DSOH #398 - guestmix by KAYGEE PITSONG

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Gladwin Mfolo
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1st hour
mixed & presented by Lars Behrenroth

artist title -  label

D.nel - Mysteries Of The Soil (Ofuren Remix) - Roots Go Deep
Creative Swing Alliance - Give It To Me - Endless Flight
Chasing Kurt - Galaxy Hero - Carry On
J Dilla - Birthright (Dillatroit) - Mahogani Music
Chapter Three - Smurf Trek (The Revenge Edit) - Z Records
Sam Russo - Fuck My MPC (Huxley Remix) - Fullbarr
Michael McLardy - Where Were You (Original Mix) - Flumo Recordings 
Isherwood - Black Keys, Moogs and Phattys - Tact Recordings
Rondenion - Song A (Original Mix) - Faces Records
Savile & Oline - Horizon (Marlows Raw Perspective) - Wazi Wazi Music
Sello - Before The Fame (Original Mix) - Sucre Recordings

2nd hour
Exclusive guest mix by KAYGEE PITSONG (Deep House Maniacs, South Africa)

# -  artist - title - label
1. Nicholas - all i can give(original mix) 4lux black records
2. Dj Fortee feat Rethabile - Bring it(Fortee's deeper mix) Hat Music
3. Heureux Deep Ft Tumi - Black Woman(Serabutangha's Soul remix) Beatroot inc music
4. Marbert Rocel - Small Hours (Jakob Korn Remix) compost Records
5. Ivan The Terrible - My Love (Original Mix) Nurvous Records
6. Nesh Underground - The Comfort zone (Original Mix) Hat Music
7. Andy Vaz Feat. Niko Marks - Don't Lose Your Mind (Soul Vocal Mix) Delson Records
8. Zaki & Manish - So Good (Ross Couch Remix) Muak Music
9. Paul Solaris feat Sifiso Makhubu - No talking on the dancefloor (original mix) Headroom Entertainment
10. Deep House Maniacs Feat Siba - Cloud 9 (original mix) Deeper Shades Recordings

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Posted: 2 years 1 day ago by cirus #16805
cirus's Avatar
I'm using a blackberry and I can't download the mixes anymore...what should I do to download?
Posted: 2 years 1 day ago by LarsLB #16807
LarsLB's Avatar
a few possibilities.

try a different browser
try the ultra podcast player and find Deeper Shades Of House there
user a computer to download
complain to your provider about the download cap
upgrade your mobile plan
download using 3G and not EDGE
Posted: 2 years 1 day ago by rap ice #16808
rap ice's Avatar
Bravo lars this show is epic bravo can't wait for the next show
Posted: 2 years 1 day ago by bbd #16809
bbd's Avatar
wat a show lars
Posted: 2 years 1 day ago by moyenda #16810
moyenda's Avatar
iyoooh ! Lars, you burning it brother...what a dance
Posted: 1 year 11 months ago by Onismusoul #16811
Onismusoul's Avatar
Posted: 1 year 11 months ago by DOC VADA #16812
DOC VADA's Avatar
I'm xpriancn da same problm try 2 use opera mini in da min tym
Posted: 1 year 11 months ago by LoFtYwEbb #16813
LoFtYwEbb's Avatar
nice house trip...trip..triiiip! B)

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