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  • focusoc replied to the topic 'FocusOC Events' in the forum.
    18 minutes ago

    Focus Halloween with Mark Farina
    + Focus DJ's - Josh Billings, Nonfiction, and Wobs
    October 28th 2014

    Get on the RSVP List here (RSVP THE WEEK OF THE EVENT)

    Focus Located @
    4253 Martingale Way,
    Newport Beach, CA 92660

    "I look at my job as a modern day traveling minstrel, to bring new music to as many places as I can, and expose obscure records that, otherwise, might go hidden." While Mark Farina may be able to sum up his job description in a sentence, there is much more to be written.

    Since 1989, Mark Farina has been traveling the globe performing at literally hundreds of shows a year, sometimes DJing both of his preferred styles in two different rooms at the same party. At other events, he's been known to play extended sets that lasted over eight hours. In his House sets, Mark is known for his uniquely effortless journeys on the jazzy side of Chicago House, mixed up San Fran style.

    This wandering record minstrel has played to incredible crowds all over the globe. Consistently drawing new fans to his style of chunky-funky rhythms and deep underground house, Mark plays upwards of 200 shows to over one million (1,000,000) club goers per year. Voted in the top 20 DJ's in the world by MUZIK and BPM Magazine, his taste making skills continue to turn the heads of seasoned veterans as well as youngsters just getting into the music.

    FYI - Costumes aren't required but they it make it much more fun!

    Mark Farina Offical Site -
    Mark Farina Facebook -
    Mark Farina Soundcloud -
    Mark Farina Live At Focus 2010 -

    FB Event -

    More info on the club -
    Purchase tickets / Monthly Membership -

    Download the mixes recorded live at the club -

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