DSoH #274 - guestmix by FABIO GENITO

Tuesday, December 16th 2008

Deeper Shades of House #274

1st hour
mixed by Lars Behrenroth

artist - title - label
Code 718 - Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Dub) - Strictly Rhythm
Ed Davenport - Eyespeak (Motorcitysoul Rmx) - Liebe*Detail Spezial
Duality - Lake Michigan (Jay Tripwire Edit) - Tonality
Jaide Neveda  - Sunday (Jason B Mix) - MN2S
G.Family feat. Antonio Lyons - Night Shift (Phoonshai Dub) - Real Tone Rec.
Incognito  - Happy People (Christian Prommer Rmx) - Heads Up International
Sinan Baymak - Deep Morning - Deeper Shades Recordings 007
Marvin Belton - Any Day Now (Elektro Main Mix) - Ferrispark Rec.
Men With Sticks - 3rd Eye (Dixon’s Mash Up Edit) - JBO Revisited{mosliteadsense4joomla}

2nd hour
guestmix by Fabio Genito (Vega Rec / Deeper Shades Rec - Italy)
check out Fabio Genito - Papawenda - Deeper Shades Recordings 004

# -  title - artist - label
1. Geology "Sunday Morning" (Moodymann Rmx) (cdr)
2. Volcov (aka Isoul8) "Fridays" (cdr Neroli)
3. Frankie Valentine "Zumbi" (Henrik Schwarz Rmx) (Sunshine Enterprises)
4. Rivo "The Hermit" (cdr)
5. Osunlade "Momma's Groove" (Nomumbah's Rmx) (Strictly Rhythm)
6. Fabio Genito "Secret Recipe" (FG Good Times In Roma Dub) (cdr Vega)
7. Fabio Genito "Burning Man" (FG Black Rock City Moods) (cdr)
8. Fabio Genito "Papawenda" (FG Organic Beats) (DSOH 004)
9. Jojoflores & Jo Di Padova "Yes Smoke" (Original Mix) (DSOH 001)

10. Boddhi Satva "Punch Koko" (Dub) (Vega)
11. Afro Celt SoundSystem feat. Sinead O'Connor "Release" (Scott Wozniak Rmx) (cdr)
12. Louie Vega "Mozalounge" (Original Mix) (Vega)
13. Glenn Underground pres. The SJU Project "Musical High" (cdr)

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Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by kingnismor34 #3996
kingnismor34's Avatar
Hey Lars thanks yet aaaagain for such a amazing mix you never stop amazing me with. I loooove that song "Jaide Neveda - Sunday (Jason B Mix) - MN2S"!!
Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by ferny #4001
ferny's Avatar
Cool Sound Fabio... hope to hear u soon!
Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by a.sygav #4003
a.sygav's Avatar
well, i really liked first as well the second hour by Fabio. Excellent choice of deep
Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by FabioG #4005
FabioG's Avatar
Ti ringrazio
Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by FabioG #4006
FabioG's Avatar
Thank u Fernando
Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by FabioG #4007
FabioG's Avatar
Thank u sygav
Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by Rob Salmon #4012
Rob Salmon's Avatar
Ed Davenport - Eyespeak (Motorcitysoul Rmx) - Liebe*Detail Spezial

did it for me this week!,
Another great show!:)
Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by deepah pikah #4013
deepah pikah's Avatar
Yo Lars:)

Liebe*Detail Spezial....:ohmy:
All of their releases are FCUKN SUPER DOPE..!!!
I must admit.., thats my favourite label at the moment(deepershades recordings 2;) )

Code 718 - Equinox - Strictly Rhythm
Ed Davenport - Eyespeak - Liebe*Detail Spezial
Duality - Lake Michigan - Tonality
Marvin Belton - Any Day Now - Ferrispark Rec.

MR Fabio Genito, you need 2 come 2 South Africa urgently... lol:cheer:

Great mix my man.., very deep n tight ekse..!!

Secret Recipe - Good times in Roma Dub... Killer!!
Volcov(aka Isoul8) - Fridays
Rivo - The Hermit
Louie Vega - Mozalounge... Killer 2..!!


Deepah Pikah
South Africa


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  • Robbi created a new topic ' Move In Time With Me[Inclu Soneec Rmx]' in the forum.
    1 hour 50 minutes ago

    Listen/buy Move In Time With Me [incl. Soneec Remix] -
    Dj Vivona, Kobi Rain onTRAXSOURCE



    The Soneec main mix works for me
    -Dj Pope mix for me man
    -Davide Fiorese

    Nice deep vibe with good vocals.
    -Michele Chiavarini

    Great track! Lovely vocal. Will play on Ibiza live radio for sure. Thanks
    -The Sunchasers

    Nice work
    -Angelo Ferreri

    Soneec kills it! Game over!
    -Milty Evans/Classic/Mjuzieek Digital

    Nice Vivona Dub !!!
    -Mind Street

    Nice track from bro Dj Vivona!Full support..
    -Dimi Stuff

    Hypnotic and quirky but very funky and electric, dreamy vocals
    -Distant people

    Soneec Big Room Dub for me.
    -Da Lukas

    The Dub Mix is right on point, really cool vox on this and great electro vibe.

    Like the big room dub
    -Craig bartlett

    Dubs for me
    -Russell Deeks

    Nice Pack!!

    Gorgeous tracks!!!
    -Cheets (Global Dance Session)

    I'll go to play the Soneec Main Mix.

    Dope Tuneage
    -Freddy Turner

    -Dean Cherny

    Nice Vibe
    -Dj Pippi

    Im diggin this!

    DJ Vivona deep and subtle style sounds good.
    -House Rhythm Radio

    DJ Vivona is the mix on this for me.
    -Russell Morgan kklass

    Soneec Main Remix gives it a nice element of danger.
    -Hippie Torrales

    Quite simpy an utterly mesmerizing and jawdropping prime time weapon...
    -Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)

    Thanks for the music,Great one by soneec.
    -Christian Steele

    Vivona Main mix is cool

    -Marques wyatt

    Absolutely stunning release, massive fan of Vivona and this is Brilliant
    -Richie roberts

    Excellent for the main room
    -Joan ribas


    The dub is amazing!
    -Rob boskamp

    Dub mix: raw funk pleasure!

    I'm digging this and the club is my fav.
    -Romo Aldo (89,7 FM WITR us):

    The usual quality! Will definitely support !!!!
    -Peppe Citarella:

    Nice One. Sounds Super Dope!
    -Vinny Da Vinci (Metro FM,SA):

    im loving this Dj Vivona always comes correct
    -Robbi NYpromoter:

    The Hype

    Italian DJ/Producer, DJ Vivona is back on King Street Sounds with incredible vocalist Kobi Rain for their brand new single Move In Time With Me. Kicking things off, Vivona showcases three separate mixes (Club, Main, and Dub) to cover all the bases for pure club domination. Hungarian DJ/Producer Soneec steps up for remix duty and delivers both Main and Big Room Dub remixes that will be your peak time selections for those perfect party moments!

    The Credits

    Written by Vivona Luca & Anthea Lorraine Clarke
    Produced by Vivona Luca
    Vocals by Kobi Rain

    #3&4 Remixed by Soneec

    King Grooves (ASCAP)
    P&C 2014 King Street Sounds

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