DSoH #72 guestmix by Mr. V

Tracklisting DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE shows #72
December 4th, 2004

first hour
artist title label
Pascal Rioux feat. Mr. Day – Don’t outstay outside 2 Night (Patchworks Deep Remix) – Rotax Disques
Gaelle – Falling (Transient album) – Naked Music
Loosefingers – When summer comes – Alleviated Rec.
Marvin Belton – Bleed to be free – Ferrispark Rec.
Lars Behrenroth – Are you sure? – unreleased
Kenny Carvajal feat. Jon Pierce – My Words (original glide mix) – Phuture Sole – Southport Weekender 2 Vinyl
Genetix – Love ya life (Reprise) – Eargasmic Rec.
Suges & Martino pres. Eminence – Slave to the Poison (Original) – Soulstar Rec.
Klas Linblad – Closer – Sunday Music

second hour
guestmix by Mr.V - (Sole Channel, Kenlou, NYC)

sorry, no tracklisting

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Posted: 2 years 8 months ago by gaopa #15005
gaopa's Avatar
hy lars,wat hapend 2 the last shows of tryin 2 purchase the 1st shows man
Posted: 2 years 8 months ago by LarsLB #15011
LarsLB's Avatar
the last shows are all fine and linked..
I've never sold any shows so I'm not sure if you're referring to Deeper Shades releases?

older shows are not online .. this stuff was 8 years ago!
Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by cclats #15435
cclats's Avatar
So wich means we cannot download the older shows

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