DSOH #384 - guestmix by PETER OAKDEN

Thursday, February 16th 2012

Download the 1st hour of this dsoh show - This mp3 is available for EVERYONEMEMBERS ONLY - Download the 2nd hour of this show

Wendell Cage
. find out how to become Executive Producer

1st hour
mixed & presented by Lars Behrenroth

artist - title- label
Phil Asher - Juno (Rhythmical Whims) - Restless Trax
Monocles & Slezz feat. Mxolisi Ndongeni & Maestro De Casa - So Fine (Original Mix) - Peng Africa
Cuebur feat. Nathan X - Walk A Mile (Kai Alce Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings DSOH026
Irfan Rainy & Rex Leon feat. Vaceo - SOS (Tronic Dub) - Rainy City Music
Wil Maddams - Cut And Cap - Local Talk
Washerman - Basement Dub (Kuts From The Basement EP) - Drumpoet Community
DJ Kaos - Keep On Movin (Main Mix) - Liebe Detail Spezial
Spellband - DogzMatic - Madhouse Records
Jimpster - Late Night Blues (Colour Series Grey 09 Sampler) - Freerange Rec.

2nd hour
Exclusive guest mix by PETER OAKDEN (Soulfree Rec, UK)

artist - title [label]
marlow - so what [room with a view]
mosca - the way we were  [5000 followers]
vakula - mama said go slow [shevchenko]
6th borough project - when hate is gong [demo]
alexkid - class of 95 [freerange]
kitano - fortheking [dikso]
mr.scruff - feel it [ninja tune]
the oliverwho factory - goin back [fingertips]
soul renegades - jazzeccamecca [soul free records]
6th borough project - up jump the devil [demo]

Download the 1st hour of this dsoh show - This mp3 is available for EVERYONEMEMBERS ONLY - Download the 2nd hour of this show

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Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by Kharadi #15045
Kharadi's Avatar
Walk a mile(Kai Alce remix) is gona b one of the trax thats gona b making people dance again for 2012
Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by kekzola #15054
kekzola's Avatar
How do one download a free podcast?
Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by fheli #15058
fheli's Avatar
Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by fheli #15059
fheli's Avatar
I WANT SOME OF TRACK ON dsoh#383...espsly first and second track,..only track name& artist...
Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by ediza #15062
ediza's Avatar
Eix man you are realy mixing hot,keep on because u gv me much inspiration
Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by phoniqid #15087
phoniqid's Avatar
nice vocals on the 1st hour
Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by iMacky #15091
iMacky's Avatar
Oh SWEET LORD this is goooood!!
Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by dmasiu #15104
dmasiu's Avatar
am downloading #384, just wonder how does it taste like
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by bigwen #15119
bigwen's Avatar
Executive Producer!
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by msnkomo #15120
msnkomo's Avatar
Seriously dope mix by Peter, thanks my man and to Lars for bringing us yet another beautiful 1st hour. Dankie
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by soulfreerecords #15131
soulfreerecords's Avatar
Thank you Lars for having me guest. Pleasure to share music with you all. Keep it DEEP keep it DSOH ;)
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by LarsLB #15139
LarsLB's Avatar
bigwen wrote:
Executive Producer!

That's right!
Time to upload an avatar :)

Thank you for your support!
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by DjChoco #15148
DjChoco's Avatar
Gotta Love the 1st track of the 1st hour, "Phil Asher - Junno".... Amazing!!!! It just makes everyone want to stand up and dance!!! :-D

Thanks Again!
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Msoerh #15172
Msoerh's Avatar
damn i love this show but i prefer #287 better. Tat was hot
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by fheli #15205
fheli's Avatar
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by DjChoco #15206
DjChoco's Avatar
Hey Lars,

I can't seem to find that "Phil Asher - Junno" track to download it. It's the 1st track of this show. Not even on tracksource. Can you fwd me the link of where you found it?


Yussell aka Dj Choco
DSHO Premium Member!
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by soulfreerecords #15224
soulfreerecords's Avatar
It didnt get released on traxsource, here you go mate:

pz ;-)
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by lungs2cele #15302
lungs2cele's Avatar
show #385 is hot like chile

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  • MASIXOLE had a status update on Facebook

    the learning curve is a depressing and stressful one, but I like it anyway... :)

  • MASIXOLE had a status update on Facebook

    the learning curve is a depressing and stressful one, but I like it anyway... :)

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