MIAMI m3 Summit DSoH special I

March 23rd 2006

                  Poolside from the M3 summit at the Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach.
                        Interviews, Miami party updates, brand new music and more.

Thursday – March 23rd 2006  
3:00pm to 4:00pm EST / noon to 1:00pm PST

Neil Aline – Chez music // NYC
Ralf Gum – Gogo Music // Germany
Carlos Mena – Yoruba Records / Ocha Records // Oakland
Rob Santos – Yoruba Records / Straight No Chaser // Phoenix

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  • @shainedawson: If you mistreat someone who's always been loyal to you, don't be sad when that loyal person becomes loyal to someone else
    profile 01:22 PM
  • Right now listening to Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me....
    Big smile on my face...
    Margarita in my blood stream...
    Life looking pretty good right about now....
    Missing my lil' boy like crazy...
    Missing my family & cuzzies Hlony Smokafellah Samotse, Andipha Nkoloti, Cebisa Ash Nkoloti, Babalwa BArbz Nkoloti, Noluthando Petunia Fihla, Monwabisi Mons Fihla, Lerato Mokgahle & my friends... Kathy Mzelemu, Samantha Mentor, Nkhensani Eleanor Shiburi, Shannon Kuhn, Sylvia Mookeletsi, Lizwi Ntshalintshali, Mapule Lebotse, and more of my SA buddies... Y'all know how we do it!!!
    Anyone who's going to be in SA in December, look here, you know how I do it, let's do it again... You know I don't play!!! Wanna throw a party at my mom's house!!! Come let's get together & do this December like gay people do each other!! HHAHAHAHAAA!!!

    KE RE BONA!!!!

    profile 11:39 AM
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