DSOH #436 - guestmix by MICHAEL ZUCKER

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1st hour
mixed & presented by Lars Behrenroth

artist - title - label

The Black 80s - Move On (Overnight Mix) - Freerange
Nuno Estevez - Sounds Of The Underground (Original Mix) - Just Move Records
Romeo C & Alhan G - Raindrops - Batti Batti
Max Graef - No 5 - The Gym Records
Combo - Shuga (One Offs Vol.4) - Local Talk
Loz Goddard - Only A Dream - Goldmin Music
Frederick - Got No Time To Waste (Disruptive Pattern Material) - Fifty Fathoms Deep
Magic Number - Coming Bak To Me (Atazz Remix) - Numb
Nina Kraviz - Black White - Rekids

Only on Live Video:
AM Version feat. Alona - For Our Luv (Monty Luke Westcoastluvmix) - Roam Recordings

2nd hour
Exclusive guest mix by MICHAEL ZUCKER (Finale Sessions / Balanace / Sistrum / Aesthetic Audio)

# - artist - title - label
1) Bjork - Big Time Sensuality (Morales Def Club Mix Bonus Track)
2) Mood II Swing Feat Jon Ciafone- Ohh - Groove On
3) Kerri Chandler feat Monique Bingham - In The Morning ( Bigga Mix)
4) Mood 11 Swing - Do It Your Way - Groove On
5) Steven Tang -Remix - Dial Records
6) youANDTHEMACHINES - Entrance - Ornaments
7) youANDTHEMACHINES - Perception Feat. Brothers Vibe - Ornaments
8) Nivek Tsoy - Feeling Loose (Original Mix)
9) Michael Zucker - Foundation Pt.1 - Finale Sessions
10) Jordan - Return - Finale Sessions ( Unreleased)
11) G.Marcell - Construction - Episodes 006
12) G.Marcell - Low BG - Episodes 006

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Posted: 8 months 3 weeks ago by Tshung@n #20803
Tshung@n's Avatar
This show I have seen it before it is good...I'm loving dsoh
Posted: 8 months 3 weeks ago by deepmafia #20824
deepmafia's Avatar
I take my hat off for 1st hour mix n nice1 Lars :)
Posted: 8 months 3 weeks ago by Maxiie #20831
Maxiie's Avatar
Aw this first track is dope
Posted: 8 months 3 weeks ago by theterrorist #20837
theterrorist's Avatar
Deep Dark & Dirty #LetsKeepItDeep&Proper
Posted: 8 months 3 weeks ago by kolapark #20848
kolapark's Avatar
#436 by Lars B is really good music
Posted: 8 months 2 weeks ago by atlantic 47 #20912
atlantic 47's Avatar
436 have nyc tunes i lyk good music big up
Posted: 8 months 2 weeks ago by TshepoBpm #20916
TshepoBpm's Avatar
Mood II Swing keeps me happy all times..thanks to dsoh. GREAT SHOWS
Posted: 7 months 4 weeks ago by Reboto #21030
Reboto's Avatar
Lol. I freaked the F*^% out when I heard "Send One Your Love" By Stevie Wonders at around 26:13!!! Keep it up DSOH!! You can never go wrong with a bit of Stevie in your life . . .And Ears . . .
Posted: 6 months 6 days ago by Ms Ester1 #21401
Ms Ester1's Avatar
Posted: 4 months 1 day ago by ChueuMJ #21756
ChueuMJ's Avatar
I'm Lovin' the 1st hour way more... Good selection LarsB... And i love ur show #DSOH

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