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  • MASIXOLE had a status update on Facebook

    argh the mother god people, it's like the new jehovas witness now, no offense to jehovas witness people :) they literally go from room to room and res to res... now I have one more cell number added to my auto reject list... :)

  • PGZmedia replied to the topic 'Gians - Physiognomy | Progrezo' in the forum.
    1 hour 22 minutes ago

    You can stream to Gians´ Physiognomy on the Progrezo Records Youtube Channel:

    Gians - Symmetric Fountain

    Gians - Asymmetric Fountain

  • PGZmedia created a new topic ' Gians - Physiognomy | Progrezo' in the forum.
    1 hour 24 minutes ago


    ★ Outstanding Electronica Pearls to make difference on first-class but melodic DJ sets!

    Coming from Italy, Gianluca Spinetti known as Gians has been influenced by sounds from Depeche Mode, Underworld and Pink Floyd pushing him to polish an authentic style over minimal and techno beats but dressed with melodic atmospheres as his new ep Physiognomy proves.

    With more than 50 releases under its belt and collaborations including labels such as Foot lovers music, fkj records, Remuda Productions, Volt9 and more bringing him to play live at some of the most well known clubs in Naples as The Bags and Gians.

    Debuting within the Progrezo Records family, Gians features four quality Electronica pearls proving himself as an undeniable producer to put an eye on with quality skills to knob analogue synths when sophisticated electronica music means. Fist on the list is Symmetric Fountain, an absolutely stunning gem to blow up any kind of classy but melodic Dj set and room without doubt. Stomped tech beats built over strong bass-lines and hypnotic synth-plays bring together cinematic soundscapes to admire. With a similar music soul, Gians brings a B side emotion as Asymmetric is, making emphasis on a sublime break-time to breakthrough our senses without doubt.

    Third on the list Gians delivers a more sequenced electronica pearl as 7Days After Deep where Underworld influence could be the cup of tea. Driven bass-lines surrounded by sweet melodies take us to a magic but relaxed atmosphere proper to warm up any kind of firs-class Dj set. Passionate by sequences, Gianluca reaffirm his quality skills when producing Electronica stuff means. To close with a flourish, Gians delivers a more sub-bassy piece of track as Casual Encounters is. Dynamic as usual on his productions, it drives the plane through a much more groovy than melodic dimension making it a trippy key track to get a break-time early in the morning.

    Here are four huge Electronica Pearls aimed straight to highlight not only fist-class Dj sets but world-wide quality sound systems.

    Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

    Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music

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