x 4″ – including knob height and feet – so impressively it takes up not much more space than a traditional DJ mixer.


There’s an onboard computer built into the case that runs the necessary DJ software – and since there’s a Traktor Audio 8 sound inside, it’s capable of DVS control on Traktor Pro or Virtual DJ.


While many might find the sheer number of controls to be a bit excessive, it’s important to remember that besides individual deck control via turntables or other deck controllers, this is it – there’s no traditional computer interface (keyboard or mouse) required. Plus, the 38 arcade buttons look fantastic on this mixer, even if it might feel a bit crowded. There’s even two 100mm pitch faders, and the crossfader is an Innofader for precision scratch control:

In the above video are two other amazing features of this mixer – not only is there a HDMI and VGA output on the rear of the mixer for outputting visuals (this video is the designer testing it with Virtual DJ video control), but there’s also an easy mount to attach a second screen for monitoring the video output:


Behind The Design


As noted at the end of this article, Sean Ober, the designer behind the OBERMod FLM4 has a long history of designing all-in-one DJ solutions. The focus in his designs is often about creating a simple, self-contained DJ setup, and an early defining part of this design seems to be in making a mixer that would be matched in size to a record sleeve.


Starting with the above design layout, the entire process from starting draft to finished assembly allegedly only took just over one month. Have a look at some of the internals below:


OBMFLM4 Tech Specs



  • 24 Pots / Encoders
  • 2 100mm pitch faders
  • 1 innoFader crossfader
  • 38 buttons w/ shift (layers)

Onboard Soundcard + Computer

  • 2GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 16GB Memory
  • 480GB SSD + 4TB HD
  • 7″ Touchscreen
  • NI Audio 8 Soundcard


  • Main / Booth / Headphone out
  • Timecode / Vinyl in (2)
  • Aux in (2)
  • HDMI / VGA out (Visuals/Vids)
  • MIDI in / out

Sean Ober + ITX All-In-One Gear


So who even created this beast of a standalone mixer / DJ rig? Sean Ober (or DJ Dab) has built his own all-in-one DJ controllers for years. Above is one of his early all-in-one creations patched together in 2006 out of a Faderfox, basic jog controllers, and an internal computer inside of a flight case running Traktor.

He’s been working with DJing, production, and DIY stuff for around 30 years, and originally got started with designing DJ setups after building modular gear. A pretty impressive history – look a few of his other creations below, with iPad control surfaces as the independent deck controls, and a second iteration of the 2006 design with 45s on the jog wheels.

35285_444176736806_2162351_n 12115585_10153844616941807_2853391963376656719_n 71904_488451116806_7120930_n

All images credit to Sean Ober, who was kind enough to send over all the information on his project. Check out more photos of this mixer and other projects in this Facebook photo album

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The Black Madonna Presents The Roots of Chicago House In RBMA


The music director at Chicago’s Smart Bar, America’s longest running independent music venue, The Black Madonna, brings, what could be called the perfect introduction to the origins of what made Chicago House the way that we know it now.

This track selection by The Black Madonna includes the international roots of the sounds that shaped the distinctive style of Chicago house. What makes it more special, is that each track comes with an introduction by one of the most sought after DJs at the moment. Thus, aside from the music highlights itself, you can expect to hear comments like ‘the tune Derrick Carter played at his prom’.

Surprisingly though, The Black Madonna, a.k.a Marea Stampler gained international recognition as one of the greatest ones behind the decks quite lately. Even though she has been playing since college, selling records from the car in her teenage years in Chicago and in general has been around the scene for a while. In December of 2012, Smart Bar announced the The Black Madonna as a new resident, along with Derrick Carter and the late Frankie Knuckles and in just a year she became the music director of the club.

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Besides being a DJ, a producer and running the music side of the Smart Bar, Marea is recognised as one of the most outspoken personas in the dance music world. Never sparing to voice herself on equality, tolerance regarding LGTB, black community and women in dance music. Thus all mentioned, it makes her the perfect commentator on a mix like this.

iframe not supported!

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Hometown Heroes: Márcio Vermelho from São Paulo

marcio cover

We chatted with a cool, multi-talented artist from São Paulo, Brazil who has made a name for himself. Márcio Vermelho has been at the helm of the São Paulo scene, a unique dance music community blooming in the metropolis of 30 million people.

Márcio is known for his smooth, thumping variety of low-slung house and disco that he’s been playing the past decade. His approach to styles and aesthetics truly exemplifies the freshness and multi-cultural melting pot that is the beautiful nation of Brazil. Vermelho’s work and sound are a reflection of the future-forward city, whose atmosphere and nightlife can be best described as Blade Runner in the tropics.

After hearing his episode for Beats In Space, some healthy online stalking and a chance-encounter at a disclosed location in South America, we had to have him share his journey and grooves with Music is 4 Lovers. So, without further ado, here’s a brief story about one of São Paulo’s hardest working selectors.

Hometown Heroes: Márcio Vermelho from São Paulo

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Connect with Márcio Vermelho
SoundCloud | Facebook

Marcio Vermelho_Vintessete cred Nino Andres

Interview with Márcio Vermehlo

How long have you been DJing in São Paulo?
I started DJing professionally 14 years ago, organizing and throwing my own parties in São Paulo.

What is the dance music scene like there right now?
São Paulo is the cultural heart of the country and the dance music scene is no different. We’re living in a very special time right now with a lot of new parties popping up everywhere, from the underground to big events and all different types of sounds and styles. A few years ago promoters and DJs got turned-on to the usage of unusual locations and re-appropriation of public spaces to throw events that have lead to some of the best parties in São Paulo to date.


When did you start writing music?
My first attempts with music production began way back in 2006 when I had a partnership with my friend and audio master Luiz Pareto. I’ve been working seriously on my own productions and writing songs since 2010.

Do you think there is an element of other Brazilian music, like Samba or Bossa Nova that finds its way into your sets and productions?
Yes, especially the percussion, not only Samba, but many other rhythms. Brazilian music is shaped by a rich diversity of styles and references, with strong African influence. So there’s an endless source of inspiration.

Marcio Vermelho_cred Dudu Rosa (1)

What did you listen to growing up in Brazil?
Man, so many things! I grew up in the 80s and always enjoyed listening to the radio. Once I gained musical independence I always preferred dance music, my ears drifting towards funk, old school hip-hop, rock and pop.

Were you raised in a musical family?
Luckily yes. My parents have always loved music. I grew up surrounded by records and cassette tapes. They always encouraged me to study music. My parents and relatives always liked to throw parties and were experts in organizing events at home that were always flowing with great music.

Aside from DJing, you do visual art as well, could you tell us a little about it?
I started experimenting with video recently. After awhile I decided to create Video-Sistema, where I gather experiments with glitch art, video synthesis, VHS and lo-fi aesthetics, including visual music and other audiovisual possibilities. It has been stimulating to merge images and sound together in an abstract and experimental way. I’m also part of Vintessete, a duo with the artist Astronauta Mecanico, where we create and perform audiovisual pieces live. This year we traveled to ‘Bienal de La Habana,’ in Cuba, for two live performances.

Who is putting out cool music right now in Brazil that you’ve been listening to?
The list is long, so I’ll mention two names that always please me with musical diversity, taste and technique: Hubert from São Paulo and Carrot Green from Rio de Janeiro.

As an artist, where do you draw inspiration?
From everywhere, all kinds of experiences and relationships, especially from the madness of living in a chaotic city like São Paulo.

Are you working on any new projects we should keep a lookout for and where are you headed?
Currently I’m organizing a party called ODD and we have big plans for the coming months. In a few weeks German label “The Magic Movement” will release the first 12″ of Sphynx, my project with producer Pedro Zopelar, who is one of the best in Brazil. There are a lot of Balearic-funk sounds on the record. As for Video-Sistema, there are some new videos currently being finalized and I’m also doing a video installation for the multimedia festival LAÇO.

- Jesse Sizmo


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Smash TV – Cascadia (Culprit)



Los Angeles imprint Culprit has just extended its reach even further into the musical universe with a label debut from the German duo Smash TV. Holger and Kai can seemingly do no wrong with release after release catching our attention with their unique style and dynamic vibe.

Cascadia ’ teeters somewhere between tech house and techno, utilizing spastic melodies and futuristic tones to generate tense buildups before unleashing dark bass tones that rattle us to our core. Standout track ‘ God Key ‘ absolutely obliterates our ear drums, causing us to literally clench our fists once the kick drum finally hits. The entire release is an energetic late night romper, guaranteed to cause some friction between your feet and the floor.


Artist:  Smash TV
Title: 2015-11-02
Label:  Culprit
Catalog No.:  CP058

Prendi  Mano

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