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DSoH #105 guestmix by Ed Ground

August 10th 2005

first hour
mix by Lars Behrenroth

artist - title - label
sorry, no tracklisting

second hour
guestmix by Ed Ground (Groove Da Kiss, Brasil)

artist - title - label
Jarrier Modrow - RareSoul - CDR Promo
Charles Spencer - Even Now - CDR Promo
Milton Nascimento - Tudo que Você Podia Ser (Nomumbah Mix) - CDR Promo
DJ Rain - Inner Spiritual - Magnify Music
Light 4 Lines feat. Ynez - Azul (Del Alma Mix) - Shack Music Deep
Rioorc - Salsa Club - Mettle Music
Charles Spencer & Gregory del Piero feat Kenny Bobien - You - Loveslap Recordings
Groove Collective - Some People (VJS Hemix) - Liquid Sound Lounge
Mateo & Mattos - Hey Zulu (MB Valence Mix) - ProgCity
KhaiMar - Music For the People (Dom's Miami Deep Mix) - CDR Promo


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