Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak - Guimess - Concrete Project on Mahasa Music

Concrete Project - Mahasa Music
Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak
Guimess (on Concrete Project)
Mahasa Music
release date: February 11th 2008

from the label:
Mahasa Music launches its label with an extraordinary compilation put together by label boss ‘dcee’ – 12 multi-genre, hard hittin ‘concrete’ tracks that will make your neck snap and your body bounce.

GUIMESS, a broken beat track with organic elements and drums to get the dancers going is one of these tracks and can currently only be found on this unmixed CD compilation.

The compilation credits only mention Lars Behrenroth but this track is co-produced with Lars' friend Sinan Baymak aka Phonicfood.

Check out soundsamples of the other tracks and order the CD...

hit the play button to listen to GUIMESS (lofi 64kbps / mono)


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