DSoH #134 guestmix by Pang-Lo

March 8th 2006

first hour
artist - title - label
Bah Samba - Doober (Casamena Living room rmx) - Unreleased
Antibalas - Mr President - Mind Recordings
The Sirs - The Ennio Cone Way - Digi Peng 009
Joe Dipadova - Papago Beats - Tribal Winds
Joe Dipadova - Papago Ihane Dub - Tribal Winds
Blaze - Here with me (MAW compilation) - Soul Heaven Rec.
Peven Everett - Stuck (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) - Soul Heaven Rec.
Larry Heard - What is House? - Alleviated Rec.
Darkmountaingroup - Lose Control (Reprise) - Buzzin’ Fly
Jihad Muhammad - No way back (chi-town mix) - Iwanai Rec.
Spirit Catcher - Rise and Shine (Original Version) - Rotax Disques

second hour
guestmix by Pang-lo (Rua Almas Productions / New Jersey)

Carl Craig - Sandstorm - Planet E
Rhythm & Sound  - Free for all  -  Burial Mix
DJ Gregory  - Elle (Frankie Feliciano Edit)  -  Faya Combo
?  - Sad Piano  - Buzzin Fly
Copyright  - Live (Jon Cutler Rmx)  -  Defected
Kerri Chandler  - Bar a Thym (Orig)  -  Night Grooves
Dennis Ferrer  - Jero  -  Defected
Takayuki Higo - Big Head House (Tony Watson Rmx)  -  Wax
Blaze  - My beat (Sumo Rebounce)  -  Heya Fiya
Stephanie Mills  - Free (MAW Rmx)  - 
Mateo & Matos  -    -  Large
Mateo & Matos  - Idris Rises   -  Spiritual Life Music
Kerri Chanlder  - In search of Mr. Ford  -  downtown 161
Hanna Hais  - Parfum Chic (Matty Heilbron Rmx)  -  Atal

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