Just Some Music (soulful vocal)

    Tracklisting and free download for Just Some Music recorded in Summer 2004.

    Dug this up on my harddrive. I believe it was recorded as part of a BBQ session at our old apartment.
    Pretty much on the soulful vocal house tip. Also includes my remix of Arnold Jarvis 'Beautiful Love' on Diaspora Rec.



    artist - title - label

    no tracklist available atm

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    • Alcaponelikwid had a status update on Twitter

      Bro you dismantling the political system while house music played.@martinatjazz

    • PGZmedia replied to the topic 'Ievgeniy Kozlov feat Elina Testaverder - Remixes' in the forum.
      2 hours 17 minutes ago

      You can stream to Ievgeniy Kozlov feat Elina Testaverder's Pepper Cake Remixes on the Progrezo Records Youtube Channel:

      Ievgeniy Kozlov feat Elina Testaverder - Pepper Cake (FunkState Remix)

      Ievgeniy Kozlov feat Elina Testaverder - Pepper Cake (Gus Bonani Remix)

    • PGZmedia created a new topic ' Ievgeniy Kozlov feat Elina Testaverder - Remixes' in the forum.
      2 hours 18 minutes ago


      ★ Sublime Electronica but Tech-House Pearls Aimed Straight to the Dance-Floor!

      The Argentinean duo FunkState are back at Progrezo Records with such an epic remix of Ievgeniy Kozlov's Pepper Cake featuring the sublime voice of Elina Testaverder to blow up your mind on the fly ! A cinematic music journey FunkState bring with taking us to an absolutely magic world full of emotions and color to make memorable in the night without doubt. Well crafted atmospheres drive the ship over solid but subtle electronica beats that seems surrounded by celestial chords along with a great voice treatment to stand up as a huge pearl for deep but forward-feeling Dj sets with diamonds in the sky.

      On the flip side another of our Argentinean master guys, Gus Bonani, delivers a techy-house interpretation to stress cutting-edge DJ sets and modern rooms as straight arrows to the centre. Here Gus proves himself as one of the notorious producers with quality skills to face new challenges for great results as his remix interpretation as is. Pumping beats, sick bass-lines and a series of well crafted percussive elements add undeniable dynamism as part of his fingerprint when music producing means. It has to be said that both versions are full of emotion with well crafted elements inspired by the original song, expressing perfectly what the artists wanted to show out with.

      Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

      Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music

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